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Top-Boots 2014


We’ve got the riding boots that can get you through this winter safely and comfortably. The following are our top boot picks for the cold and rainy months, but just because they’re waterproof doesn’t mean you won’t want to wear them all year round. Each of our top boots features a waterproof and breathable membrane […]

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Roto Pax

IN STOCK NOW! RotopaX Mounting Fuel Jugs

We       have      RotopaX!! If you use them, you love them, if you’ve seen them, you want them. If you aren’t in either of these categories, we’re pleased to introduce RotopaX. RotopaX cannisters are possibly the world’s greatest gasoline storage gadgets, and enable you to tote around that extra few gallons of gas that you need to […]

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Masbou EXO-R2000 2

AVAILABLE NOW! Masbou Signature Series EXO-R2000

Our first Masbou EXO-R2000 has arrived! This bold and beautiful new race replica has been released as a limited-run Signature Series edition of Scorpion’s premium track helmet, the EXO-R2000. The Masbou replica features phoenix imagery, the symbol of French Moto3 rider Alexis Masbou, on the top and sides. The EXO-R2000 is Scorpion’s premier, high-performance helmet, […]

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Sena Scala

G9 and 20S Owners: Updates Available Now

Scala Rider and Sena have just released new firmware updates for their top-of-the-line headset units. The updates are available online and you can quickly update your unit using a PC or Mac computer. Sena 20S The brand new, state-of-the-art Sena 20S already has an upgrade available, firmware Version 1.2, which offers improved performance including: Increased […]

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Alpinestars Missile Pants

NEW! Alpinestars Missile Leather Pants

IN STOCK NOW! New for fall 2014, Alpinestars Missile Leather Pants feature some exciting improvements and better fit options for riders, and are a perfect option for fall, winter, and spring rides. 2014 has been a year of better fit than ever from Alpinestars, and the Missile pants are no exception. They feature larger textile […]

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Icon Overlord Riding Jeans

NEW! Icon Overlord Jeans

IN STOCK NOW! The brand new Icon Overlord Jeans are highly protective and looking good for this fall. These dark blue riding jeans are lined with a Kevlar® aramid fabric around the thighs, butt, and knees for extreme abrasion resistance. They also feature adjustable D3o knee protection that is soft, flexible and highly impact absorbent, […]

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Icon 1000 Vigilante Jacket

NEW! Icon 1000 Vigilante Jacket

IN STOCK NOW! The Icon 1000 Vigilante jacket is a casual-fitting leather and textile jacket that will keep you rolling through the seasons in style. The Vigilante features soft Brazilian cowhide sleeves and cowhide detailing around the neck, pockets, and zippers that give the Vigilante a refined look and some serious durability. A removable quilted vest […]

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Icon Field Armor 2

NEW! Icon Field Armor 2 Boots

IN STOCK NOW! Designed for motorcycling but tough enough for post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, the Icon Field Armor 2 boots are seriously substantial. These lugged boots offer a high-degree of ankle support, toe and heel protection, and reinforcement against twisting and crushing. The sole is double stitched for durability, and houses a steel shank that provides […]

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Alpinestars Tech 5

NEW! Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots

IN STOCK NOW! Brand new for fall of 2014, Alpinestars Tech 5 boots offer excellent value and a high level of comfort, safety, and performance. The new Tech 5s inherited some of the excellent improvements and upgrades introduced last year in Alpinestars’ revamped Tech 7s and Tech 10s. And for just $50 more than the […]

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NEW! Icon Cloverleaf Knee Protectors

IN STOCK NOW! Icon’s new Cloverleaf Knee Protectors are completely road-ready and ready to go at a moment’s notice; part knee sliders, part impact and abrasion protectors, they aren’t just for knee dragging. The Cloverleaf protectors strap over your jeans or riding pants easily and stay in place securely, even during the most aggressive knee-down […]

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