2014 Track Days!

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Starting planning, because the Zoom Zoom Track Days, Keigwins@TheTrack, and Pacific Track Time track dates through November are posted on our events calendar. More specific information about each track day will be added as it is made available.

Never done a track day? It isn’t as hard as you may think to get started, and your street riding will immediately benefit from the skills you’ll learn in just one day on the track with the help of the instructors. Track riding is split into groups based on experience level, so you can ride and progress at a pace you’re comfortable with. Visit any of the websites below for info on how to prep your bike and your body.

Zoom Zoom Track Days

Pacific Track Time


Road Rider Events Calendar

Printable 2014 Track Days Calendar

Track Days Calendar

Track News: Thunderhill West Now Open For Business

The much-anticipated Thunderhill West track extension is now open for business. Select track days this summer will give riders access to the new 1.9-mile section or even the full 4.8 miles that include the original ‘east’ track and the new T-hill West section. Check out the Thunderhill track days on our events calendar or contact your favorite track day provider to find out more.

The expansion includes frequent elevation changes and 15 new turns, including a banked, 180-degree turn, making for a condensed package of challenging, technical fun stuff. Initial feedback from riders we’ve talked to has been very enthusiastic.

Watch below to view onboard footage of the full 4.8-mile track.


2014 Track Days Calendar

Pacific Track Time Sonoma February 22 & 23
Zoom Zoom Sonoma March 8 & 9
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill March 16 & 17
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill March 24
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill April 2
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill April 5 & 6
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill April 14
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma April 14
Zoom Zoom Sonoma April 20
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill April 28 & 29
Pacific Track Time Sonoma May 12
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill May 12 & 13
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma May 19
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca May 25
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca May 26 & 27 (2-Day Novice)
Zoom Zoom Sonoma  May 27
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill May 30 (AFM Friday)
Keigwins@TheTrack Buttonwillow May 31 & June 1
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma June 9
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill June 14 & 15 (Full 5-Mile Track)
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill June 15 (Women’s VIP Day)
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca June 23 & 24
Pacific Track Time Laguna Seca June 27
Zoom Zoom Sonoma June 28 & 29
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill June 30 & July 1 (2-Day Advanced/Intermediate)
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill July 14 (new racer school) & 15 (full track)
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill July 18 (AFM Friday)
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca July 21
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill July 26 & 27
Zoom Zoom Sonoma August 4
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill August 8
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill August 16 & 17
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca August 18 & 19 (2-Day novice/intermediate)
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill August 23 & 24
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma August 29
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill September 8
Keigwins@TheTrack Laguna Seca September 8 & 9
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill September 20 & 21
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma September 22
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill October 3 (AFM Friday)
Keigwins@TheTrack Sonoma October 6
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill October 11 & 12
Pacific Track Time Buttonwillow October 11 & 12
Zoom Zoom Sonoma October 13
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill October 27
Keigwins@TheTrack Thunderhill November 3 & 4
Pacific Track Time Thunderhill November 22 & 23
Zoom Zoom Thunderhill November 29 & 30


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