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BY Road Rider MCA - January 12th, 2016

With over a dozen styles of riding jeans and six different brands, Road Rider is your riding jeans headquarters!

Riding jeans rule the street, with more options to choose from than ever before. Many riding jeans are prepped with pockets for optional knee and hip impact protectors, provide a larger area of coverage from road rash, and use new, advanced technical materials. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and the cuts and colors are right in line with everyday street style so you can wear the pair that matches your look twenty-four-seven and blend right in. With all the improvements in function, fit, and fashion coming together to change the way we dress for the ride, it’s time to find your pair of riding jeans.

At Road Rider, we are always adding new styles and brands throughout the year so every rider can find a style and fit they feel comfortable in. We now have over a dozen styles of riding jeans, so read up on some of our offerings, below, and visit us to try ’em on.


Motto Wear

Super Style and Softness, Knee Armor Included

Motto Wear jeans are made with a unique Swiss-developed denim that is soft but heavy, and has a high tensile strength for additional security. We currently carry gray and blue washes in the men’s Gallante and the women’s Kira X and Stella styles.

Men’s Featured Style: Gallante

Motto Wear Jeans Gallante RRPP
Women’s Featured Style: Stella


Motto Wear Jeans Stella RRPP

Motto Wear Features:

Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at seat, knees, and sides of thighs

Armor Pockets: Built-in mesh pockets with Velcro closure at knees; Velcro tabs at hips

Impact Protection: Purchase includes a set of CE-certified SAS-TEC knee protectors; optional Knox hip protectors sold separately

Price: $139.99-$159.99



Made With Melt-, Cut-, and Wear-Resistant Covec

Bull-it jeans are designed in the U.K and made of a cutting-edge engineered textile called Covec. Covec is a technical yarn that is neither an aramid like Kevlar nor a high-performance polyethylene (UHMWPE, HMPE) like Dyneema and Nomex. While aramids and UHMWPEs perform really well in some areas, Covec offers a full spectrum of protection performance ideal for a motorcycling application, including high abrasion resistance and cut resistance, high melting point and low heat transfer, and resistance to the degrading effects of wear, chemicals, sweat, and repeated washings. Click here for more information about Bull-It Jeans.

Women’s Featured Style: SR6 Vintage Blue
Men’s Featured Style: SR6 Vintage Blue

Bull-It-Jeans-Vintage RRPP


Bull-It Features:

Abrasion Resistance: 60% Covec construction, triple stitched at the side and rear seams

Armor Pockets: Knee and hip armor pockets included for optional CE-approved protectors (sold separately)

Impact Protection: Optional CE-approved protectors sold separately

Price: $199.99



Made with a Unique Blend of Kevlar and Dyneema

Drayko jeans use a unique woven blend of DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema, a light, extremely strong material used in military personal armor. This blend creates a riding jean with an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio, and Drayko jeans meet and exceed the CE requirement for burst, tear, and road abrasion resistance. Based on the CE system of measuring road abrasion resistance per second, Drayko jeans are the only jeans that tested at 4.4 seconds, which is double that of the best of other brands of riding jeans and triple that of many others. Click here for more information about Drayko jeans.

Women’s Featured Style: Drift
Men’s Featured Style: Renegade


Drayko Features:

Abrasion Resistance: Dyneema/DuPont Kevlar blend at seat, knees, and sides of thighs

Armor Pockets: None. Protectors can be affixed to the Kevlar/Dyneema lining using double-sided Velcro*

Impact Protection: Optional SAS-TEC CE-certified protectors sold separately

Price: $149-$179



Our #1 Selling Jeans

Scorpion’s Covert riding jeans are modern all the way, with a look and fit that will give your favorite pair of everyday jeans a serious challenge for the starting spot. They are lined from the knees to the ankles with a light mesh to promote airflow and reduce irritation on the bike. They also feature mesh knee and hip armor pockets, so you can easily add and remove CE armor and ride knowing it’s going to stay in place when you need it. Add a nice price on top of all that, and it’s easy to see why these are our #1 selling jeans. Click here for more information on the Scorpion Covert and Covert Pro jeans.

Men’s Style: Covert and Covert Pro

Scorpion Covert Jeans Covert Pro

Scorpion Covert Features:

Abrasion Resistance: Fully lined with DuPont Kevlar to below the knees; tough Cordura exterior (Pro)

Armor Pockets: Built-in mesh pockets at knees and hips

Impact Protection: CE-certified SAS-TEC protectors sold separately

Price: $119.99/$159.99 (Pro)


Fast Company Draggin’ Jeans

Classic Kevlar Riding Jeans

Fast Company Draggin Jeans are the original Kevlar® riding jeans, and still made in the USA. They feature heavy-duty denim and stitching, and have the most traditional fit and color of any of the jeans listed here. If like your Levi’s old school, try some Draggin’ Jeans. Click here for more information about Draggin’ Jeans.

Women’s Featured Style: Modern Fit
Men’s Featured Style: Classic Fit

Draggin Jeans Mens Womens RRPP

Draggin’ Jeans Features:

Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at seat and knees

Armor Pockets: None. Protectors can be affixed to the Kevlar lining using double-sided Velcro*

Impact Protection: SAS-TEC CE-certified knee and hip protectors sold separately

Price: $119-$129


*Ask a Road Rider gear specialist to show you how this works.


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