Uvas-McKean, Hecker Pass Pie Ride

BY Road Rider MCA - August 21st, 2015

Uvas-McKean, Hecker Pass Pie Ride

One-Way/Round-Trip Distance: 40 miles/88 miles

Total Riding Time: 2 hours

Enjoy a sunny, smooth ride as you travel down the long stretch of road running alongside Calero and Uvas Reservoirs. The McKean and Uvas Roads route is a favorite for both motorcyclists and bicyclists because of its beautiful scenery, easy curves, and minimal car traffic. Things change when you head west over Hecker Pass, a busy, twisty, wooded ascent over Mount Madonna towards Gizdich Ranch. Alternately, you can take an easy detour around the pass to this famous apple farm. Whichever road you choose, just don’t skip the pie.

Map Notes: If you aren’t read for the twisties and traffic of Hecker Pass, go around the pass and take Interstate 101 and Riverside Drive to Gizdich Ranch, instead.

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Hecker Pie Ride


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