Our Top Ten Motorcycle Helmets

BY Road Rider MCA - May 18th, 2016

Here’s a list of our top ten motorcycle helmets of 2016 so far. For a helmet to make our top ten list, it’s got to be an all-around performer for everyday riders on the street. That’s why you won’t find the most expensive race helmet money can buy on this list, or the cheapest helmet that looks great on the shelf. The competition is tough, but we whittled our list down to these top ten helmets by weighing safety, bang-for-the-buck, quality, and ride comfort.

Ranging from the $130 HJC CL-17 all the way up to the $800+ Arai Corsair X, we’ve got something for (mostly) everyone. We’ve even included our favorite open-face helmet and our top modular, always a very heavily contended category. Check out our Premium Modulars Helmets Face Off to dive into our four best modular helmets.

Click on the links to learn more about our top ten, and visit Road Rider or your local motorcycle gear shop to try on a variety of helmets and select the right one for you. Shopping at your local store will help ensure you are spending your money on a helmet that fits correctly, so it can protect you when it counts.



Shoei GT-Air Matte Black RRPP

Price: $495-$604
Snell rated? N/A (drop-down sun shield)

The GT-Air continues to be one of the most highly-rated, best-selling helmets around. Renowned for delivering low noise levels and an incredibly smooth, stable ride, it’s also the only Shoei full-face with a drop-down internal sun visor. Click here to learn more…



Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Matte Black RRPP

Price: $249
Snell rated? No

The DLX is a heck of a value for around $200, and includes a Transitions photochromic shield. Both the standard Qualifier ($109) and the DLX ($249) are available in a variety of fantastic graphics. Year after year Bell has been delivering quality helmets for folks on any budget, and the DLX is yet another winner. Click here to learn more…



Arai Vector 2 Black Frost RRPP

Price: $450-$585
Snell rated? Yes

The Vector 2 delivers the incomparable fit, comfort, and safety of Arai at a mid-range price. There are many reasons to choose an Arai, but safety is number one. To understand why Arai helmets are so highly regarded for their safety, read our article Down To The Details: Arai Helmets. Or just click here to learn more about the Arai Vector 2…



Schuberth-C3-Pro-Modular-Open RRPP

Price: $769-$829
Snell rated? N/A (modular)

The C3 Pro is the best, made better–a modular masterpiece. It’s quieter, more stable, and vents 60% more air than its predecessor. Click here to learn more…




Price: $140-$155
Snell rated? Yes

Our top budget helmet is a Snell-rated, high-quality HJC lid, available in a host of nice graphic options, and yours for around $150. Click here to learn more…



Bell Star Matte Black RRPP

Price: $450-$500
Snell rated? Yes

2016 is Year One for the Star reboot, and what a helmet it is, too. With 360° of innovative advancements, including the awesome new Panovision shield, it’s the new gold standard in its class. It cuts through the air and delivers a quiet, stable experience for riders of any style. Click here to learn more…



Shoei Qwest Matte Black

Price: $330-$444
Snell rated? Yes

The Qwest isn’t the newest or fanciest helmet around, but it is still an awesome value for a rock-solid Shoei lid, and the buyer reviews continue to show it. It was designed to deliver optimal performance for riders in an upright position, so it vents well and is quiet and aerodynamic for the way most of us ride. Click here to learn more…



Bell Mag 9 Matte Black RRPP

Price: $180
Snell rated? N/A (open face)

The Mag-9 features a peak, pivoting shield, and an internal sun visor. Pair it with a Bluetooth headset or not–you’ll appreciate its customizable features either way. Click here to learn more…



Arai Corsair X Frost Black RRPP

Price: $756-$873
Snell rated? Yes

The X takes the Corsair lineage into new territory for riders who want the best, and this time was designed with street riders in mind. A totally redesigned shield system is one of a long list of reasons to love the new Corsair. Click here to learn more…



Shoei RF-1200-Metallic Black RRPP

Price: $438-$531
Snell rated? Yes

Are we saving the best for last? Shoei’s RF-1200 is probably the best selling helmet in the world right now, but that’s not why it made the list. It’s lighter, quieter, and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the RF-1100. It’s Snell-certified and made with Shoei’s premium, lightweight AIM+ composite shell material. There are a lot more reasons to look twice at the RF-1200click here to learn more.






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