The Givi Luggage Guide: Buyer Basics

BY Road Rider MCA - June 2nd, 2016

Are you over struggling to find ways of transporting daily essentials and road trip gear on your motorcycle? Whatever kind of roads you ride and wherever you’re headed next, Givi knows how to get your luggage there in a better way.

Givi’s world-renowned and well-traveled motorcycle luggage systems are carefully engineered and beautifully crafted with Italian authority to withstand the rigors of the road, while adding style and ease to your life on the bike.

Road Rider and Givi

Givi products have been designed and manufactured in Italy since the company was founded in the 1960s by Italian racer Giuseppe Visenzi. Road Rider is proud to be Givi’s oldest North American dealer, and we continue to offer expert advise and an in-person shopping experience for Bay Area riders.

Check out our Givi luggage display to see the latest and most popular cases live and up close. We have a variety of boxes, mounts, and brackets on hand every day, so you can get rolling with Givi storage right away. Give us a call at (408) 227-6936 or stop by to find out more about our Givi selection!


givi trekker outback

Givi Monolock and Monokey Hard Cases

Givi offers a incredible selection of hard luggage top cases, side cases, and mounting systems. Leave the backpack and bungee cords at home–a Givi hard case is a convenient, easy way to tote around your stuff, safely and securely.

Most top cases are roomy enough to fit at least one helmet, and all are lockable and dustproof. For the times when you don’t need storage on your bike, all Givi cases can be quickly and easily removed from the mounting plate. Various accessories are available, too, including brake light kits, inner bags, remote entry keys, and attachable luggage racks.

In the sections below, we’ll break down the basics of what you can expect when you’re shopping for Givi hard luggage, but we strongly recommend speaking to a dealer when you’re ready to buy. The parts associates at Road Rider or the folks at your own local Givi dealer can help ensure you end up with all the parts you need, and those that make sense for your current and future needs.

In the meantime, you’ll need to think about what kind of riding you expect to do with your luggage, and how much storage you require. Keep in mind, if you decide you want to add side cases in the future, it might affect what kind of mounting bracket you should buy now.

Givi hard cases comes in two major categories: Monokey and Monolock.



Monolock cases are lightweight, easy to mount, and inexpensive. It you ride a small bike or scooter and need hassle-free storage for short trips and errands around town, Monolock is a great way to go. The Monolock option is only available in top cases, ranging in size from 26 liters to 47 liters.

Mounting: Monolock cases have a two-point mounting system, and come with a universal mount that can be attached to any flat surface on your bike.

What You Need To Buy: The universal mounting bracket is included, but you will need a basic flat or tube rack to start with. Bike-specific mounts are also available for purchase separately if you prefer a more custom solution. A small Monolock case will cost you about $100, with larger sizes priced up to $270.

givi monolock e370 tech givi monolock e30 givi monolock universal mounting plate

Browse the entire Givi catalogue at!



Monokey cases use sturdy, bike-specific mounting brackets, and are designed to carry heavier weights than the junior Monolock cases.

On touring expeditions and adventure rides, your Givi Monokey case will hang in there with you. Monokey systems are ready to rock the daily commute, too, and offer an ideal storage solution for your laptop, shoes, and other necessities (and are a great place to securely stash your helmet when you arrive).

Both Monolock and Monokey cases are water resistant, but Monokey cases feature a thick rubber gasket that provides a significantly better seal against water penetration.

Mounting: Monokey cases work in conjunction with a Givi bike-specific mounting system that attaches to the frame or sub-frame of your bike. The mounting equipment and a three- or four-point mounting system on the cases provides a sturdier connection and better weight displacement than the much more basic and lightweight Monolock cases. 

What You Need To Buy: Monokey cases and mounting systems are sold separately. You will need to purchase the case, and also a mounting system that is specifically designed for your bike model. Cases start around $300, and mounting equipment could cost you around $150 or more. Give us a call to identify the parts you will need for your bike, and to get a more accurate cost estimate for the system of your choice.

givi monokey v46 givi monokey v47 givi monokey v40

Search by bike model at


Monokey Side Cases and Panniers

Side cases/panniers are available only in the Monokey line, and most styles can be used interchangeabley as either top or side boxes. Keep in mind that if you think you might want to run side boxes in the future, it could be more cost-efficient to buy the complete top and side mount now rather than trying to add the side mounts later on.

givi monokey e22 side case givi monokey v35 side case


Monokey Trekker Series

Trekker Monokey Cases are designed to withstand the brutal abuse of globe-trotting adventure riders. Trekker cases utilize a four-point Cam-Side attachment system that is extra sturdy and secure. They are constructed with a lightweight aluminum finish and durable, heavy-duty plastic.

Trekker cases can be attached to either the top or side of your bike (if you’ve got the mounts), can be opened fully or partially at the top, and unhook easily for quick removal.

givi monokey trekker trk52 givi monokey trekker trk33 trk46


Monokey Outback Series

givi trekker cases

The Outback series is the newest collection in the Monokey category, and is made entirely of aluminum for weight savings and durability. The Outback cases are designed to provide the most hardy, lightweight, and convenient experience possible for hardcore adventure tourers. Outback cases feature the same tough-hold Cam-Side attachment system introduced with the Trekker series.

givi monokey trekker outback 42 givi monokey trekker outback 48


Givi Accessories

In addition to their ubiquitous hard luggage panniers and top boxes, Givi offers a variety of other motorcycle accessories, including windscreens, hand guards, and skid plates. You can head over to to see the full selection of available Givi accessories by bike model.


Visit Road Rider or give us a call at (408) 227-6936 with fitment or compatibility questions and to availability on any Givi products.





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