Video Of The Week: Long Live The Kings

BY Road Rider MCA - June 6th, 2016

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video Of The Week!

This week’s vid is a short film made by the gents of Blitz Motorcycles in Paris. Founded by Léonard Janson, Hugo Jezegabel, and former Lycos marketing director and vintage motophile Fred Jourden, Blitz blends the modern with the old, beauty with power.

Every Blitz bike is a totally unique creation–in many cases, tank, frame, motor, and handlebars are harvested from different bikes–and each celebrates, rather than erases, the rust and dents of past lives on the road. Blitz builds about fifteen bikes a year, and they can’t keep up with demand.

Lifestyle is undoubtedly a major part of what attracts so many to Blitz’s bikes and films. Our modern lives are mired in disposability, obsolescence, and complexity; these machines represent value, experience, and simplicity.

Say what you will about the men of Blitz, with their vintage denim, hand-loomed flannels, and disgustingly cool motorbikes, but these dudes are the real deal. Not only do they own and operate a celebrated custom bike building shop, but my research indicates that those beards have been around since at least 2011, pre-dating the mass adoption of the hipster beard and the obsession with filming barn-find bike journeys on Super8. Anyway, this film was shot on Super16, and that’s just way too practical for true ‘hipsters’.

If you enjoy Long Live The Kings, check out the full-length documentary film The Greasy Hands Preachers featuring Blitz, Shinya Kimura, Roland Sands, and others. You can watch it on Vimeo for a small fee, and on other major streaming services.






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