Lotus Reveals C-01 Prototype Motorcycle

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Last year the Lotus car company announced they were interested in developing one very special motorcycle, their first, and that they had signed on designer Daniel Simon to help bring it to life. Simon is renowned most notably for the concept work he has done for Bugatti and for designing the Bugatti Veyron Hermes. He is also the man behind many of Hollywood’s mythical machines, like the Light Cycles featured in Tron: Legacy, and various vehicles and airships featured in Oblivion and Captain America. Lotus and Simon made it no secret that they were shooting for the new C-01 motorcycle to look very different, and a little Tron-esque.┬áLotus licensed the production of the C-01 to Kodewa, the same German racing company that built their Lotus T128 prototype for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

On Wednesday, Lotus revealed their C-01 prototype machine. And the result of the collaboration? A futuristic, 1195cc, 750 V-twin superbike with 200 horsepower and a serious awe factor. The stunning C-01 is made with a carbon fiber, titanium, and aerospace steel frame.

If you’re interested in making a down payment, there’s still time to visit the Coinstar because there’s no word yet on how much the C-01 will cost. What we do know is that Lotus says only 100 will be made. They will be available in three color schemes, including the classic black and gold Lotus paint scheme and a vintage racing-inspired green and yellow.

Lotus C-01 (3)



Lotus C-01















Lotus C-01 (2)






Read more about the C-01 at Lotus-Motorcycles.com.


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