Don’t Stay Home, Stay Dry: Rain Gear For Riding

BY Road Rider MCA - November 3rd, 2015

They say the winter of 2015/2016 is fixin’ to be one of the strongest El Niño rainy seasons since El Niños became a thing in 1950. So for us motorcyclists, that means we can either spend way more time in the old four-wheeler, or we can get suited up for the rain, be prepared, and have fun out there.

Historically, November, January, and February are the wettest months in El Nino years, so now is the time to do a rain gear inventory and evaluate whether your jacket, pants, boots, and gloves are going to hold up and keep you dry.

Evaluate Your Waterproof Gear

An inexpensive rain suit is a must have, so pick one up and stuff it under your seat or in your backpack. If you already have one stowed away, unpack it and check it for rips and tears. When you get hit by a surprise downpour, that cheap suit could be your best friend.

Consider applying a waterproofing product like NikWax to your boots. Even boots containing a waterproof membrane will benefit, because NikWax helps prevent water saturation and gives the outer material of your boots a longer life. Gloves, pants, and jackets can be treated with NikWax TX Direct Wash-In or Spray-On to help repel water and promote breathability. Do wash your waterproof jacket, pants, and gloves first. The breathability of anything with a waterproof membrane will be impaired by dirt buildup.

Take a look at your core gear set-up: boots, gloves, jacket, and pants. Are you ready for the winter cold and rain, and will your gear hold up to the conditions? If it’s time to beef up your ensemble or replace something…

Shop For What You Need Now!

Visit Road Rider for the full array of waterproof gear, including waterproof jackets, pants, and gloves, packable rain suits, boot and glove covers, bike covers, and waterproof luggage. Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting what’s right for your needs and your budget? Check out our Waterproof Gear Guide for some basic info on waterproof motorcycle gear.


Alpinestars Quick-Seal Out Suit

This set comes with a black or neon pair of Quick-Seal Out pants and a jacket, and both roll up nicely into a small draw-string storage bag. Everyone loves the hi-viz option. $129.95.

Alpinestars Quick Seal Out Rainsuit RRPP


Tourmaster Sentinel Jackets and Pants

The premium Sentinel rain suit isn’t your grandma’s plastic rain suit (but if you’re into those, we have them, too). The Sentinel pants and jacket are sold separately and made of breathable rip-stop nylon in an ergonomic design with flexible panels for comfort. Jacket: $94.99; pants: $99.99.

Tourmaster_Sentinel_Rainsuit RRPP


Firstgear Torrent Luggage

Rely on Firstgear’s Torrent waist pack, backpack, or duffel bag to keep your goodies dry on your commute. The Torrent luggage is totally waterproof and constructed from tough PVC fabric. Each bag features rolie and quick-release clip top closures to ensure every drip stays out, and have an external sealed, waterproof zippered compartment for quick access to valuables. Backpack: $69.95; duffle: $59.95-$89.95.

Firstgear Torrent Luggage RRPP


Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Bike Covers

Choose from the WeatherAll, WeatherAll Plus, and WeatherAll Plus EZ Zip models. The WeatherAll Plus models are completely waterproof, rather than water resistant, so pooling water won’t seep through over time and drip onto your bike. Moisture Guard Venting prevents the buildup of mildew. Starting at $81.99.

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus Motorcycle Cover RRPP


Peet Boot and Glove Dryers

Wet boots and gloves are an uncomfortable fact of life for the daily commuter, but putting them on the next morning still wet and getting funky doesn’t have to be a part of your routine. Add a little lux to your life with the Peet Boot Dryer, it even kills bacteria that causes odors to build up. The Peet Dryer is available in double (a pair of boots) or multi (a pair of boots plus gloves or a helmet) versions at Road Rider. Add the glove drying accessory to completely dry out your gloves down to the fingertips, or the helmet accessory to keep your lid fresh. Original: $49.95; Multi: $109.95.

Peet Boot Dryer Gloves Helmet Dryer RRPP


Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs Road Toad pants and jackets are light, packable, and durable. Grab a set and stash it on your bike or at work for emergencies. Jackets starting at $49.99; pants starting at $29.99.

Frogg Toggs Road Toad Rain Suit RRPP


Tourmaster Elite Series II

Rain or shine rider? You mean business, and so does the Elite Series rain suit. It features an Aqua-Barrier hood that can be worn under your helmet and elastic stirrups to seal out water completely from your head to your toes. The Elite suit is available at Road Rider in all black or a more visible black and yellow version. $109.99.

Tourmaster Elite Series 2 Rain Suit RRPP



Hand over two bucks and we’ll hand you a Swipeez goggle and shield wiper. Slip it onto a gloved finger and as simple as that you’ve got yourself an effective little windshield wiper. Swipeez work great for goggles and helmet shields.

Swipeez Goggle Shield Wiper RRPP



Don’t forget about your tires! You definitely don’t want to ride in the rain with worn-out treads, but you also don’t want to be breaking in new tires on wet roads. Replace your rubber now, while we still have some dry days left.

Check out our Tire Service Shop page for hours and service details, or give us a call at (408) 227-6936 and ask for the Tire Shop for tire prices and availability.

Motorcycle Tires Rain


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