Road Rider prides itself on having some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Often you’ll find our prices are lower than advertised on our website or lower than MSRP because of in-store ongoing specials or short-term sales and promotions. However, occasionally there may be discrepancies between our in-store prices and the prices posted on our website due to price changes made by the manufacturer. If you’d like to verify a price you’ve seen on our website, just give us a call at 408-227-6936. If you’d like to be among the first to know about Road Rider’s sales and special events, sign up to receive our email notifications! You can sign up at the bottom right corner of our homepage.


Sometimes our product profiles may show versions of products (colors, bike-specific editions, specialized sizes, etc.) or related accessories that may not be available in the store when you visit. While we are confident you will find a wide selection to choose from in our store, if you’d like to verify our stock of a specific item, give us a call. Please keep in mind that even if we don’t have what you’re looking for that day, in many instances we can get parts, accessories, tires, and gear for you in just one business day and for no additional cost to you.

We try our very best to make our website a helpful and fun extension of our store that you can enjoy from anywhere. If you think we’ve made an error or you think there’s something we can improve, let us know! We exist to serve the Bay Area riding community, and that means you!

Call us at (408) 227-6936 or email us at Follow us on Facebook for reminders about sales, special events, and stuff going on in the community.

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