2016 Bell Pro Star Revealed

BY Road Rider MCA - October 29th, 2015

Bell revealed the newest helmet in the Bell Star family this month at the AIM Expo in Florida: the 2016 Bell Pro Star. With on-track help from top MotoAmerica riders like Josh Herrin, Jake Gagne, and Cameron Beaubier, Bell has extended the already fantastic Bell Star even further in key areas of performance and safety.

2016 Bell Pro Star Helmet RRPP 2016 Bell Pro Star Helmet back side RRPP

Wider, Taller View

When you’re on the track, you need to know what’s all around and ahead of you, every second of the race. The Pro Star addresses this issue, and its Panovision Viewport provides an incredible field of view that is wider and taller than what is offered by other race helmets on the market.

Flex Impact Protection

Bell has always been on the forefront of developing new helmet technologies to keep riders safer, and the Flex shell liner is the latest game-changing advancement to come out of the Scotts Valley Bell Labs.

The Pro Star shell is based on technology as of now only available in Bell’s award-winning, pro-level offroad helmet, the Moto-9 Flex. The Flex liner is constructed in three primary layers–EPS, EPO, and EPP. For eons, motorcycle helmets have been made with only one layer, made of EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is designed to best absorb impacts at high speeds. But impacts that occur at mid level and low speeds are a major source of head injuries and concussions, and the Flex shell’s EPO and EPP layers provide targeted, specific protection against those kinds of impacts for the first time.


The 2016 Bell Star line of helmets is available now.

The uber-premium Bell Pro Star features a TeXtreme Carbon Fiber shell which is 20% lighter than standard carbon fiber. It’ll cost you a tidy little sum, starting at $1,199.95.

The Bell Race Star and Star helmets will complete the 2016 Bell Star lineup. Read a full breakdown of the Bell Star, starting at $449.99, here.


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