Riding North Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountains

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In this short documentary video, a small band of New Zealanders thump their way across the Baekdudaegan, a coastal mountain range that runs down the length of the Korean Peninsula. Semi-retired couple Joanne and Gareth Morgan have spent the past decade travelling through all seven continents on their motorcycles. A few years ago they decided it was time to see North Korea, and after months of coordination, planning, and negotiation with the North Korean government, their route was approved and they were granted entry. They believe that their group, comprised of the Morgans and a few of their close motorcycle-riding friends, was the first party to travel the length of North and South Korea through the mountains since Korea was divided at the 38th parallel in 1945.

For the Morgans, riding the length of the Baekdudaegan Range was a symbolic nod to the inherent commonality of the people of the two Koreas. For the rest of the world, this short video by a pair of soul motorcyclists is a peek into a closely guarded country and the people who live behind its walls.

This video is presented by VICE.com. Click HERE to read an interview with Joanne and Gareth Morgan.

The group at the Korean Demilitarized Zone:

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