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Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

If you like to ride with sunglasses on, it’s time to check out 7eye. They were made for motorcyclists, so they do all the the things we want our sunglasses to do. But 7eye manages to do it even better than the rest.

7eye sunglasses offer the performance, technology, and quality that only a company like 7eye could deliver. For the past twenty years, their sole focus has been on developing the best sealing eyewear available. That’s why when you buy a pair of 7eye glasses, you are getting the most advanced lenses with the newest technologies, the quality and style of designer shades, but with the features that make motorcyclist’s lives safer and more comfortable.

These sunglasses are unrivaled “armor for your eyes”. 7eye glasses are shatterproof, and most models are gasketed to keep out debris and wind while you ride. The gaskets are removable so these shades will be your go-to pair for everything off the bike, too.

7eye sunglasses come in tons of different styles and offer different lenses for each style. Whatever style or lens you choose – polarized, photochromic, gasketed and non-gasketed styles, different lens tints and technologies – they all offer amazing visibility and clarity.

Formerly known as Panoptx, they took on the 7eye name to remind the world their focus is on achieving an unmatched delivery of the seven colors of the visible light spectrum.

7eye Frame Styles


  • Maximum wind protection for motorcycle riders
  • Features a removable gasket that clips in or out in a second
  • “Armor for your eyes”
  • Gasket has filtered vents to prevent fogging and allow air circulation


  • Built-in, low-profile gasket blocks wind
  • Orbital Seal minimizes air penetration around eyes

Active Lifestyle

  • Full UV protection and 7eye clarity for casual wear and sports


Photochromic 24:7 NXT

  • Change tint with changing light conditions
  • Lightweight and super durable
  • Photochromic properties have a long-lasting wear life
  • Photochromic lenses come with a lifetime warranty against breakage

ColorAmp NXT

  • Specifically developed to amplify the clarity of colors
  • Instead of drowning out colors, they restore their vibrancy and richness
  • Uses 7eye’s Amplified Color Technology

Polarized PolarFusion NXT

  • Combines 7eye ColorAmp technology with a polarized lens
  • Gives permanent polarization and ColorAmp vibrancy and definition
  • Newest 7eye technology


For 7eye’s complete catalogue and information about prescription lens fitting, take a look at the 7eye website HERE.

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