Motorcyclist’s Heated Gear Guide

BY Road Rider MCA - August 13th, 2015

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Don’t try to tough through yet another frigid winter on your bike. Get started off right this year with some heated gear and put an end to riding with frozen digits and a cold-blasted core.

Here’s a breakdown of the basics to help you get started. When you’re ready, get down to Road Rider to try on, try out, and see the complete system in action. We can show you how everything wires up, you can test out the gloves and liners at our plug-in station, take a look at all the accessories, and see how easy it can be to drastically improve your winter riding comfort. We are your heated gear experts, and we’ll guide you through your options so you can pick out what works best for you. You can also call us at 408-227-6936 or ask your questions in the comments section below!



1. Your Motorcycle


Hooking your gear up directly to your motorcycle’s battery is really easy, and as long as you’re riding, you’ll be fully powered up. Heated gear companies also sell portable, rechargeable 12 volt battery packs that are most suitable for short solo trips or other, non-motorized, cold-weather activities.


2. Heated Gear


Choose from jackets and jacket liners, vest liners, pant liners, gloves, socks, boot inserts, and more. Gloves are a great place to start for most people because cold hands strike fast, feel terrible, and can really impair your riding.


3. A Control Accessory


In addition to your heated gear, you’ll need to purchase an on/off switch or an adjustable heat controller. It is imperative that you have, at minimum, an on/off switch you can access while riding. However, heated gear gets extremely hot, so we recommend purchasing a temperature controller which allows you to turn your gear on or off, and to adjust the temperature as you ride.



Getting plugged in may seem confusing at first, but it’s not. Most heated gear comes with a battery harness with loop connectors for each of your battery’s terminals. Once connected, route the battery harness to an easily accessible location on your bike. When you’re ready to ride, plug your heated gear into the controller, then plug the other end of the controller into the battery harness on your bike. If you are riding with a passenger, you should both carry your own control accessory.

Different brands of heated gear are compatible with each other. These days, you will find COAX-style connectors are used by most, if not all, heated apparel manufacturers. If you have an older jacket liner or accessory with an SAE-style connector, you can purchase an inexpensive SAE-COAX adapter, like the one shown below.



Your heated gear comes with a selection of different inline fuses for the battery harness. Select the fuse that is closest to but larger than your maximum amperage requirement. Each piece of heated gear has an amperage rating, so to calculate your total amperage requirement, just add up all the amperage ratings.


1 Rider Example:
1 pair of gloves (Gerbing brand) (2.2 amps) + 1 jacket liner (Gerbing) (6.4 amps)= 8.6 total max amps
Correct fuse: 10 amps

1 Rider + 1 Passenger Example:
2 pairs of gloves (Gerbing) (2.2 amps + 2.2 amps)+ 2 jacket liners (Gerbing brand) (6.4 amps +6.4 amps)= 17.2 total max amps
Correct fuse: 20 amps

What You’ll Find At Road Rider

  • Jacket Liners
  • Vest Liners
  • Gloves
  • Glove Liners
  • Pant Liners

Also Available at Road Rider

  • Dual portable controllers
  • Single portable controllers
  • On/off switches (Heated gear gets extremely hot, so we strongly recommend purchasing an adjustable temperature controller.)
  • Remote controls/fobs
  • Panel/fairing mount kits
  • Portable battery kits
  • Miscellaneous accessory cables and adapters
  • Heated socks and footbeds
  • A variety of other control and wiring accessories, like permanent-mount controllers, remote heat controllers, and auxiliary port adapters


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