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You may have noticed our selection of body armor has grown in recent weeks, and that’s thanks to some new additions from Forcefield Body Armour.

We take gearing up for the ride seriously and so does Forcefield. Protective armor should be as comfortable and flexible for the rider as it can be. Forcefield’s research and development process doesn’t stop once they meet the safety requirements, and that’s why their soft armor is both very protective and very breathable, flexible, and comfortable. They engineer CE-approved armor upgrades (beyond the armor in most off-the-shelf jackets), back protectors, and armored clothing that is built for the movement of motorsports and action sports.

Forcefield Body Armour hasn’t stopped improving and innovating since they first started developing  personal protective gear in England in the 90s. So even though these Brits spell ‘armor’ with a ‘u’, we’re damn proud to carry a healthy selection of their products, so you can stay safer on the road.

Zeus Arm Protector

Zeus Arm Protectors are CE-approved and made with Forcefield’s flexible and breathable NeT Armour. The Zeus Protectors are held in place by a combination of compression and elastic straps, so they stay comfortably where they need to be all day. The protection fully surrounds the top, bottom, and sides of the elbow, and is covered in a breathable abrasion-resistant shell.

Sport-Lite 1 Back Protector

The Sport-Lite is a CE Level 1 back protector constructed with the layered shock absorbing Nitrex EVO technology found in many of Forcefield’s products. Because of the triangular design of the materials and layered construction, the Nitrex is more breathable and flexible than traditional armor materials. It has incredible impact absorbing qualities and does not lose any of its protective performance after an impact incident. The Sport-Lite is held in place with fully adjustable shoulder straps and a velcro kidney belt.

Pro Sub 4 CE Level 2 Back Protector

There are two CE rating levels for back protectors. Most back protectors included with jackets are just foam pads, and aren’t CE rated at all. Most upgrade inserts are CE Level1 rated. The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 is CE Level 2, the highest rating for a back protector. The Pro Sub 4 was designed to provide the absolute best protection available on the market, and is constructed with Nitrex EVO and a harder outer shell. The new Pro Sub 4 is more flexible and comfortable than ever, so it provides the highest level of protection with the most comfort possible.

Sports Action Shorts

The Sports Action Shorts are CE-approved and constructed with BeCool fabric to maximize breathability and comfort. They are very comfortable and flexible for riding (or for any impact-prone sports) and have a drawstring waist and elasticized leg. The M15 Pro Armor pads covers the hip, buttock, thigh, and coccyx and are easily removable for washing.

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