Bright Lighting Ideas For Visibility and Style

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Light Your Way To Greater Visibility With These Accessories

Lunasee ASL1000

Lunasee works like super-powered glow-in-the-dark rim tape that is L.E.D. illuminated and visible from hundreds of feet away. Lunasee will make sure you get noticed on the road, and give your bike active lighting that isn’t dependent on being seen at a certain angle or on other light sources reflecting off it.

Read more details about Lunasee HERE.


Kisan Modulators

The TailBlazer uses a Deceleration Warning flash pattern, which blinks at shortening intervals during braking until finally returning to a constant solid red at a full stop.

The PathBlazer makes your headlight blink at a constant interval. You’ve seen them on the street, and that’s the idea! A constant blinking headlight doesn’t get lost in its surroundings.

Read more details about the TailBlazer and PathBlazer HERE.

StreetFX Integrated LED License Plate Frame

The StreetFX Integrated LED License Plate Frame has 40 ultra-bright LED lights that light up your bike’s tail so you stay visible to the car drivers around you. The frame has three separate lighting functions that operate in sync with your bike’s turn signals, brake lights, and running lights. The plate’s running lights also incorporate LEDs that illuminate your license plate from the top and bottom.

Read more details about the StreetFX License Plate Frame HERE.

StreetFX License Plate Holder

GYB Stopper License Plate Brake Light

The GYB Stopper brake light is a bright, LED brake light stripe that mounts onto your license plate. The Stopper is a single function, second brake light that gives your bike’s tail additional red illumination so you’re more visible on the road while braking.

Read more details about GYB Stopper HERE.


StreetFX Electropods

StreetFX bike lighting gives you the power to customize your bike’s look and keep it fresh with new colors. Check our shop for a mix of super-bright L.E.D. strips, blinking valve caps, and other accessories, or grab one of the complete kits that can even change color using a small key chain remote.

Read more details about all the different StreetFX options HERE.



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