Highway 25 to King City Ride

BY Road Rider MCA - August 17th, 2015

6.  Highway 25 to King City

One-Way/Round-Trip Distance: 100 miles/201 miles

Total Riding Time: 3 hours, 40 minutes 

There is unforgettable riding to be found on the roads that cut through the farmlands south of Hollister and east of King City, and Highway 25 is the main attraction. 25 is a desolate, beautiful road with many long straight stretches and swaying turns, and it can be a very fast road for experienced riders who know it well. Here we offer an abridged version of the popular Coalinga run, turning west at Bitterwater/King City Road. We strongly suggest you enjoy the scenery and take Highway 25 at cruising speed so when the twisties or the occasional bit of road debris creeps up you won’t be taken by surprise.

Feed your brain for the long ride at Flapjacks in Tres Pinos–there will be a wait to get in on the weekend, but the food is like your mama makes and the portions are fit for farmin’ folk.

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