Motorcycle Battery Buyer’s Guide

BY Road Rider MCA - April 1st, 2016

If you need a new motorcycle battery, give us a call at (408) 227-6936 or stop by to check our current inventory and make sure you get the right battery for your bike. We maintain a huge inventory of batteries and always have batteries on hand for the most common bike models, along with many, many others as well.

Not sure if your battery needs replacing?

Bring it in and we’ll load test it for you to see if it is still holding a charge.

Need to dispose of your old battery?

Bring it in and we’ll get it to the appropriate recycling facility. Please note, buyers don’t pay core charges on motorcycle batteries in California. That said, do the right thing and turn in your battery (never throw batteries in the garbage!) so it isn’t polluting our beautiful state.

Not sure what kind of battery to choose?

Sometimes there are a few different battery brand choices for your bike. Below we’ve listed some of the main similarities and differences between two of the most common motorcycle battery brands available: Yuasa and Westco.


Both Yuasa and Westco produce Advanced Glass Mat (AGM) technology batteries. The acid inside AGM batteries is absorbed by internal plates, so no liquid can spill and the batteries can be mounted in any position on a bike. This also enables them to hold a charge for longer than traditional wet batteries. They have an excellent lifespan and, with proper care, an AGM battery will last for 3-5 years – often longer.



Westco batteries are filled with acid electrolyte, sealed, and charged at the factory before they are shipped to stores. All you have to do with your Westco battery is install it and maintain it properly.



Yuasa batteries need to filled and charged by the user. They include a premeasured amount of electrolyte you will have to pour in. The battery’s life starts when you fill, seal, and charge it, so it is fresher and younger when it lands on your bike and may end up having a longer life than a prefilled battery. Yuasa batteries are installed stock at the factory in the vast majority of sportbikes on the market today.


Maintaining Your “Maintenance-Free” Yuasa or Westco Battery

Even though AGM batteries are essentially “maintenance-free”, ensure the life of your battery by maintaining a healthy charge. Use a battery charger regularly on all battery types, and give your battery a full charge with a charger like a Deltran Battery Tender or a Yuasa SmartShot every few weeks. Keep your bike on the charger during months when your bike is not in use.


Other Battery Types

Gel: Gel batteries like BikeMaster TruGel are similar to AGM batteries but are filled at the factory with a gel acid. They offer an equally long life and perform well in extremely high temperatures. Make sure your battery charger is approved for use with gel batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP): Shorai and Ballistic are leading the featherweight revolution and, despite their higher price, LFP batteries are becoming widely sought. LFP batteries are pounds lighter than their acid counterparts; the average Shorai weighs in at about a pound and a half. So for all offroad and racing applications, the lightweight LFP batteries offer a big benefit.

While the technology is still relatively new, LFP manufacturers claim that, when used correctly, their batteries will significantly outlive acid batteries. Tests conclude that LFP batteries also deliver higher and more consistent voltages when starting a bike. However, it is imperative you never use a charger with a desulfation mode that cannot be turned off. We highly recommend using a Shorai or Ballistic charger with your LFP battery. These chargers have separate storage and maintenance modes to keep your battery performing at its peak all year round. However, LFP batteries have a much slower self-discharge rate than acid batteries and may be left off the charger for longer.




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