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Progressive 944 Ultra Touring Shock

Get Low: Progressive 944 Shocks For Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes

Looking for that lowrider style or a bit more stability from a lower seat height? You can get a lower ride on your touring-model Harley-Davidson without sacrificing the suspension travel and comfort you need for distance and two-up riding with Progressive’s 944 series shocks. Progressive 944 Ultra Touring Shocks are the same length as your bike’s 13″ stock […]

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Premium Modulars

Our Premium Modulars Face Off

If you’re shopping for a new modular helmet, it can be hard to get down to the nuts and bolts of what you’re paying for. We’ve tried to do that here for you in this comparison guide of our premium modulars: the Schuberth C3 Pro, Shoei Neotec, Nolan N104 EVO, and HJC RPHA Max. Below […]

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Icon Merc Vitriol Jacket

New! Icon Merc Vitriol Soft Shell Jacket

The Icon Merc Vitriol jacket is new to Road Rider this week. Love it or hate it, it makes a statement and protects your hide. It’s armed with a full set of D3o T5 protectors, including a CE-rated D3O Viper back protector, so there’s some serious substance behind its profane appearance. A simple zip-up hoodie style […]

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Our Top 5 Brain Day Headset Picks

  1. Sena 20S The 20S is the most advanced Sena yet, featuring Bluetooth 4.0, universal intercom pairing, and a whopping 1.2 miles of intercom range. Universal intercom: pair with other Sena and non-Sena units The only headset with Bluetooth 4.0 for faster and more energy efficient wireless communication MSRP: $299.00 Click here for a complete […]

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18 Helmets, 10 Brain Day Brands

18 Top-Rated Helmets From 10 Brain Day Brands

Brain Day 2015 is just around the corner, so if it’s time for a replacement helmet, a first-time helmet, or an alternate to take the pressure off your main lid, you won’t want to miss this event. At Brain Day, you’ll see the latest graphics and models in person, get the very best deals on helmets ANYWHERE, and […]

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Rev'It Cayenne Pro Jacket

Rev’It! Cayenne Pro Jacket and Pants

When Rev’It! showed up on the U.S. scene less than a decade ago, it was immediately apparent it was here to stay, blowing our minds and filling a huge void in the market with their high-quality, thoughtful, smart-looking touring gear. The original Rev’It! Cayenne Pro was one of their do-it-all touring beasts that put the Dutch company on the map in North America. […]

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Falco Ayda

Falco Ayda Women’s Boots

The Falco Ayda boots are absolutely beautiful leather women’s riding boots, with protection, comfort, and looks. The Aydas are made with very soft leather and are comfortable right out of the box, and the modest heel provides a little extra height for those that need it on the bike. They’ve got you covered in a rain shower too–a […]

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sidi black rain hi viz

Sidi Black Rain Boots

The Sidi Black Rain boots are for the tourer and commuter looking for something more than a basic touring boot, and they deliver, offering a high level of protection without the usual frills. True to its name, a waterproof membrane keeps the rain out, while Sidi’s sport sole, thermoplastic heel, ankle, and shin plates, and […]

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Dainese Air Frazer detail 2

Dainese Air Frazer Jacket and Pants

The Dainese Air Frazer jacket and pants bring together easy-care, washable leather, tough but highly breathable Dainese Boomerang mesh, and 750 D Cordura for the best of cool airflow and road protection in a stylish package. Typical Dainese, the Air Frazer’s fit couldn’t get much better, with both the pants and jacket heavily featuring Dainese’s fantastic, patent-pending Microelastic […]

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Gear Up Every Ride

Win Free Gear! #GearUpEveryRide Contest

How easy is it to win cool new gear? This easy: Step 1. Snap a pic of youself in your full motorcycle gear. Step 2. Post it to Instagram and tag it #GearUpEveryRide. Step 3. Win cool stuff from major gear manufacturers! This month is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and to promote proper gearing up practices, […]

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