Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - February 4th, 2016

For just about a hundred bucks, the Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves represent a great value for short-cuffed, waterproof winter gloves that deliver a lot of protection while preserving a high level of flexibility and tactile response on the controls.

With a textile outer on the top and a nice goatskin leather palm that is strong but supple, and double-layered along the outer edge of the hand, Alpinestars put the money in the right places to keep the price tag manageable. That critical outer hand area is reinforced by memory foam pads, along with the base of the palm and the top of the thumb. Hard knuckle protectors and Alpinestars’ patented pinky finger bridge and round out a protective package that hits all the key points.

Featuring 100 gram Thinsulate insulation on the top of the hand, they’re just right for our fairly mild Northern California winter days. They probably won’t cut it in the early hours of the morning or when the sun goes down, so if you’re looking for something a bit warmer for your commute, check out something like the Rev’It Borealis GTX Gloves, featuring Primaloft Gold insulation.

Alpinestars Corozal Drystar Gloves Features

  • Constructed with stretch polyamide fabric on the upper and a goatskin leather palm
  • Waterproof and breathable Alpinestars Drystar membrane
  • Memory foam padding on the base of the palm and outer edge of the hand for impact and abrasion resistance
  • Alpinestars’ patented pinky finger bridge prevents finger separation in a crash
  • Hard knuckle protector and sliders on top of fingers
  • Touchscreen-friendly index finger
  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure
  • Visor wiper on thumb
  • Available in sizes: S-3XL
  • Price: $109.95


Great Value! Shaf Waterproof Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - February 3rd, 2016

Our Shaf Waterproof Gloves are a ridiculous bargain at $34.99, and that’s coming from the folks at Road Rider, where we believe that when it comes to the gear that keeps you safe, it pays to be discerning.

If you’re on a serious budget and looking for some waterproof winter gloves that will leave you with some cash in your pocket, check out these Shaf leather gauntlet gloves. Constructed from cowhide leather and featuring light insulation and a waterproof membrane, they cover the basics of your cold weather needs and your protection needs. They are actually comfortable, too, and feature an accordion stitched palm and an expandable area above the hard knuckle for mobility and flex.

Shaf Waterproof Gloves Features

  • Double-layered leather on the side of the palm and inside thumb area
  • Accordion stitched leather in palm for easy curve and comfort on the grips
  • Constructed with cowhide leather
  • Lightly insulated
  • Elasticated wrist with velcro closure
  • Hard knuckle protector and hard sliders on the tops of the fingers
  • Expansion panel across top of hand/hard knuckle for flexibility and mobility
  • Price: $34.99


Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - February 3rd, 2016

Get from here to there this winter with warm and dry hands in the lightweight, well-armored Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves. Offering a nice mix of race gauntlet and insulated cold-weather glove, they’ll keep the cold dialed down while still providing good protection, dexterity, and feel.

The Scarabs are moderately lined with Thinsulate insulation, and lack the bulky puffiness of some other winter gloves. If you’re commuting in the wee hours or leaving the office when the sun goes down, you might want to opt for a warmer option with more insulation or just go for some heated gloves or glove liners (click here to browse our heated gear).

The Scarabs feature a molded knuckle protector, titanium and carbon panels on the fingers, gauntlet and palm, and highly abrasion-resistant Schoeller Keprotech material layered in the palm area. Soft and durable goatskin on the palm and precurved fingers provide the fit and feedback of a sporty glove.

Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves Features

  • Constructed with aniline drum-dyed cowhide leather
  • Featuring a waterproof and breathable HiPora® membrane
  • Goatskin palm is soft and strong
  • Molded titanium and carbon hard knuckle protection
  • Titanium and carbon protection panels on the palms, wrists, top of hand, and top of fingers
  • Highly abrasion-resistant Schoeller® Dry Skin Keprotech® in the palm
  • 3M Thinsulate 100-gram insulation
  • Pre-curved palm and fingers
  • Soft brushed fleece interior lining
  • Available in sizes XS-4XL
  • Price: $94.99


Firstgear Cocona Glove Liners

BY Road Rider MCA - February 3rd, 2016

Firstgear Cocona Glove Liners aren’t your average glove liners. These polyester liners are embedded with Cocona, a form of activated carbon derived from coconuts that helps draw moisture away from the body and rapidly dry the fabric to an incredible degree. Cocona is used in products made by Under Armour, North Face, Adidas, and many other high-performance athletic brands. Now Firstgear has brought it to motorcycling, knowing that gear that helps regulate body heat and moisture with keep us warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Glove liners make a great addition to your winter gear arsenal. Layer them under your normal gloves to add a bit of insulation on the fly, wear them under your winter gloves to give them a boost on cold morning rides, or use them to soften up the inside of a pair of unlined gloves with uncomfortable seams. Glove liners like the Firstgear Cocona Glove Liners are an easy, inexpensive item that could make a big difference to your comfort this winter.

Firstgear Cocona Glove Liners

  • Constructed from quick-drying polyster impregnated with Cocona, made with activated carbon from coconut fibers
  • Fit close to skin for easy layering under normal motorcycle gloves
  • Soft and comfortable brushed interior
  • Available in sizes XS-3XL
  • Price: $29.95


Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - February 3rd, 2016

Keep your hands dry and protected on commutes and trips with the Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Gloves. The Valparaiso gloves are lightly insulated and supremely comfortable, and feature a waterproof and breathable Drystar membrane. You’ll stay dry through winter rains and spring showers while retaining good mobility and dexterity thanks to a great fit and lightweight construction.

The Drystar membrane features MCFit technology, which is an imperceptible adhesive inside that holds the glove’s waterproof membrane in place so you’ll have the same uniform and secure fit every time, with no inner bunching or twisting. The Valparaiso’s leather palm curves smoothly around the grips and the reflective expansion gussets on the fingers provide flex as well as enhanced nighttime visibility.

Alpinestars Valparaiso Drystar Gloves Features

  • Constructed with leather and suede, with a light poly-fill insulation for heat retention
  • Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane
  • MCFit technology provides optimized grip, sensitivity, and comfort for gloves featuring a waterproof membrane
  • Pinky and fourth finger bridge protects pinky in the event of a slide
  • Polyurethane knuckle protector covered by leather for styling and durability
  • Reflective material on fingers for nighttime visibility
  • Accordion stitched panels on fingers, thumb, and back of hand for manueverability
  • Leather palm with suede reinforcements on palm, fingers, thumb, and heel of hand
  • Double Velcro closure for a secure seal to that keeps drips out
  • EVA foam padding on fingers, wrist, and thumb
  • TPU visor wipe on left hand
  • Available in sizes S-3XL
  • Price: $109.95


Firstgear Carbon Heated Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - January 28th, 2016

The Firstgear Carbon Heated Gloves are the most protective heated gloves in Firstgear’s lineup. These standouts feature carbon knuckle and wrist sliders and double-layered leather on the palms, so you don’t have to give up serious crash protection in order to get your hands warm this winter.

Riding with cold hands is dangerous, and heated gloves are the winter commuter’s best friend. Firstgear’s Carbon Gloves will keep you cozy, but you’ll ride with confidence knowing that you still have substantial coverage in case you come off the bike.

The Carbon Heated Gloves are constructed with top-grain cowhide and lined with a Porelle waterproof and breathable membrane. Precurve stitching and accordion panels on the fingers ensure a comfortable fit on the controls.

New to heated gear? Getting started is easy. These gloves plug right into a cable you attach to your bike’s battery, or you can plug them into the sleeves of a heated jacket liner, like the Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner. As with all heated gear, you’ll need to use a temperature controller like the Firstgear Heat-troller to modulate the powerful heat delivered to your gloves.  To learn more about heated gear, read our Motorcyclist’s Heated Gear Guide.

Firstgear Carbon Heated Gloves Features

  • Constructed with grade-A, top-grain, drum-dyed cowhide
  • Featuring a Porelle waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Carbon fiber knuckle and wrist protectors
  • Pre-curved fingers and accordion panelling for dexterity
  • Reinforced leather at palms
  • Reflective piping on top and reflective stitching in fingers for nighttime visibility
  • Elasticated wrist with Velcro closure
  • Faceshield wiper on index fingers
  • 15 watts at 12.8 volts (per glove)
  • Firstgear Heat-troller sold separately
  • Available in sizes S-2XL
  • Price: $169.99


Held Sambia Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - January 26th, 2016

Held’s Sambia gloves are highly breathable short-cuffers for riding at the height of summertime. If your priority is to find gloves that vent well without requiring you become a complete minimalist when it comes to protection, take the Sambias for a spin.

The classic Held kangaroo palm ensures the Sambia gloves have great feel on the controls while maintaining durability and strength. The textile topside keeps the air flowing, the weight light, and the cost down a tad. The hard knuckle, Superfabric slider panel on the base of the hand, and rubber reinforcement on the fingers and cuff remind us these gloves aren’t all fun and games.
Try on the Held Sambia gloves and a selection of other premium Held gloves at Road Rider.

Held Sambia Gloves Features

  • Constructed with a strong and flexible kangaroo leather palm and textile mesh top
  • Velcro cuff closure
  • Perforated rubber reinforcements on the fingers
  • Outside stitching on fingers for maximum comfort
  • Shield wiper on index finger
  • Spandex expansion panels on thumb and top of hand
  • Ventilated hard plastic knuckle
  • Superfabric slider panel on the edge/base of palm
  • Available in sizes 7-12
  • Price: $120.00


Held Short Race Gloves

BY Road Rider MCA - January 26th, 2016

The Held Short Race gloves make great three-season options for our California climate, offering the lightness and comfort of a short cuff combined with premium protection features for the best of both worlds.

Held gloves boast premium quality construction and the finest materials, starting with a genuine kangaroo leather palm for strength, softness, and stretch. Flat seams on the fingers and accordion panels on the fingers and top of the hand maintain fantastic dexterity and comfort, even after hours on the road.

Protection features include Superfabric sliders on the wrist and sides, a TPU knuckle, Kevlar lining, and pinky-finger bridge to keep that little guy in line during a low side.

Held Short Race Gloves Features

  • Soft and strong kangaroo leather palm and cowhide back
  • Flat seams around fingers for comfort
  • Velcro closure at cuffs
  • Visor wiper on index finger
  • Elasticated accordion panels on the back, thumb, and top of fingers
  • Finger bridge connecting pinky finger and ring finger protects pinky from snapping back during an accident
  • Hard plastic knuckle
  • Highly abrasion resistant Superfabric on the sides of pinky and wrist
  • Reinforced with Kevlar on the back of the hand
  • Double-layered leather at the edge of fingers and hand
  • Available in sies 7-12
  • Price: $200.00


Arctiva Regulator Layering Thermals

BY Road Rider MCA - January 26th, 2016

Arctiva Regulator layering thermals are designed to be worn under your normal clothing to help keep your body temperature up in cold temperatures. Great for early morning and late evening commutes and winter touring, these thin, soft layers make a big difference. Wear the Regulator pants under your jeans or riding pants and the Regulator shirt under your t-shirt or button down and it’s that easy to keep that chill at bay during our mild California winters.

The Arctiva Regulator series is made of a mid-weight polyester and spandex blend that is warm and wicks away moisture to keep you dry. They are extremely soft, flexible, and stitched with flat-lock seams to give you maximum comfort and range of movement for riding, sports, and all the other activities that get you outside in cold weather.

Arctiva Regulator Shirt

  • Available in sizes small through 2XL
  • Price: $29.99

Arctiva Regulator Pants

  • Available in sizes small through 2XL
  • Price: $29.99


Coming Soon! Shoei X-14 Helmet

BY Road Rider MCA - January 25th, 2016

Earliest expected availability is late February.

The new Shoei X-14 race helmet is expected to arrive this spring. Caught in action being worn by Marc Marquez during a few MotoGP testing dates in late 2015, the X-14 is the hugely anticipated upgrade to Shoei’s premiere track and race helmet, the X-12. It brings with it some very interesting new features designed to give back those few critical milliseconds lost on the race track to helmet drag and buffeting. In a world in which a rider’s equipment is dialed precisely for peak performance on any given day, Shoei’s X-14 extends that capability to the helmet.


The new shell shape of the X-14 provides improved aerodynamics, aided by interchangeable stabilizer wings on the back of the helmet. There are two different wing sizes available for the X-14, one standard and one optional, allowing the rider to cater the airflow to the track conditions, riding position, and to personal preference.

Shoei X-14 Rear Stabilizer Flaps Detail RRPP

Additionally, the new CWR-F shield has small vortex generators that help to pull air back and off the edge of the shield and minimize energy lost to turbulence around that point.

Shoei X-14 shield detail RRPP

Field of View and Shield

The cheek pads and center pad of the X-14 can be repositioned to change the angle of the helmet on the head up to 4 degrees. This is a cool feature for riders who will be using the X-14 on the streets during the week and the track on the weekends. You can set up the helmet’s angle to improve your vertical field of vision in the aggressive race tuck.

The X-14 also features Shoei’s new CWR-F shield and QR-E side plate system, which seems to be very closely related to the absolutely fantastic shield system introduced by Shoei on the RF-1200 last year. In addition to featuring those little vortex generators on the side edge for improved aerodynamics, the CWR-F is significantly more rigid than its predecessor on the X-12. This reduces flex and creates a better seal, especially critical at track speeds. The QR-E is spring-loaded, pulling the shield securely into its seat for a watertight, rock-solid seal.


Ventilation is another area that the X-14 shows some major advancements. All the vents have been altered to deliver more airflow, but the most newsworthy airflow feature is Shoei’s totally new cheek pad venting system. An intake on the chin channels air back to the cheek pads, where holes in the pads make a whole new world of ventilation possible around the face.

Expect more details to surface on the new Shoei X-14 when dealer samples start circulating in February or March!

Shoei X-14 Helmet Features

  • Constructed with lightweight and strong AIM+, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus, Shoei’s most advanced shell material
  • Featuring a dual-Layer, multi-density EPS liner for maximized impact absorption and ventilation
  • Standard rear flaps can be replaced with optional narrower flaps and removable lower air spoiler can be affixed to the chin bar to improve aerodynamic stability


  • New CWR-F shield features vortex generators to reduce air friction
  • Pinlock-prepared anti-fog shield (Pinlock insert included) and scratch-resistant coating
  • 99% UV-A and UV-B protective
  • QR-E base plate is spring-loaded for a secure, watertight seal around gasket
  • New double shield locking to prevent unwanted opening


  • Cheek Pad Cooling System delivers airflow from the chin vent to the face via channels in the EPS and holes in the cheek pads
  • Includes chin curtain and breath guard
  • Cheek pads and center pads can be manipulated to change the angle of the helmet up to 4 degrees to maximize field of vision in the race tuck
  • Featuring 3D Max-Dry helmet liner that wicks sweat and moisture 2X faster than traditional nylon interior
  • Emergency Quick Release System allows emergency personnel to more easily remove helmet in the event of an injury
  • Available in sizes XS-2XL (four shell and five EPS sizes)


  • Solids: $681.99-$692.99 10% OFF $613.99-$624.99
  • Graphics: $807.99 10% OFF $727.99
  • Race Replica Graphics: $839.99 10% OFF $755.99