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Top 5 Harley Davidson Accessories

Top Five Harley-Davidson Accessories

Whether it’s a Sportster, V-Rod, or a Road King, your Harley-Davidson is an undeniable representation of your style. Customizing that bike and making it uniquely your own is a big part of the Harley-Davidson life. No two bikes are alike, because no two riders are. It isn’t about making your bike look good to your buddies or the folks on the group rides–it’s about putting […]

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2015 Scorpion EXO R2000 Tagger Ensenada RRPP

2016 Scorpion Helmet Graphics

Check out the latest Scorpion helmet designs for 2016! Scorpion doesn’t disappoint with its new collection of helmet graphics for this fall, with bold colors and big designs. Featured below are the 2016 additions to the EXO-R410, EXO-R710, and EXO-R2000 lineups, available to ship in early September. The R410, R710, and the R2000 are in stock right now at […]

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California Emissions Rules CARB

CARB Emissions Rules For California Motorcycles and Aftermarket Parts

This is not meant to be construed as legal advice or an interpretation of California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. We encourage you to visit CARB’s website, specifically the page on Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts, to familiarize yourself with general CARB emissions rules and restrictions on emissions system modifications.  In the past decade, our great state and the […]

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Last Chance For Discounted 2015 Fox, Shift Gear

20% OFF 2015 FOX and SHIFT GEAR! It’s your last chance to save on 2015 Fox and Shift helmets, jerseys, pants, and gloves! You need some new gear, and we need to make room for the 2016 gear that is arriving as we speak. Come by soon for the best selection of 2015 gear on sale for 20% […]

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Time For A Service? Head to Sporttech Or Superbike

Two of the Bay Area’s best motorcycle mechanic shops are within half a mile of Road Rider, and they can take care of your repairs, body work, routine maintenance, and performance upgrades. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to remove your own wheels for our own tire shop’s mount and balance services, […]

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Custom Bell Star Carbon Moto 9

Get Scanned For Your Bell Custom-Fit Star or Moto 9

Get Scanned For A Bell Custom-Fit Star Carbon or Moto-9 NEXT SCANNING DATE: Soon! Contact us and let us know you want to get scanned (408-227-6936 or sj@roadridermca.com). Using 3-D images taken by their one-of-a-kind head scanner, Bell’s custom-fit Star Carbon and Moto-9 helmets are built to conform precisely to a rider’s unique head shape. This technology isn’t just for the pros anymore; it’s for anyone who […]

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So Much To See With Mad, Butler Maps

Maps have lost a bit of ground over the years, but lots of motorcyclists still think paper beats smartphone every time, and many of us rely on using a combination of both technologies. It’s handy to have a few different maps on each trip- a highway map, a regional map that shows local roads, and a […]

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Taichi Crossover Mesh airflow

RS Taichi Limited Time Collection

Come in now and check out our huge selection of RS Taichi gloves and summer mesh jackets, available at Road Rider only for a limited time. This special collection of Taichi gear is available to us courtesy of Dallas-based Moto Liberty, RS Taichi’s exclusive U.S. distributor. RS Taichi is one of our newest brands, and earlier this […]

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Special Orders

What’s The Deal With Special Orders?

We stock all eight Shoei road helmets. Each helmet comes in at least six sizes, and has an average of fourteen different color and graphic options. In fact, there are currently 673 model, color, and size combinations possible in just that single brand! But we don’t carry only Shoei, we carry ten major helmet brands, not to mention gear, […]

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Revit Jacket Comparison

The Big Premium Rev’It Jacket Comparison

We see a lot of riders put their gear through the wringer, commuting everyday, rain or shine, on our horrendous freeways; then they’re hitting the interstate on the weekend, bound for a photo op at the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn. By the following winter their gear is looking rough–Velcro tabs are falling off, rain is seeping in, and high-wear areas are scuffed […]

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