Thunderhill West To Open In May

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Road Rider’s Event Calendar is now updated with all the 2014 track days by Zoom Zoom Track Days, Keigwins@TheTrack, and Pacific Track Time. And while you’re carving out some time to hit the track this year, take into account the brand new Thunderhill extension that is slated to open this May. Select track days scheduled to take place at Thunderhill beginning in June will give riders access to the new 1.9-mile section and the full 4.8 miles that will include the current ‘east’ track and the new Thunderhill West section.

The expansion includes frequent elevation changes and 15 new turns, including a banked, 180-degree turn, making for a condensed package of the stuff riders love the most. T-Hill West will also enable track day providers to offer some of the lowest track day prices around and individuals will be able to join up with their friends and rent out the section for their own track days.

The Thunderhill West expansion makes Thunderhill one of the longest tracks in the country, and riders and drivers will have three different courses to choose from: the current three-mile Thunderhill Park track, the new 2-mile Thunderhill West track, and the complete Five Miles of Thunderhill.

Take an aerial tour of Thunderhill West:

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