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ABUS Locks

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The toughest motorcycle security products we’ve found are made by the world-renowned ABUS Security Tech Germany. ABUS has a global reputation for excellence and quality in security products, and that reputation has carried over to their wide range of motorcycle disc locks, chains, cables, and alarms. When your bike is secured by ABUS, you can walk away confident that your bike is safe and secure when your back is turned.

ABUS motorcycle security products are masterfully crafted with the most advanced mechanical and electronic security technologies perfected over the course of nearly a hundred years. Founded in 1924 in a small German town by a fifty year veteran of the locksmithing trade, ABUS stands for August Bremicker and Sohne (son). As he fashioned padlocks in his basement alongside his son, Bremicker could never have imagined that in the year 2013, ABUS would be trusted the world over and still carefully manufacturing its products in his home country. But it is, and they are, and his company is still keeping our most prized possessions secure from theft.

Abus Detecto 7000 RS2 and RS3 Alarm Disc Locks

The RS2 and RS3 disc locks offer the highest level of mechanical disc lock security from ABUS. They are also armed with a 110 decibel alarm that is triggered by a shock and vibration sensor. When triggered, the alarm will sound for 15 seconds and then return to active mode. They can be used with the alarm or without.

  • The RS2 includes a multi-color LED that gives information on battery status and alarm activation.
  • Both RS2 and RS3:
  • Emit beeps that signal battery status and alarm activation
  • Are locked with the two-key Extra Classe Dimple Key System
  • Come with batteries, a storage pouch, and two keys
  • Install easily with one hand
  • Include an extra coil cable for use as a ‘reminder cable’
  • MSRP: $99.99 (RS2), $117.99 (RS3)

ABUS Trigger 345 and 350 Disc Locks

Though the Trigger Disc Locks are considered entry level by ABUS, they are still ABUS locks, and that means they are super-tough and heavy-duty. Both the 345 and the 350 are equipped with a 110 decibel alarm that sounds for 15 seconds when triggered. It can be used alarmed or not.

  • 345 has a 5mm double-locking steel deadbolt pin, and the 350 has a 10 mm pin
  • Single key used to arm the alarm and close and open the lock
  • Lithium battery is included and installed
  • Includes two keys and a storage bag
  • Includes an extra coil cable for use as a ‘reminder cable’
  • MSRP: $69.99(345), $74.49(350)

Note: Neither the Detecto nor the Trigger disc locks use ABUS’ most sensitive alarm triggering technology, so that means that the alarms won’t be subject to nuisance tripping. They will be triggered by vibration, movement, and impact.

Bordo Big 6000

The Bordo Big is pretty bad. Half chain, half u-lock, the Bordo is a linked lock that folds down into a compact and convenient size for storage or travel, but opens up to reach a circumference of about four feet. It is comprised of eight linked sections, each about five inches long, that form a flexible steel loop.

  • Made with 8 riveted 5 mm steel bars
  • Coated to prevent paint damage
  • Comes with two keys
  • Includes mountable carrier
  • 47 inches of linked chain folds down to 7.5 x 2.5 inches
  • MSRP: $159.99


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