Forcefield Body Armour

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Forcefield Armour is constructed with a unique and patented PVC grid material called NITREX Evo®. NITREX Evo is a highly shock-absorbing, soft and flexible material. By dispersing the energy of the impact, the grid material delays the moment of transmission of the impact’s force, diminishing it as it travels. The beehive structure of NITREX Evo prevents the soft PVC from compressing too much and “bottoming out”. Read more about Forcefield’s technology and safety credentials here.

Forcefield believes armor should be as comfortable, flexible, and breathable as possible, while also being supremely protective, so athletes can push to the limit without being held back by discomfort or concern about their safety gear. They build CE Level 1 and Level 2 armor upgrades, back protectors, and armored clothing that is built for the movement of motorsports and action sports.

CE Level 1 & 2 Back Protectors

Though there is only one CE rating for shoulder and elbow armor, there are two CE safety rating levels for back protectors. A Level 1 or Level 2 rating is determined by the amount of force transferred through the protector upon impact. A CE-Level 2 back protector transfers half as much force to the rider’s back as a CE-Level 1 back protector.

We recommend upgrading your back protection when you buy a jacket, because the vast majority of back protectors included with jackets are just foam pads, and aren’t CE rated at all. You can purchase a new armor insert that fits inside the back pocket in your jacket, or purchase a separate back protector with integrated shoulder straps and lumbar support. We stock a variety of Forcefield back protectors of both styles, as well as a mixture of other Forcefield products, like replacement elbow and shoulder armor and chest protectors.


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