Sidi ADV Boots Showdown: Sidi Adventure vs. Canyon vs. Deep Rain

BY Road Rider MCA - June 23rd, 2016

Sidi has an impressive catalogue of motorcycle boots suited for any feat performed on two wheels, from the Crossfire, tested at the highest levels of motocross competition, to the Mag-1, worn by some of the fastest MotoGP riders on the planet. But Sidi puts the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail into boots designed for those of us with different goals in mind.

One of Sidi’s most successful categories is their line of adventure boots. As our taste for boots that can smoothly transition from asphalt to offroad grows, so does the selection of Sidi ADV boots. The Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex, the Deep Rain, and the Adventure Rain are three top Sidi adventure riding boots, and they are all fantastic multiple-personality Sidi ADV boots that you’ll find it hard to choose between.

But that’s what we’re going to try to help you do with this Sidi ADV Boots Showdown. Read on to find out which of Sidi’s top adventure/dual sport boots is the right choice for your needs and your riding style.


Sidi ADV Boots Product Comparison:

The Canyon is priced smack-dab in the middle of two other very popular adventure-touring oriented boots from Sidi–the Adventure and the Deep Rain. It’s a relatively small jump up or down in price from the Canyon to one of the other two, so you might be wondering, which of Sidi’s three leading lugged-sole boots is right for you?


Version 2



Sidi Adventure Rain

Sidi Adventure Rain Boot RRPP

Price: $395

The Adventure comes in two different versions, the Adventure Rain and the Adventure Gore-Tex. While the Canyon comes standard with a premium Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, the Adventure Rain and Deep Rain boots feature a proprietary ‘Rain’ membrane. Priced at $395, the Adventure Rain is just $45 more than the Canyon, so that’s the one we’ll be talking about.

The Adventure was built for riders who don’t stop at pavement’s end, and it packs an incredible amount of offroad-derived protection into a boot you could still rock on the daily commute.

The Adventure shares the same lugged sole as the other two, but it’s significantly beefier in all other aspects. It’s the tallest of the group, with hard plastic protection on the shin and heel, and hinged TPU ankle bracing. The big, durable Cam-Lock buckles, also on the Deep Rain, lend themselves better than the Canyon’s mini buckle to use in rugged, muddy conditions, and provide much-needed stability and support for offroad riding.

Traversing trails and city streets on foot comes easy in the Adventures, but the extra protection, added height, and subsequent heftier weight undoubtedly bring with them some sacrifices in the comfort department.

Road Rider currently stocks Sidi Adventure Rain and Adventure Gore-Tex boots. Check out a full description of the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots here.


Sidi Deep Rain

Sidi Deep Rain Boots RRPP

Price: $295

Sidi’s Deep Rain is the only boot of our three that features a Technomicro upper rather than a genuine leather construction. Technomicro is Sidi’s synthetic leather of choice, and is used in Sidi track boots because of its resistance to fatigue, wear, and abrasion, and for its light weight and durability. It’s also featured in many Sidi touring boot models, and is naturally water-resistant and breathable. While the synthetic Deep Rains won’t break in quite like the genuine leather Canyons or Adventures would, they are strong, lightweight, and priced at just $295.

Like the Adventures, the Deep Rains tower almost three inches over the Canyons, providing critical upper shin coverage for adventures off the asphalt. The Deep Rains also have a TPU hard heel protector. In all other areas of protection, the Canyons and Deep Rains are comparable.

Road Rider currently stocks the Sidi Deep Rain boots. Check out a full description of here.


Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi Canyon GTX Boot Detail RRPP


The Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex boots are the most road-oriented of these three Sidi ADV boots.

With a shorter height and no external TPU hard parts, they are more in line with a traditional touring boot style. They are lightweight, super comfortable, and look great around town. Still, the Gore-Tex membrane, grippy lugged sole, and secure fit make them versatile and rugged if things get a little dirty.

The Canyons feature a small micro buckle to keep your foot securely strapped down. Reinforced heel and toe boxes, internal ankle sliders, and a rigid shin protector round out a comfortable, reliable all-weather option for ADV riders.



Protection: No question here, the Sidi Adventures take the cake when it comes to protection. With hinged ankle bracing and TPU hard parts, they skirt the line between street and offroad categories, and are ideal for 50/50 street and offroad use.

Waterproofing: Unsurprisingly, the Canyons run away with this category thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane. However, the Deep Rains deserve an honorable mention because they have Technomicro on their side. Synthetic leather is naturally water-resistant and won’t break down or deteriorate in water like leather will. If you do opt for the genuine leather Adventure or Canyon, we recommend using a waterproofing agent like NikWax to help prevent saturation and protect the life of the leather.

Comfort: If comfort is your goal, go the way of the Canyon. Its shorter height, full leather upper, and highly breathable Gore-Tex membrane make it the most well-rounded of the three for standard touring and commuting use, and the most comfortable on the bike, and off.





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