Helmets and Intercoms On Sale This Weekend

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Helmet and Intercom Sale This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


  • Huge selection of current helmets on sale
  • The latest intercom technology for less
  • Save on replacement shields



Click here to meet the latest intercoms from Sena and Scala Rider.

The top summer touring helmets are at Road Rider!

Click below for previews:

Schuberth C3 Pro Kabuto Ibuki HJC IS-Max 2 Arai Defiant Pro Cruise

Bell Mag-9 Simpson M30 Bandit Shoei GT-Air

Thh t-72Shoei NeotecBell Pit Boss




Helmet Intercom Sale


RS Taichi Limited Time Bonus Collection!

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Come in now and check out our huge selection of RS Taichi gloves and summer mesh jackets, available at Road Rider only for a limited time. This special collection of Taichi gear is available to us courtesy of Dallas-based Moto Liberty, RS Taichi’s exclusive U.S. distributor. We’ll be adding footwear and base layers to the collection in the next few days, so watch this space for the latest!

RS Taichi is one of our newest brands, and earlier this year we introduced you to some of Taichi’s leather sport and track jackets, suits, premium leather gloves, and ultra-lightweight summer mesh jackets from this fantastic and historic Japanese brand. Though we have a wide selection of Taichi gear, space limitations mean we aren’t able to carry nearly as much as we’d like. And let’s be clear: we LIKE Taichi gear. We like it a whole lot, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this limited time collection.

For premium quality, high-level protection, and absolutely original style, Taichi has it dialed in. Any of these Taichi jackets are prepared for the Taichi chest protectors and back protectors (the Armed High Protection Jacket includes both), and are available in multiple color options.

Here are some highlights from this limited run collection:

A photo posted by Road Rider MCA (@roadridersj) on


  • Our most protective mesh jacket
  • Polyester mesh with packable windproof liner in pouch (white/hi-viz version only)
  • Wicking T-Dry inner mesh liner
  • Includes CPS (Chest Protector System) and Taichi CE-Level 2 back protector
  • Stainless steel protectors at shoulders (white/black/red version only)
  • White/Hi-Viz: $285.99; White/Black/Red: $299.95



A photo posted by Road Rider MCA (@roadridersj) on


  • Available in mens’ and womens’ sizes
  • Waterproof and breathable Drymaster nylon outer shell with dirt- and water-repellent Teflon coating
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • Sealed, waterproof zippered vents at underarms and forearms
  • $269.99



  A photo posted by Road Rider MCA (@roadridersj) on


  • Ultra-lightweight summer mesh
  • Polyester mesh and nylon outer shell
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • $179.99



A photo posted by Road Rider MCA (@roadridersj) on


  • Polyester mesh and nylon outer shell construction
  • Removable windproof liner
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • $219.99


Check out these other RS Taichi products at Road Rider (click to enlarge):

Taichi GP-X, GP-WRX Taichi GP-X Gloves

RS Taichi Core 1 Leather Jacket RS Taichi GMX Motion Vented Leather Jacket



Kabuto Ibuki Modular Helmet

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Extremely lightweight and thoughtfully designed, the Kabuto Ibuki is found at ease among the premium modulars of the world. Made by Japan’s #2 brand, second only to Shoei, it’s no surprise that Kabuto’s modular effort is made to compete with the big kids.

The Ibuki is smaller than most modulars, and with a sportier design coming into a slight teardrop shape in the back. This is Kabuto’s famous, patented Wake Stabilizer system, which allows the helmet to slice cleanly through the air, cutting down on turbulence around the sides and rear and significantly reducing buffeting and noise for the rider.

The Ibuki’s eyeport visibility and ventilation, typically outstanding features on Kabuto helmets, are, not surprisingly, excellent. The Ibuki includes a unique side-opening chin bar that doesn’t interfere with the included chin curtain, a drop-down sun visor, and an anti-slip ratcheting neck strap. A Pinlock shield and included Pinlock insert will keep your visor completely fog free.

Overall, the Kabuto Ibuki is a premium modular helmet that could go up against a helmet like the Shoei Neotec and leave you with a hard decision to make. Its lightness, stability, and visibility make it unique; and its features put it toe-to-toe with more expensive options.

Kabuto Ibuki Modular Helmet

  • Advanced composite shell made from glass fibers and high-strength organic fibers
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Patented Wake Stabilizer reduces buffeting and turbulence
  • Detachable chin curtain; fully removable and washable Coolmax interior
  • Eyeglass cutouts in cheek pads
  • Quick release Pinlock-ready visor (Pinlock insert included)
  • Quick release ratchet neck strap
  • Chin and forehead intake vent and rear exhaust vent
  • ECE 22.05 and DOT certified


  • MSRP: $449.95



What’s The Deal With Special Orders?

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We stock all eight Shoei road helmets. Each helmet comes in at least six sizes, and has an average of fourteen different color and graphic options. In fact, there are currently 673 model, color, and size combinations possible in just that single brand! But we don’t carry only Shoei, we carry ten major helmet brands, not to mention gear, accessories, parts, tires, tools, and luggage for sport, cruiser, track, adventure touring, and dirt riding. Our store is packed with stuff, and we have hundreds of items in stock behind the scenes. Even with all that stuff, sometimes we have to special order an item for you because we don’t have it in stock. But never fear, special orders are actually pretty cool.

Here’s why special orders are to be celebrated, not feared:


1) Special Orders are fast!

In many cases, special orders arrive at our store within ONE BUSINESS DAY. So if you special order a helmet at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pick it up on Wednesday. That’s the case for a wide selection of our gear, parts, and accessories, and even tires.


2) Special Orders are free!

No, we don’t charge you anything extra for a special order.


3) We’ll even ship your Special Order to your house for free.

So you rode down from the Peninsula or the East Bay and you really don’t want to ride back to pick up your special order. Don’t let that deter you from getting what you want. If your order is over $100, we’ll ship it to you for free. Our shipping is fast, so in most cases you’ll get your item as soon, if not sooner, than you would if you ordered it online. And you know you won’t have to return it and then wait even longer for the right one to be delivered, because you checked it out at Road Rider yourself.


4) You still get to try on, touch, and feel what you’re buying, before you buy it.

Nothing can replace trying on gear, fitting luggage onto your bike, spending twenty minutes inside a helmet, or looking closely at the construction and quality of a product before you fork over your hard-earned cash for it. Checking out the goods in person helps ensure you’re able to choose what’s safe, and what’s right for you and your bike–the first time around. Ask our experienced apparel, parts, or tires specialists about bike fit, tech, functionality, or anything else–we’re passionate about riding and the products that go with it, and we love to help.


5) Special Orders are returnable, so you’re not locked in!*

Can you return a special order item? Of course you can! Can you try on a special order when it arrives and then change your mind about it? Oh yeah, you can.

Fine print: There are a few tiny exceptions; read the bottom of this page for complete details.


Give a special order a chance.

Are you convinced? Next time you shop and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us about placing a special order. We’ll give you an approximate time frame for delivery (at the store or at your house) and get your item on its way!




A few (very few) of our vendors get grumpy when we send things back, and have the sorry habit of charging us a substantial restocking fee on returned items. For items we do not regularly stock that come from grumpy vendors, we will inform you of the restocking fee before you place the order. If you go ahead with the special order and later choose to return the item, unfortunately you will be responsible for the restocking fee. We will always make it absolutely clear to you if a restocking fee is applicable. We’d rather see you buy your item elsewhere and be happy than burden you with a fee later on for changing your mind.



Rea Leads Points Going Into WSBK Laguna Round

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In his early 20s with some successful years of motocross racing under his belt, Jonathan Rea was reluctant to make the move from knobbies to slicks. Thanks to some convincing from fellow Northern Irishman Eugene Laverty, the rest is history. Having blasted his way through British Superbike, Rea moved up to World Superbike with Ten Kate Honda in 2009. He’s been a top ten finisher every year since, including a third place finish last year.

Jonathan Rea is currently in the points lead for the World Superbike Championship with five rounds left, including this weekend’s only American stop at Monterey’s Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. If he stays in good form the rest of the season and maintains his point advantage, it will be his first World Superbike Championship, and the best year in racing yet.

Head over to www.mazdaraceway.com to hear from Rea on how he’s feeling going into the Laguna round of WSBK, and about the remaining dates on the race calendar.


World Superbike and the MotoAmerica AMA road racing championship will be at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don’t miss an incredible weekend of racing at our historic and exciting track! Tickets are available through the Laguna website HERE.



The Big Premium Rev’It Jacket Comparison

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We see a lot of riders put their gear through the wringer, commuting everyday, rain or shine, on our horrendous freeways; then they’re hitting the interstate on the weekend, bound for a photo op at the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn. By the following winter their gear is looking rough–Velcro tabs are falling off, rain is seeping in, and high-wear areas are scuffed and ragged. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably reading this because you’re done buying value-priced gear, year after year, and you’re ready to drop a few bills on a premo jacket that’s going to protect you, keep you dry when it’s wet and cool when it’s hot, and go the distance with you for years to come.

We welcome you to the world of Rev’It adventure touring jackets with four of our favorite selections, starting with Rev’It’s top-of-the-line Dominator GTX and working our way down to the four-season standout Sand 2. In between the Sand and the Dominator you’ll find two very different, but equally fantastic options for the Northern California climate–the versatile Defender Pro GTX and the desert-ready Cayenne Pro.

Read on for a breakdown of the major differences between each jacket. To cut to the chase, skip down to the chart at the bottom of the page. For even more related info, see our Waterproof Gear Guide and Guide to Back Protectors and Replacement Armor.

Once you’re armed with knowledge and absolutely ready to ditch that old jacket, check out the Rev’It Dominator GTX, Defender Pro GTX, Cayenne Pro, and Sand 2 for yourself at Road Rider.


Rev'It Dominator GTX Light Gray Black Blue Rev'It Dominator GTX light gray black blue back

Construction: 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro shell (no liners)

In A Nutshell

The very best of Rev’It! materials, technology, and protection are woven into every strand of this painstakingly engineered pro-level adventure shell from Rev’It!. Designed to face whatever the day brings like a boss, it vents well, is as waterproof as you can get, and stops just short of picking you up when you fall down.

You’ll dominate four seasons with a 3-Layer Gore-Tex Pro shell, while Seeflex Level 2 limb protection, a Seesoft Level 2 back protector, and a removable kidney belt give you brush-it-off durability for your backroad tumbles and scrapes. Throw in the benefit of high-tech Talisman and Armacor fabrics, and you’ve got one hell of a suit of armor for touring Western Mongolia. It’ll do a bang-up job on the 101 during rush hour, too. It’s the best of the best, the jewel in the crown, the chef d’œuvre, if you will. The Dominator GTX is simply a beast. And by the way, it ain’t cheap.

(click to enlarge)

Reflective details Dominator Gore-Tex Pro Talisman Dominator VCS Ventilation Zippers Dominator Expanding Back Pocket Dominator VCS Aquadefence with Fidlock Dominator


  • VCS Aquadefence panels with Fidlock® magnetic closures on the chest provide a large surface-area of direct ventilation when opened but are waterproof when closed.
  • VCS zippers on the front and back of the torso, on the biceps, and under the arms provide direct airflow to the body through zippered, waterproof vents.


  • 3L Gore-Tex Pro shell: 3-Layer (3L) Gore-Tex Pro means the rugged outer material, waterproof membrane, and inner lining are all bonded together to create one highly durable, highly breathable, and of course, extremely waterproof piece of gear without any shifting layers.

Abrasion Protection

  • 3L Gore-Tex Pro 600-denier nylon and 3L Gore-Tex Pro Armacor main construction: 600-denier Gore-Tex Pro covers the lower body region of the jacket and 3L Gore-Tex Pro Armacor covers most of the shoulders, arms, and the upper portion of the back. Gore-Tex Armacor is a lattice-weave ripstop material reinforced with Kevlar so it provides excellent abrasion resistance and tear resistance with a light weight. Armacor is also solar reflective, so it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun as much as other fabrics, keeping you cooler in direct sunlight.
  • 3L Gore-Tex Pro Talisman on the elbows and shoulders: Talisman Gore-Tex is Gore-Tex on steroids. It’s covered with little thermoplastic dots (think SuperFabric) that greatly enhance abrasion resistance and longevity.

Impact Protection

Compatible Accessories

  • Rev’It! Challenger Cooling Vest
  • Rev’It! Vest Connector HV
  • Rev’It! Adventure Neck Brace
  • Removable kidney belt–included
  • Seesoft CE-Level 2 back protector–included


The Rev’It! Dominator GTX is $1249.00


Rev'It Dominator GTX Light Gray Black Blue Rev'It Dominator GTX black


RevIt Defender Pro GTX Gray Red RevIt Defender Pro back

Construction: Teflon-coated PWR|shell outer; removable waterproof liner

In A Nutshell

The Defender Pro GTX is missing a few of the Dominator’s tricks, but it’s no slacker. If you’re more ‘101 at rush hour’ than ‘Western Mongolia’, the Defender might be just what you’re looking for, and for a bit less cash.

Instead of the Dominator’s Gore-Tex outer shell construction, the Defender features a 750- and 1000-D, Rev’It! proprietary outer with a removable Gore-Tex liner. You might find this removable waterproofing setup is better suited for our Bay Area climate, especially in the impending post-water California. Pack away your Gore-Tex liner until you need it–removing the waterproof membrane will allow the jacket to breath better and it will cut a bit of weight.

(click to enlarge)

Arm, Torso Adjustment Defender Two-Way Forearm Bicep Zip Vents Defender Keyholder Pocket Defender VCS Aquadefence Defender VCS Zips Defender


  • VCS panels on the chest open to large mesh intake vents for direct airflow to the body.
  • VCS zippers on the front and back pull cool air through as hot air is sucked out
  • Two-way zippers on the forearms/biceps channel a ton of air into the jacket.


  • Removable Gore-Tex liner with Micro Grid Backer: A removable Gore-Tex liner provides fool-proof rain protection when you need it. With no vents or zippers to worry about and the benefit of Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable technology, it’s simple and reliable (but only if you remember to wear it). The Gore-Tex Micro Grid Backer on the inside of the liner is smooth to easily slide over mid-layers, is resistant to snags and wear, and contributes to breathability.
  • Teflon coating: A Teflon coating on the outside of the jacket helps to repel water and prevent absorption. Even though the main jacket body isn’t waterproof, this will provide some basic water resistance in minor showers and amidst dewey coastal air. The coating also obstructs dirt and keeps your jacket looking clean longer.

Abrasion Protection

750-D and 1000-D PWR|shell: A very high level of abrasion protection is provided by the 750-denier PWR|shell main construction, with 1000-d PWR|shell reinforcements in the impact areas of the elbows, shoulders, and forearms.

Impact Protection

Compatible Accessories:

  • Rev’It! Challenger Cooling Vest
  • Rev’It! Vest Connector HV
  • Rev’It! Adventure Neck Brace
  • Seesoft CE-Level 2 back protector–included


The Rev’It! Defender Pro GTX is $899.99.


RevIt Defender Pro GTX black RevIt Defender Pro GTX Anthracite Black Gray RevIt Defender Pro GTX Gray Blue RevIt Defender Pro GTX Gray Red


RevIt Cayenne Pro Sand Black RevIt Cayenne Pro Back

Construction: PWR|shell/Schoeller-dynatec Mesh shell (no liners)

In A Nutshell

The Cayenne Pro is Rev’It!’s number one kit when it comes to high performance in hot weather. It was born into the same Rev’It! generation as the Defender Pro GTX and Dominator GTX jackets, so it’s a tough little number, and stylish, too. But as the line’s desert hero, it’s totally geared toward breathability, with large areas of Schoeller-dynatec mesh to keep you cool and armored up. It features a pocket for the optional Rev’It! Hydrabag hydration system (any hydration bag should work just fine, too) and the Rev’It! Challenger Cooling Vest (see Compatible Accessories, below).

(click to enlarge)

Schoeller-dynatec mesh Cayenne Leather Panels Elbows and Shoulders Cayenne Expanding Pocket Cayenne Collar Cayenne Pro Seeflex Limb Protectors RevIt Cayenne


  • Schoeller-dynatec Mesh: Large panels of Schoeller-dynatec mesh on the chest, back, shoulders, and arms  provide plenty of straight-through airflow.


  • None: The main PWR|shell material does have a Teflon coating that provides a very basic level of water repellency. (The Teflon coating does double-duty–it also helps keep you looking spiffy by preventing dirt from working its way into the fabric.)

Abrasion Protection

  • PWR|shell 750-D: PWR|shell is Rev’It!’s version of Cordura, so it’s extremely durable, tear and abrasion resistant, and has a high melting point. The Cayenne Pro’s 750-D main construction is plenty tough, and it’s reinforced with leather panels at the elbows and shoulders for added strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Schoeller-dynatec Mesh: Those large mesh panels of Schoeller-dynatec are like modern-day chainmail. A polyamide with a mesh construction, it’s extremely tear and abrasion resistant–but much lighter than the stuff the knights wore–and offers the ideal intersection of protection and airflow.

Impact Protection

Compatible Accessories

  • Rev’It! Challenger Cooling Vest
  • Rev’It! Vest Connector HV
  • Rev’It! Adventure Neck Brace
  • Rev’It! .5L Hydrabag
  • Removable kidney belt–included
  • Seesoft CE-Level 2 back protector–included


The Rev’It! Cayenne Pro is $559.99.


RevIt Cayenne Pro Gray Blue RevIt Cayenne Pro Gray Red RevIt Cayenne Pro Sand Black



RevIt Sand 2 Gray Blue RevIt Sand 2 back

Construction: PWR|shell outer shell; removable thermal liner; removable Hydratex waterproof/breathable liner

In A Nutshell

The Sand 2 is a whole lot of jacket for any season and any terrain. It includes a removable thermal liner and removable waterproof/breathable liner, so it’s the most traditional setup in the list, designed to do it all without requiring you to provide the mid layers. A ton of venting options and a lighter overall weight than the other three jackets on this list make it a good warm weather performer, as well.

You’d have to go a long way to find a better four-season jacket for under $500, but as the most affordable jacket on this list, it does miss a few of the big highlights the others share. One big difference is that the Sand features CE-Level 1 elbow and shoulder protectors (the standard offering in 99% of the gear out there) instead of Rev’It!’s new Seeflex Level 2 protectors. The Sand also doesn’t come with a back protector, but you can always purchase the coordinating Seesoft protector separately for fifty bucks.

There are many other Rev’It! accessories compatible with these jackets that you can add depending on your needs; we’ve listed them in the Compatible Accessories sections under each jacket.

(click to enlarge)

Arm Adjustment Tabs Sand PWRwax 1200-D Elbows and Shoulders Sand VCS Zipper Vents Sand Two-Way Arm Zip Vents Sand Back Reflective details Sand 2


  • VCS zippers on the chest, back and under arms.
  • Two-way zippers on the forearms/biceps.


  • Removable Hydratex liner: Hydratex is Rev’It!’s premium proprietary waterproof/breathable membrane material.

Abrasion Protection

  • PWR|shell 500-D and polyester 600-D main construction
  • PWR|wax 1200-D reinforcements at the elbows and forearms.

Impact Protection

  • Prolife CE-Level 1 armor at the shoulders and elbows.

Compatible Accessories


The Rev’It! Sand 2 is $489.99.


RevIt Sand 2 Hi Viz Black Yellow RevIt Sand 2 Gray Red RevIt Sand 2 Gray Blue RevIt Sand 2 Gray Black RevIt Sand 2 black gray RevIt Sand 2 Black Orange

Cut To The Chase… The Premium Rev’It Jacket Comparison Chart

 Dominator GTXDefender Pro GTXCayenne ProSand 2
Venting & Hot Weather PerformanceBest w/waterproofingBest
WaterproofingTie (shell)Tie (liner)
Protection: Impact & AbrasionBest
Nighttime ReflectivityTieTie
Fit AdjustabilityBest
Multi-Season ValueBest



Give A Road Rider Gift Card!

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Do you know your loved one’s favorite road? If you answered yes, then make their day by giving it to them on one of our cool new highway sign gift cards. If you answered no, don’t fret! They’ll forgive you for hardly even knowing them at all once they realize the card you’re handing them is loaded with Road Rider cash.

Road Rider gift cards are great for any occasion, and for non-occasions, and are available in any amount from zero to five hundred dollars.



The Latest From Sena and Scala

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With a wave of cool new Bluetooth intercom headsets recently released by Sena and Scala Rider, it’s a great time to finally go Bluetooth or upgrade your old unit to the latest technology. From the group ride game-changing Scala Rider PackTalk to the super-affordable, no-excuses-not-to-own-one-now Sena 3S, there’s a unit for every rider’s needs.

Take a look below and then visit Road Rider for the latest products from the world’s most pioneering motorcycle headset brands, Sena and Cardo Scala Rider.

Sena 10U: A fully-featured Bluetooth system completely hidden within your helmet. (Available now for Shoei GT-Airs; Shoei Neotec, Schuberth C3/C3 Pro, and Arai full-face coming in late July/August.) [Read more…]

Sena 10U Shoei GT-Air

Sena 10C: The first action camera with high-quality, built-in audio recording capability, so you can record live audio directly onto video. It’s no slouch as a Bluetooth intercom, either. [Read more…]

Sena 10C Unit with Clamp

Scala Rider PackTalk: A totally groundbreaking system for communicating with multiple riders–say goodbye to daisy-chained group intercom. It’s the ultimate group communicator. [Read more…]

Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk

Sena 3S-W, 3S-B: It’s sleek, it’s simple, and it’s just $99. Still, you can stream music or directions, talk on the phone, or intercom with another rider. The 3S is available for full-face and modular/open face helmets. [Read more…]

3S-W 3S-B

Sena Handlebar Remote

Sena Handlebar Remote 10C 10U 20S

It’s included with Sena 10U systems, but the Handlebar Remote is also compatible with the 10C and the 20S, and is now available as an accessory sold on its own. You can navigate all your unit’s functions without straying too far from your handlebars. Charge it and forget it, because the Handlebar Remote has a few months of battery life.

It’s Still Sena’s #1 System: Sena 20S

Sena 20S Top Five

As the first intercom to contain two Bluetooth modules for seamless and simultaneous overlapping of functions–along with a host of other firsts and mosts–the 20S remains Sena’s top intercom system. Pair it with the new Handlebar Remote for a first-class experience even The Donald would envy. [Read more…]



New! Sena 3S-W, 3S-B Bluetooth Headset Systems

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The Sena 3S-W (wired) and 3S-B (boom) Bluetooth headset systems are simple, compact, and give you quality Bluetooth essentials for an incredible $99 price tag. The 3S systems can intercom with one other rider or connect to your phone to stream music, directions, or to take and make phone calls. There’s no module to attach to the side of your helmet; all the hardware is built into the speakers, or in the case of the 3S-B, built into the speakers and boom.

Progress in the world at large doesn’t always happen at the pace we want, but progress in the motorcycle intercom headset world in the last few years has been astounding. New technology, enthusiastic consumers, and innovative companies battling to deliver the best have made the 3S possible. The 3S isn’t the greatest system available by today’s extremely high standards (compare it to the the 10U, 20S, or PackTalk, for example), but it’s a good system that performs the standard headset functions well. It’s leaps and bounds beyond anything that was available just five years ago, and for only $99, nothing available now comes close to its value.

With the 3S-B, two control buttons are located on the top of the boom, and the entire system is contained within your helmet. With the 3S-W, the buttons are located on a very thin and light control strip that adheres to the outside of your helmet. This allows for slightly easier operation than the 3S-B, but the 3S-B has it’s advantages, too. The boom microphone’s adjustability will likely be able to provide more reliable outbound audio for riders who want to make phone calls and use the intercom feature.

Because of its diminutive size, the 3S’s speakers and booster are more basic than those of the larger units, but they still provide plenty of volume. A Sena 3S-W or 3S-B would make an awesome choice for any rider looking to get into the Bluetooth world primarily to stream music or directions, with some basic ability to make phone and intercom calls as well.

Sena 3S-W, 3S-B

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth intercom up to 200 meters (220 yards)
  • Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones
  • Voice prompts to help you easily navigate functions
  • Bluetooth stereo headset by A2DP
  • Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: play, pause, track forward and track back
  • Easy operations by two-button
  • Sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster
  • Bluetooth handsfree for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Crystal clear and natural sound quality
  • Up to 8 hours talk time, 7 days stand-by time
  • Individual volume control for each audio source
  • Installation friendly unibody design
  • Built-in SBC Codec (sample rate 48kHz (DAC): noise cancellation, wind noise reduction, wide volume control
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Lithium polymer battery, attached charge cord
  • Price: $99.00



Free Mount and Balance On Metzeler ME888, ME880

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Now Through August 2nd

Make sure your tires are in good shape for your road trips! With free mount and balance on Metzeler’s premier high-mileage cruiser tires, now might be a great time to replace yours. Check for tread wear, cupping, cracks, or other damage, and always inflate your new tires fully so they wear evenly and have a long life.

ME888 & ME880


Metzeler ME880 Marathon and ME888 Ultra Marathon tires deliver high mileage, even wear, and confidence-inspiring grip for most H-D and metric touring and sport-touring models. White walls are available in select sizes.



Consider adding some Ride-On Tire Sealant to your next set of tires. Ride-On is a fibrous liquid layer that installs inside tubeless tires and tubes and instantly plugs punctures as they occur. Centrifugal force also makes Ride-On a perfect wheel balancer, providing a more precise, dynamic balance than wheel weights. Ride-On installation is $10 per tire at our tire shop, or you can pick up a bottle for home installation in our Parts Department.

In Other News…


Hundreds of thousands of bikers will converge on the Black Hills this August 3rd through 9th to celebrate three-quarters of a century of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. If you’re heading to Sturgis this August, take a look at our Sturgis Checklist for ideas on getting prepped for whatever you might encounter on the road.

You don’t need to go to Sturgis to celebrate its 75th anniversary–pick up an officially licensed Sturgis anniversary t-shirt at Road Rider.

Sturgis T-Shirts 2015