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It’s been supporting you for years, so why not give your backside a break before your next long ride. Pick up an AirHawk seat pad, the most effective accessory solution for butt and spine fatigue available to motorcyclists. You’ll be loving life while you ride, and you’ll swear by AirHawk after you’ve ridden farther and for longer than you’ve ever been able to comfortably ride before.

AirHawk seat pads are different from other seat pad solutions for sore, hot, or fatigued rear ends because AirHawk uses interconnected cells filled with air. The cells allow cool air to flow through the seat, and diminish pressure on the rear end by equalizing force and weight over the entire seat area. So that means no hot spots and a soft and comfortable ride for hundreds of miles. AirHawks also significantly reduce shock and vibration from the road that travel up through the spine.

AirHawk seat pads are a bit more expensive than gel or foam seat pad alternatives, but one ride experience with an AirHawk will more than make up for the initial price difference. You also only need to buy one AirHawk, once. If you don’t, you might end up trying a number of different products, but find they all provide only a marginal improvement for your ride. Gel pads might sound soft and cool, but once gel gets hot, it stays hot. And foam pads don’t allow any airflow, nor do they distribute your weight over the entire seat, like an AirHawk does.

AirHawk knows you’ll love your new seat pad, so that’s why they are covered by their 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Click HERE for the details.

AirHawk 2

  • Made in the USA
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Small cruiser: 18″ deep x 12″ wide (fits sport touring, dual sports, standards, and non-touring Harleys)
    • Medium cruiser: 14″ deep x 14″ wide (fits big cruisers, sport touring bikes, standards, non-touring and touring Harley models)
  • Cushion comes standard with cover, attachment loops, and cruiser straps
  • Cushion material: polyurethane
  • AirHawk 2 starts at $91.95


  • Made in the USA
  • 11.5″ deep X 11″ wide (fits dual sport, sport-touring, non-touring Harleys, sportbikes, and standards)
  • Designed for the more narrow front of dual sport and adventure seats, and fills the gap when the medium is too wide and the small is too long
  • AirHawk DS: $189.95

AirHawk R

  • Made in the USA
  • Available in one size: 15.25″ wide X 14″ deep (fits big cruisers, sport touring bikes, standards, non-touring and touring Harley models)
  • Designed with a cutout area that runs through the center of the cushion from front to back, allowing for three points of no contact for maximum comfort and coolness – on the tailbone, prostate and scrotum
  • Cushion comes standard with cover, attachment loops, and cruiser straps
  • Cushion material: stretchy and soft neoprene rubber
  • AirHawk R starts at $199.95

Also Available: AirHawk 2 11″ x 9″ rectangular Pillion Pad for $91.95

How to inflate your AirHawk:

1. Blow up the air bladder using the air valve.

2. Place it on your saddle where you sit.

3. Sit on the air bladder and slowly release air from the air valve until you sink slightly into the air bladder, without feeling the seat below it. If you release too much air, refill the bladder and try again! When properly inflated, the AirHawk should add very little height to your seat.

4. The AirHawk should NOT be fully inflated during use. By releasing some of the air, you are customizing the AirHawk for your weight, shape, and riding position. Now you are ready to attach the seat straps and cover, and ride!

Prices and selection may vary. Please click here to learn more about pricing and availability.


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