Get Noticed! Hi-Viz Helmet Graphics

BY Road Rider MCA - May 8th, 2016

Visibility Counts

We love these hi-viz helmet graphics! They’re bright, stylish, sharp, and tasteful. But there’s more to these neon-infused lids than meets the eye. Studies have shown that wearing brightly colored gear, especially red and neon yellow, helps motorists see us when we’re on the road. Being more visible is a BIG safety advantage because drivers’ failure to see or properly identify us is the leading cause of collisions between motorcycles and automobiles.

Wearing high-visibility gear is just one of a variety of factors contributing to your safety on the road, but it definitely gives you a safety edge. Check out just some of the awesome hi-viz possibilities, below. You might like some of these helmets just because they look fantastic, and that’s okay, too.

All of the helmet models you see below are in stock today in all sizes at Road Rider, and they’re ready for you to find your fit and match. You will also find many of the hi-viz color options you see below on our shelves. For those particular color and size combinations we don’t have in stock today, they can be special ordered at no additional cost and, in most cases, will arrive at Road Rider in one business day. You’re from out of town? No problem. We ship any special orders over $100 to your door for free!

Thinking of just ordering a helmet from an online retailer? Don’t do it! Just because you’re a medium in one helmet doesn’t mean you’ll be a medium in another, or even that the other helmet will fit you at all. Finding the right fit in person is putting your helmet dollars to work for you–for your comfort and safety. Check out our Helmet Buyer’s Guide for more info on what to expect and what to look for when helmet shopping.


Hi Viz Helmets Bell Qualifier MomentumQwest

Bell-Revolver-Evo-Optimus-Hi-VizHi Viz Helmets Shoei Neotec Imminent


VortexHi Viz Helmets Schuberth C3 Pro Observer


Hi Viz Helmets Arai XD-4 RouteHi Viz Helmets Arai XD-4 Mission



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