The Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth From Sena and Scala

BY Road Rider MCA - June 6th, 2016

From Sena and Scala Rider

The name of the game in Bluetooth headset technology these days is more, more, more. More intercom range, more features, more audio clarity and sound, and more reasons to upgrade or dive into riding with Bluetooth for the first time.

Take a look below to see some of the impressive systems Sena and Cardo Scala Rider have been serving up this year.


Sena 20S

Sena 20S Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth
As the first and only intercom to contain two Bluetooth modules for seamless and simultaneous overlapping of functions–along with a host of other firsts and mosts–the 20S is Sena’s top intercom system.

Single: $299.99, Dual Set: $549.99


Scala Rider PackTalk

Scala Rider Packtalk Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth
Scala’s big dog is a groundbreaking system for group communication. Say goodbye to daisy-chained intercom systems–the PackTalk runs on a self-healing, mesh-like network.

Single: $329.95, Dual Set: $579.95


Sena 10S

Sena 10S Latest Bluetooth
Offering a widely appealing balance of value, features, and performance, the 10S leads a new generation of Sena systems running on Bluetooth version 4.1. Take a look at the 10R if you like a more low-profile option.

Single: $239.99, Dual Set: $439.99


Scala Rider SmartPack

Scala Rider SmartPack Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth
The SmartPack offers the same cutting-edge technology as the PackTalk, but is ideal for smaller groups of riders. It’s the smart choice for riders intercoming with just a few buddies.

Single: $289.99, Dual Set: $499.99


Sena 3S

Sena 3S Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth
This junior Sena still enables you to stream music or directions, talk on the phone, or intercom with another rider, and it’s just $99. Bonus: Installed, the 3S system is contained almost entirely within your helmet.

Single only: $98.99


Scala Rider QZ

Scala Rider QZ Latest Bluetooth
The QZ thinks you shouldn’t pay for features you won’t use. It’s the perfect unit for solo riders who like to pump up the jams and talk on the phone, but who don’t need an intercom function.

Single only: $139.99


Stealth System: Sena 10U

Sena 10U Latest Motorcycle Bluetooth
The Sena 10U is a heavy-hitting system with spec on par with the 10S, but all its parts fit within your helmet. The 10U’s control buttons are easily accessible just inside the shield (with the exception of the Arai 10U). The 10U is currently available for the Shoei GT-Air, J-Cruise, and Neotec, the Schuberth C3 and C3 Pro, and Arai full-face helmets.

Single only: $299.00



All prices listed are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).



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