101 Road Tales

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Road Rider MCA

101 Road Tales

By Clement Salvadori

Published by Whitehorse Press (2008)

Beloved columnist and adamant wearer of berets Clement Salvadori has traveled the globe on motorcycles and made a living writing all about it. He has traversed 70 countries on six continents, and when he isn’t on the road he resides in California. For 101 Road Tales, Mr. Salvadori gathered together some of his best columns from Rider Magazine, added amusing illustrations by his friend Gary Brown, and gave motorcyclists some good reading to savor between rides.

As the author himself recommends, don’t read huge chunks of this book at once. Ingest one or two of the short chapters at a time, have a good chuckle, and then let them settle. More than likely it won’t take many pages of 101 Road Tales to inspire you fire up your bike and hit the road. All the chapters are reflections on destinations, journeys, mishaps, and moments of glory; some are just meditations on the love of the sport. Salvadori’s writing is funny, thoughtful, and refreshingly to-the-point, making for light and satisfying reading.

If you enjoy the occasional quiet moment with a book but soon find you’d rather be riding down the PCH, then you’re an enthusiast after Clement Salvadori’s own heart, so you and 101 Road Tales are sure to get along famously.

“A traveler goes where he wants, stops when he wants. True travel has no framework, no destination, no goal.” -Clement Salvadori, No Thru Road

Salvadori, Clement. 101 Road Tales. Center Conway, NH: Whitehorse Press, 2008.

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