Pics and Reflections From TRACKER NITE 6

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Announcing the start of the Tracker Nite yesterday evening organizer Lorin Guy said to the crowd, “Enjoy yourselves! Because this is for you, this is for motorcycling, this is for local business, and this is for local racers!”

And the local motorcycling spirit was very much alive all evening, showing its finest, unified form at the sixth annual Tracker Nite.  The diverse crowd strolled through rows of ogle-worthy flat track racers, classic and custom bikes, rebuilds, refurbs, and everything else. We all stared, chatted, and swapped stories (of varying vintages) about bikes and about the sometimes nutty people who operate them.

At the peak of the evening, Cody Webb gave the crowd an incredible trials demonstration with the help of some pallets and planks, a four foot in diameter redwood log, and a rusty car. Cody is originally from Watsonville and is currently one of the most highly-rated extreme offroad riders in the world. He was apparently riding with a broken foot last night, but still managed to tear up the little course and drop some jaws with his stoppies, wheelies and medal-winning trials skill, or what can be summed up as basically, what I overheard someone say, “Crazy sh*t done by young people on motorcycles”.

Businesses, clubs, and dealerships in attendance included Heidenau Tires, Ducati Vintage Owners Club, San Jose Indoor, Mission Motorcycles, and others.

Road Rider was in attendance, too, having fun and supporting Tracker Nite. The Road Rider GSXR Corral was next to the Bell Helmets tent, staffed by our fun Bell reps Vince and Jon. The Bell guys brought along some current and very appropriate vintage street and offroad Bell Helmets.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event so special, and a special thanks to those that rode in on their GSXRs. Parking space was pretty limited in the corral but bikes spilled into the area surrounding us. We were able to showcase a few bikes from every era in the Corral, and the crowd was really into them.

We all had a great time, and we hope everyone else who attended did too. And we’d like to extend a HUGE thanks to Lorin and Kathryn Guy for organizing Tracker Nite every year, and for opening up this super-special event to the entire riding community.


Note: Tracker Nite 7 is just around the corner, and scheduled for September 10th, 2014. View the Tracker Nite 7 event post HERE.

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GSXR Corral

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