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Technology of Tire Traction Seminar 2013

Tire Guide

  Regularly checking your tire pressure is VITAL to maintaining the life and performance of your tires. For street riding conditions, inflate your tire to meet (not be less than) the tire manufacturer’s maximum PSI rating that is stamped on the sidewall of your tire. The only exception to this rule is for sportbike tires, which […]

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Special Orders

What’s The Deal With Special Orders?

We stock all eight Shoei road helmets. Each helmet comes in at least six sizes, and has an average of fourteen different color and graphic options. In fact, there are currently 673 model, color, and size combinations possible in just that single brand! But we don’t carry only Shoei, we carry ten major helmet brands, not to mention gear, […]

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Rea-WSBK Laguna Seca

Rea Leads Points Going Into WSBK Laguna Round

In his early 20s with some successful years of motocross racing under his belt, Jonathan Rea was reluctant to make the move from knobbies to slicks. Thanks to some convincing from fellow Northern Irishman Eugene Laverty, the rest is history. Having blasted his way through British Superbike, Rea moved up to World Superbike with Ten Kate Honda in 2009. He’s been […]

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Revit Jacket Comparison

The Big Premium Rev’It Jacket Comparison

We see a lot of riders put their gear through the wringer, commuting everyday, rain or shine, on our horrendous freeways; then they’re hitting the interstate on the weekend, bound for a photo op at the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn. By the following winter their gear is looking rough–Velcro tabs are falling off, rain is seeping in, and high-wear areas are scuffed […]

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Highway Sign Road Rider Gift Cards

Give A Road Rider Gift Card!

NEW ROAD RIDER GIFT CARDS! Do you know your loved one’s favorite road? If you answered yes, then make their day by giving it to them on one of our cool new highway sign gift cards. If you answered no, don’t fret! They’ll forgive you for hardly even knowing them at all once they realize the card […]

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Sena 20S

The Latest From Sena and Scala

We send info on new products, sales, and promotions straight to your inbox, so don’t miss another one of our emails! Click here to sign up. IT’S A BLUETOOTH WORLD: THE LATEST FROM SENA AND SCALA RIDER With a wave of cool new Bluetooth intercom headsets recently released by Sena and Scala Rider, it’s a great […]

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New! Sena 3S-W, 3S-B Bluetooth Headset Systems

The Sena 3S-W (wired) and 3S-B (boom) Bluetooth headset systems are simple, compact, and give you quality Bluetooth essentials for an incredible $99 price tag. The 3S systems can intercom with one other rider or connect to your phone to stream music, directions, or to take and make phone calls. There’s no module to attach to the side of […]

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Metzeler ME888 Ultra Marathon

Free Mount and Balance On Metzeler ME888, ME880

Don’t miss email notifications about sales and specials like this! Click here to sign up for our email list.   BUY A SINGLE OR A SET OF METZELER ME888 or ME880 Tires, GET THEM MOUNTED AND BALANCED FOR FREE! Now Through August 2nd Make sure your tires are in good shape for your road trips! […]

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Sena 10U Shoei GT-Air

New! Sena 10U Bluetooth Headset

10Us for Shoei GT-Air are in stock now! (10Us for Shoei Neotec are out of stock and Arai full-face helmets and Schuberth C3/C3 Pro are forthcoming. All are expected to be in stock early August.) We’ve all been wanting something like this for years, and what Sena has finally delivered to the world was worth the wait. […]

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca World Superbike

Featured Local Events

Here are a few of our favorite local events coming up, but you can see many other events listed on the Road Rider events calendar. Promote Your Events! We always love to hear about YOUR events, rides, and runs, so please email us or send us a message through Facebook with the details so we can include it on […]

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