Highway 9 and Skyline to Alice’s Restaurant Ride

BY Road Rider MCA - August 19th, 2015

4. Highway 9 and Skyline Boulevard to Alice’s Restaurant

One-Way/Round-Trip Distance: 36 miles/72 miles

Total Riding Time: 2 hours

Many of your journeys to come will begin or end with Highway 9. Although this famously curvaceous road is notorious for motorcycle crashes, things have quieted down significantly in the past few years thanks to some road improvements and a heavy California Highway Patrol presence that doles out tickets to speeding motorcyclists like Chuck Norris hands out whoop ass. It isn’t a very challenging road, either, when approached reasonably. As when riding any of these roads, take your time getting to know it before picking up the pace so you won’t let an unexpectedly tight or decreasing turn radius ruin your day.

When you reach the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Highway 9, marked by a scenic overlook and an ever-present hot dog cart, take a right down Skyline towards what is probably the Bay Area’s #1 motorcycle destination–Alice’s Woodside Restaurant. At Alice’s, the food is good and the company is great; make it a quick breakfast run or a pit stop to plan the rest of your day’s route.

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