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Sena 20S

The Latest From Sena and Scala

We send info on new products, sales, and promotions straight to your inbox, so don’t miss another one of our emails! Click here to sign up. IT’S A BLUETOOTH WORLD: THE LATEST FROM SENA AND SCALA RIDER With a wave of cool new Bluetooth intercom headsets recently released by Sena and Scala Rider, it’s a great […]

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New! Sena 3S-W, 3S-B Bluetooth Headset Systems

The Sena 3S-W (wired) and 3S-B (boom) Bluetooth headset systems are simple, compact, and give you quality Bluetooth essentials for an incredible $99 price tag. The 3S systems can intercom with one other rider or connect to your phone to stream music, directions, or to take and make phone calls. There’s no module to attach to the side of […]

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Metzeler ME888 Ultra Marathon

Free Mount and Balance On Metzeler ME888, ME880

Don’t miss email notifications about sales and specials like this! Click here to sign up for our email list.   BUY A SINGLE OR A SET OF METZELER ME888 or ME880 Tires, GET THEM MOUNTED AND BALANCED FOR FREE! Now Through August 2nd Make sure your tires are in good shape for your road trips! […]

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Sena 10U Shoei GT-Air

New! Sena 10U Bluetooth Headset

10Us for Shoei GT-Air are in stock now! (10Us for Shoei Neotec are out of stock and Arai full-face helmets and Schuberth C3/C3 Pro are forthcoming. All are expected to be in stock early August.) We’ve all been wanting something like this for years, and what Sena has finally delivered to the world was worth the wait. […]

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca World Superbike

Featured Local Events

Here are a few of our favorite local events coming up, but you can see many other events listed on the Road Rider events calendar. Promote Your Events! We always love to hear about YOUR events, rides, and runs, so please email us or send us a message through Facebook with the details so we can include it on […]

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Sena 10C Unit with Clamp

Sena 10C Bluetooth Intercom and Camera

The Sena 10C is the newest action camera on the scene, but it’s also a fully-functional Sena intercom unit. That makes it the first of its kind–intercom AND camera in one, so you can record audio while filming, record mixed audio with your friends while using the intercom function, even narrate your film over streaming […]

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Sturgis Checklist

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally AUGUST 3RD-9TH BLACK HILLS, SOUTH DAKOTA This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota, and it’s going to be HUGE! If you’re planning on heading to Sturgis this August, it’s not too early to think about getting your bike and your gear ready […]

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River Road Scout Leather Jacket

River Road Scout Leather Jacket

The River Road Scout Jacket is a cruiser-style leather jacket with classic styling and a ton of functionality to keep you comfortable through multiple seasons. With plenty of airflow features, the Scout is about as cool as you get with the protective benefits of leather. Two-way zippers on the sleeves and large zippers on the front of the jacket that […]

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Roland Sands Bristol Jacket Bk Black

Roland Sands Bristol Leather Jacket

Roland Sands is synonymous with style and performance, and Roland Sands riding gear is no different. The Roland Sands Bristol Leather Jacket has that classic cafe style with performance features that keep it true at its core to the street racing heritage. The Bristol is a performance-oriented, relaxed fit leather jacket ideally suited for spring and fall […]

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Highway-21-Primary-Engineer Boots

Highway 21 Primary Engineer Boots

If it’s time for some new riding boots, check out the Highway 21 Primary Engineer boots, available now at Road Rider in low and high boot styles. Constructed with high-quality, oiled leather and containing a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry all year, they are perfect for on the bike and off. Welt soles mean […]

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