Video Of The Week: I Am A Helmet Man

BY Road Rider MCA - June 27th, 2016

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video Of The Week!

“I am a helmet man. And, also, I know that I only live once,” says Michio Arai, president of Arai Helmets, in this week’s video.

‘Mitch’ Arai is the son of Hirotake Arai, who founded Arai Helmets in 1926 as a hatmaker-turned-helmet-maker. Hirotake, a life-long a motorcycle rider, began developing motorcycle helmets in the 1950s. He was initially motivated by a desire to protect himself and his friends–personal experience showed him that there was a critical need for head protection in his sport. So began one of the world’s most revered motorsports helmet companies. Michio Arai, along with his son Akihito, carries on Hirotake’s dedicated work today, tirelessly focused on developing the best possible protection for our heads.

This week we take a bit of a serious turn in Video Of The Week, with allusions to head-crushing forces and lacking the sweeping vistas and twisty roads of our regular fare. But we were so inspired by last week’s Helmet Tech Talk With Arai that we want to keep the message going about the special culture, processes, and principles at work at Arai on every handmade helmet.

We encourage you to pop over to the @AraiHelmetAmerica YouTube page to watch the rest of the Arai web series, along with some other videos featuring top professional riders who wear Arai every day.

You can also read our article Arai Helmets: Committed To Crafting A Better Helmet for more detailed information about the features and materials that set an Arai helmet apart.

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