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Helite Airnest Vest

Helite Airnest Personal Airbag Vest

Road Rider is now carrying the Helite Airnest Vest. Pretty neat stuff. As one reviewer said, “These will revolutionize motorcycle safety.” For a pretty inconspicuous black vest, it packs some MAJOR crash protection. It even contains a CE-rated Knox back protector. Check it out!   ←Home

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Tax Sale Adjust

We Pay The Tax This Weekend! 12/19-12/21

This weekend is our last and final sale before Christmas, so don’t miss out. We’ll pay the sales tax for you store wide starting on Friday, so get here for last-minute holiday run necessities, Christmas gift shopping, cold weather gear, and seasonal tune-up supplies. Please note that Road Rider will be closing at 4:00 on […]

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HJC CS-R2 Injector Blue

HJC CS-R2 Helmet

We want everybody who comes to Road Rider looking for a helmet to leave with a safe, high-quality helmet that they love. At around a hundred bucks, the HJC CS-R2 helps make that possible, and presents quality and safety at a price that everyone can handle. The CS-R2 offers good ventilation and a lot of airflow for […]

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Ring of Fire Broadbent

Rainy Day Reads: Great Motorcycle Books

Consider giving a book a home this winter. Besides bringing joy and inspiration into your life, moto-book ownership offers many rewards. A book can give you a glimpse into the minds of the world’s top racers, transport you to a dusty barn hiding a vintage treasure, or offer you a chair in the Chopper Shaman’s workshop. Though they can often be hard to put down, moto-books require little […]

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Waterproof Gear Guide

If you’re in the market for some new gear, you may find all the different kinds of waterproofing materials and choices out there baffling. Who hasn’t wondered, why is this jacket $800 and that one is only $200? Are all waterproof and breathable membranes created equally? Will these pants be all steamy inside like my plastic yellow rain suit from […]

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Plug Into Heated Gear!

PLUG INTO HEATED GEAR …And Never Stop Riding Your motorcycle doesn’t have to take a back seat when the cold weather hits. Keep riding, and ride comfortably and safely this winter with heated gear. It’s easy to get started with gloves or a jacket, and once you’re plugged in you’ll be focused on the road […]

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O'Neal Rider Boots

O’Neal Rider Boots

The O’Neal Rider Boots are very affordable, entry-level motocross boots, and are a great new option for young growing riders, newbies, and weekend riders looking for a basic, sturdy boot. For a few bucks into the hundred dollar range (MSRP: $109.99), the O’Neal Rider Boots offer great value. The quality and comfort offered are impressive, and the lugged sole […]

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AX.11 On

Akari AX.11 E-Tint Visor Insert

There are a lot of products available these days to help motorcyclists deal with glaring sun and changing light situations, and most of us have tried at least a few of them. Changing light is especially vexing around here because our mountain roads take us from tree-covered darkness to glaring California sun in one bend. The […]

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Joe Rocket Survivor black

Joe Rocket Survivor Suit

You don’t have to sell the farm to get a one-piece, four-season textile suit. For under $500, you can finally give yourself the ease and security of one-shot, all year coverage with the Joe Rocket Survivor Suit (MSRP: $399-$414). The Survivor’s shell is waterproof, so the outer material won’t become saturated and require hours to dry out and you won’t […]

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Why We Ride

6 DVDs You Should Own

Fastest Fastest is Mark Neale’s third film documenting the on- and off-track drama and excitement of the MotoGP race series. Fastest was filmed throughout the 2010-2011 season, as Valentino Rossi sought his tenth world championship with a recently recovered broken leg and an untamed Ducati. The Doctor faced intense competition on the grid from Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa […]

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