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Sometimes it’s the small things that make a plan come together beautifully, and even things like the travel supplies below could make your next ride go from good to great. So go ahead, schedule that road trip and commit yourself to the daily commute! But first, get some small stuff that will make a big difference.


Luggage South View

Don’t let the question “Where am I going to put that?” derail your plan to cross the continent on two wheels or let it defeat your trip to the office. We’ve got a HUGE luggage selection, so ride over, try some on for size, and make your trip across town a little bit easier.

Tank Bags

There’s a tank bag out there for you and your machine. Model a variety of shapes and sizes on your bike outside in our parking lot so you know what you like and don’t like before you buy.

Cortech  Dryver


Alpinestars Tech Aero

Tech Aero

Wolfman Express


Sissy Bar Bags

Add a sissy bar bag to your rig and you won’t have to worry about cramming all your gear into a duffel bag on commutes or overnighters.

Check out our wide selection of cruiser sissy bar bags by Saddlemen, Kuryakyn, T-Bags, and The Leatherworks. They’re roomy, packed with pockets, compartments, and zips, and easy to attach so you’ll spend more time on the road and less time packing. Good looking and low-profile designs make sure your sissy bag will look natural and unobtrusive on your bike.

Saddlemen BR1800


The Leatherworks Customizable


Kuryakyn GranTour


Givi Hard Luggage

If you’re feeling ready to make a commitment to storage, Givi might be ‘the one’. Givi hard luggage is Italian-made and Italian-designed, and among their variety of styles and sizes there’s a case that you’ll love the look of and that will on tight to your bike.

Givi  Monokey E55

Monokey E55

Givi Monokey Trekker

Monokey Trekker

Givi Monolock Micro

Monolock Micro


Sena SMH10R

Nothing says “freedom” like riding the open road with your favorite tunes in your helmet. And nothing says “pull over” like your buddy chiming in that you missed the turnoff. These wonders and more await you when you ride with an intercom system. We’ve got the world’s best systems right here, and we can help.

Cardo Scala Rider G9X

The new G9X has taken up the baton for the award-winning Scala G9. Still the only completely voice controlled Bluetooth intercom on the market, the G9X now features plug-in speakers, music sharing between passenger and driver, and sharpened voice recognition speed.

Scala Rider G9X Solo

Sena SPH10H-FM

Sena’s patented Jog-Dial control wheel keeps the Sena intercom systems at the top of the user-friendliness charts. And now the same ease of use and excellent sound quality characteristic of all the Sena systems are packaged up in a unit designed specifically for half helmets, the SPH10H-FM, which comes complete with earpads with built-in speakers.



Tire Shop

Maintaining properly inflated tires will maximize your tire life, gas mileage, and safety on the road. And if it’s time for a new set of tires, Road Rider’s experienced tire technicians provide mount and balance services and expertise to go along with our excellent tire prices.

Pirelli Angel GT

Pirelli’s Angel GT delivers the best mileage in the sport-touring category, excellent wet handling, and grippy fun for your diablo side.

Angel GT Front and Rear

Metzeler ME888 Marathon

The Triple Eight is “the only v-twin ultra mileage tire with Metzeler performance and handling.” Offering better mileage than the ME880, improved traction in wet weather, and a stable and uniform ride over thousands of miles of life, the ME888 is the new cruiser tire by which all others should be measured against.


Dunlop Sportmax Q3

A host of advancements make the Q3 a whole new world of possibility for aggressive street riders. A steeper profile in the rear creates a wider footprint at steep angles and a smaller one upright for better mileage and traction; carbon fiber filaments in the sidewall provide flexible stability for hard braking and accelerating in the corners; and new compounds turn up the grip and the longevity of Dunlop’s newest ‘Q’.

Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Rear


Back Protectors

Replacing the foam back pad in your jacket with a CE-certified back armor insert is an easy way to give your old or brand new jacket an added dose of impact protection. If you’d like to upgrade your current jacket of any brand, bring it in to Road Rider to test out the feel and fit of a variety of CE-certified back inserts.

Forcefield Super-Lite

Forcefield’s patented Nitrex Evo® material is extremely breathable, light, and flexible, and it provides superior impact absorption and dispersion.

 Super-Lite Model 002


Overt Black

The majority of car-motorcycle accidents are reportedly caused because the automobile driver failed to see the approaching rider. Don’t be shy! Help motorists see you coming by wearing bright, high-visibility neon or red clothing or by making your bike more visible with reflectors and light modulators.

Rev’It! Voltiac HV Jacket

The Voltiac is Rev’It!’s high-viz hero and could be yours, too. This three season touring jacket comes in just one color, neon yellow, so if you don’t want to be seen, don’t even get caught within five feet of the Voltiac.

Rev'It Voltiac

Cortech GX Sport Air 3

Look smart and sporty and stay cool this summer with the Cortech GX Sport Air 3. Its removable internal waterproof and windproof liners are beefy enough to get you through the colder days, too. It’s available at Road Rider in a ton of colors, including this eye-catching red.

Cortech GX Sport Red

Shoei Qwest Passage Neon

The Passage graphic in neon is tasteful and classic but packs a nice high-viz punch, and it comes with a mighty fine helmet, too. The Qwest was designed to deliver optimal performance for riders in an upright position and behind a windshield, so it’s quiet, aerodynamic, and the large top vent flows plenty of air when you need it.

Qwest Passage TC-3

Scorpion R410 Airline Neon Red

This new 2014 graphic from Scorpion is our absolute favorite new high-viz helmet graphic. Plus, the R410 isa bang-up helmet for a bargain price. It’s Snell-rated for safety, comfortable, and high-quality, and the graphic editions are looking for good homes, priced at just $179.

R410 Airline Neon Red

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