AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA


Don’t baby your ride all year long and then choose the wrong engine oil. Running a high-quality synthetic oil in your bike will ensure your engine is running as smoothly as possible, operating at an ideal temperature, and, best of all, will cut down on your drain intervals.

AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is one of the highest quality all-synthetic oils in the industry, and has been trusted by riders everywhere to give them the best performance out of their machine. AMSOIL’s additive blend was developed to double manufacturer recommended drain intervals in motorcycles and maintain maximum viscosity in the hottest-running applications. In addition, AMSOIL will enhance smooth clutch operation and performance at high RPMs, reduce gear and engine friction, and protect your engine’s parts from rust and corrosion.

A good synthetic motor oil might cost a bit more on the front-end, but the savings will far outweigh the initial investment. AMSOIL means fewer oil changes and potentially less maintenance, because your bike’s motor will be running at peak efficiency.

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