Improve Your Skills for Motorcycle Safety Month

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! That means all month long agencies and organizations nationwide are promoting motorcycle awareness to car drivers and safe riding practices to motorcyclists.

We know car drivers have a big part to play in reducing the number of motorcycle accidents, but as motorcyclists, we have to do our part every day without fail. Most of us are pretty good about obeying the basic rules of the ride that help keep us safe on these hazardous Bay Area Roads. We know we need to gear up properly, we NEVER EVER ride under the influence, we stay out of blind spots, use our blinkers, and make sure our bikes are in safe working order. But another big part of staying safe is making sure to routinely sharpen our skills and consciously make an effort to improve. The safest way to do that isn’t to push yourself in the mountains every weekend-it’s to take a refresher course, a coached track day, or an advanced riding course. By taking a course, you’re riding will improve overnight, and you’ll have the knowledge and skills to work on improving on your own. And being a better rider not only reduces your chances of having a get-off, it also makes riding more fun and relaxing.

Zoom Zoom Trackday’s RoadRider 2.0 Class

In the name of motorcycle safety, consider taking a course like Zoom Zoom Track Day’s RoadRider 2.0 class (RoadRider 2.0 is not related to Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories). Road Rider 2.0 is a day-long class taught by professional instructors and held at the Sonoma Raceway on a closed course adjacent to the track. It includes classroom instruction, guided exercises and activities on the bike, and provides an environment where you can push yourself, try new things, get feedback from the fantastic Z2 rider coaches, and become a better rider safely. If you’ve been thinking about doing a track day but aren’t quite sure yet, RoadRider 2.0 is a great place to start. You’ll even take a tour around the track at the end of the day, following racing lines to see what a track day experience could be like.

At Road Rider 2.0, rider coaches will:

  • Walk you through a quick bike inspection of your own bike
  • Work with you on some useful maneuvers like tight circles, collision avoidance and emergency braking
  • Focus on correct vision techniques during all of the exercises
  • Give you practical instruction on group riding where we use the track as a simulated 2-lane road
  • Work with you on more advanced skills such as cornering, street lines, and track lines
  • Provide both classroom time and practical experience where all exercises are done on your own bike

You don’t need to prepare your bike in any special way for RoadRider 2.0, and your regular street gear is fine. Click here for more information and to sign up for a RoadRider 2.0 class! This year’s remaining class dates are May 27th, August 4th, and October 13th.

Advanced courses are also offered locally by Motorcycle University and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For their class dates and information visit:

For more information on motorcycle safety, read our article “See Me Now? The Hi-Viz Difference”.

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