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Hit The Road With That Something Special

Posted on: September 10th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a plan come together beautifully, and even things like the travel supplies below could make your next ride go from good to great. So go ahead, schedule that road trip and commit yourself to the daily commute! But first, get some small stuff that will make a big difference.



Luggage South View

You wouldn’t let the question “Where am I going to put that?” derail your plan to cross the continent on two wheels, so don’t let it defeat your trip to the office, either. We’ve got a HUGE luggage selection, so ride over, try some on for size, and make your trip across town a little bit easier.

Enduro Three




Wolfman soft luggage is tough, rugged, and made in the USA. Your Wolfman will require a diet rich in mountain air and twisty roads.



Aero Helmet Holder


From saddlebags to backpacks, Firstgear’s Laguna and Silverstone collections are thoughtfully designed and durable.


Helmet Radio Vs G9


Nothing says “freedom” like riding the open road with your favorite tunes in your helmet. And nothing says “pull over” like your buddy chiming in that you missed the turnoff. These wonders and more await you when you ride with an intercom system. We’ve got the world’s best systems right here, and we can help.

Scala Q3




The heavy-hitting Scala catalogue includes the Q1 andQ3, as well as the only completely voice controlled Bluetooth Intercom on the market – the G9X.


SMH5-FM Boom and Headset



Sena’s patented Jog-Dial control wheel keeps theSMH10 and SMH5-FM systems at the top of the user-friendliness charts, while the slim SMH10R will please the aerodynamically concerned rider.



Wet Weather


Being cold and wet will quickly put a stop to the fun times, and you’ll still deal with the effects of frozen digits and soaking gear after you finally reach your destination. Keep things hassle-free by riding prepared for whatever cards mother nature deals you.

Road Toad BlackHiViz





Frogg Toggs are compressible, lightweight, breathable, durable, and not at all like the plastic rain suits you think you have to put up with.


Gerbing's Jacket and Gloves



Leave the heavy layers at home and be ready for temperature fluctuations with Gerbing’s heated gear. It’s lifetime warrantied and now made in the USA.



Tire Shop


Maintaining properly inflated tires will maximize your tire life, gas mileage, and safety on the road. And if it’s time for a new set of tires, Road Rider’s experienced tire technicians provide mount and balance services and expertise to go along with our excellent tire prices.

Heidenau K60 Scout Rear


New at Road Rider, the 50/50 K60 Scout boasts legendary tread life and capable handling both on- and offroad.


Pirelli Angel GT Launch


Pirelli’s new Angel GT delivers the best mileage in the sport-touring category, excellent wet handling, and grippy fun for your diablo side.



Back Protectors


Replacing the foam back pad in your jacket with a CE-certified back armor insert is an easy way to give your old or brand new jacket an important dose of impact protection. If you’d like to upgrade your current jacket of any brand, bring it in to Road Rider to test out the feel and fit of a variety of CE-certified back inserts.

Super-Lite Model 002

Forcefield’s patented Nitrex Evo® material is extremely breathable, light, and flexible, and it provides superior impact absorption and dispersion.


Astar BioArmor Back Insert

Soft and articulated for flexibility, Bio Armor Inserts fit Alpinestars jackets as well as a variety of other jacket brands.


Overt Black


The majority of car-motorcycle accidents occur in part because the automobile driver failed to see the approaching rider. Don’t be shy! Help motorists see you coming by wearing bright, high-visibility neon or red clothing or by making your bike more visible with reflectors and light modulators.

Shoei Qwest Overt

The neon Overt design is one of the sharpest hi-viz graphics we’ve seen, and it comes on a mighty fine helmet, too.


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