Video Of The Week: Fifty Years Of Kicks

BY Road Rider MCA - July 23rd, 2016

“Get on with riding or get on with dying, one or the other.” -Paul Rodden

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video Of The Week!

There’s a saying: “Growing old can be fun if you do it with the right people.”  This week’s featured video, Fifty Years Of Kicks, is a story about age, friendship, the love of riding bikes, and about how all three can go together to keep the old eternally youthful.

This 20-minute film follows Paul Rodden and Larry Murray, two friends and extraordinary fellows who put many much younger folks to shame with the spirit and skills they display on the trail. It takes work and dedication off the bike to stay in fighting form for the rigors of offroad riding, but the guys make it happen because they love riding–because the price of admission is still such a bargain. It’s a beautiful story. Enjoy.

The Sequel

If you liked this video, you’ll love the sequel. Checkpoints features Paul and Larry, alongside superstars Colton Haaker and Graham Jarvis. Click here to watch the full 42-minute documentary film on YouTube.

Fifty Years Of Kicks:






We’re Hiring!

BY Road Rider MCA - July 16th, 2016

Do you love riding, talking bikes and gear, and want to work with other motorcyclists who do too? Join our team! We are hiring part-time associates in our apparel, parts, and tire departments.

Get immersed in the sport you love–apply online today! Click below to visit our Employment Page for job descriptions and to fill out an online application form.


Do you have questions? Give us a call at (408) 227-6936. Thanks!



Video Of The Week: Tom Fugle, Born Free Builder

BY Road Rider MCA - July 11th, 2016

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video Of The Week!

Five years ago Tom Fugle would have been known primarily for his role as co-founder of the mid-western one-percenter club El Forastero MC. Today, he’s better known as having earned his place on the round table of America’s most celebrated custom bike builders. In a crowded scene, Tom Fugle remains a true original and a rebel, whose work has been credited as an inspiration to some of the top emerging talents.

This week’s video is a short film that follows Fugle as he prepares his ’48 Panhead project for the 2014 Born Free show. Fugle’s bike took 3rd place in the Invited Builder category at Born Free 6, but the award was second in value to the overdue acknowledgement and respect garnered from the builder world-at-large that was a result of his participation in the the Born Free show.  

Tom Fugle was unable to attend Born Free 8 this year, but we look forward to seeing his next project come to life in the future.

If you’re into choppers and custom bikes, you won’t want to miss another year of the phenomenon that is Born Free. Pencil in Born Free 9 for the summer of 2017. You can visit the Born Free Motorcycle Show here, or follow the show on social media @bornfreeshow.








OptiMate LED 0-120 Battery Diagnostic Flashlight

BY Road Rider MCA - July 11th, 2016

The OptiMate LED 0-120 battery diagnostic flashlight is a handy accessory to have stashed on your bike. The OptiMate is a bright LED flashlight that will light up hard-to-see places or provide much-needed illumination at night. It also doubles as a simple battery diagnostic tool.

The OptiMate plugs easily into your bike and runs on your bike’s battery. Once plugged in, the OptiMate will also let you know whether your bike’s battery is charging, and whether it is currently fully charged or below 12.3 volts. The battery level is indicated by a red (low battery) or green indicator on the side of the flashlight.

This multi-tasker is equipped with an SAE-style connector.

If you don’t have an SAE attachment cord hooked up to your motorcycle’s battery, you can pick up one up for a few dollars at Road Rider and install it easily at home. This will enable you to use a battery charger like a Deltran Battery Tender to keep your battery healthy and charged all year round. You can also use your SAE cord to plug in to heated gear, or use cool SAE accessories like the OptiMate LED.


OptiMate LED 0-120 Battery Diagnostic Flashlight Features

  • Battery charge tester: Green LED indicates battery charge voltage is 14-volts or higher, red LED indicates battery voltage is less than 12.3-volts
  • Flashlight: emergency flashlight powered by 6 bright LEDs
  • SAE 2-pin connector
  • 40″ cable length
  • Industry standard SAE 2-pin connector.; Cable length = 40″ / 100cm.
  • Limited 3-year warranty by TecMate
  • MSRP: $23.99
  • Visit Road Rider for a special low price on this item.






July Dunlop Tire Rebate – Pro Dealer Exclusive

BY Road Rider MCA - July 6th, 2016

Now though July 31st, you can save up to $50 on a set of select Dunlop tires purchased at Road Rider. This special Dunlop tire rebate is offered exclusively through Dunlop Pro Dealer shops only. Dunlop’s Pro Dealer program supports local shops like Road Rider by making it possible for us to offer you rebates that aren’t available with online-only tire purchases.

Stay tuned for more Pro Dealer rebates available at Road Rider in the future!

This Pro Dealer rebate is valid on tires purchased with a mount and balance service. When you mail in or submit your rebate form online with your Road Rider receipt, the receipt must show the sale of two tires and a mount and balance service. Once your rebate is processed, Dunlop will mail you a Visa Prepaid Card valued at $50 or $20. Rebates must be submitted by 8/31/16.

Qualifying Road & Street Tires:

American Elite ($50 rebate on set)
Sportmax Q3 ($50 rebate on set)
Elite 3 ($50 rebate on set)
Elite 4 ($50 rebate on set)
Sportmax Roadsmart II ($50 rebate on set)
Sportmax GPR-300 ($20 rebate on set)

Qualifying Offroad Tires:

Geomax MX11 ($20 rebate on set)
Geomax MX3S ($20 rebate on set)
Geomax MX52 ($20 rebate on set)
Geomax AT81 ($20 rebate on set)
Geomax AT81 RC ($20 rebate on set)


Don’t forget to ask your tire technician for a rebate form or submit your rebate online at


Dunlop Pro Dealer Tire Rebate 7.16





2017 Shift Dirt Gear Is In!

BY Road Rider MCA - July 1st, 2016

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2017 Shift motocross and dirt gear is in stock at Road Rider now! We have a huge selection of jerseys, pants, helmets, and gloves fresh off the presses in youth and adult sizes. The 2017 Shift designs are looking fresh, bringing back the old skool with classic screen-printed logos and essential color combinations.


2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Black 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey Black Green 2017 Shift Recon Phoenix Jersey White


The triple-striped Tarmac gear and the minimalist Ninety Seven patterns prove that bold patterns are back, and are great for mixing and matching with your current kit, or within the 2017 Shift collection. We are loving it, and think you and your whole family will dig it, too.

Dedicated to Fox? No worries. All this new Shift won’t detract from our selection of Fox gear. Expect to see the 2017 Fox apparel in late summer. In the meantime, come and check out our newly marked-down 2016 Fox jerseys, pants, helmets, and gloves.

Along with their 2017 offerings, Shift has introduced two new categories that make shopping within your budget a whole lot easier: 3lack Label and Whit3 Label.


Version 2


Shift has always been known for offering great style and function along with fantastic value, and the new Whit3 Label gear is right in line with the fun designs and high quality we’ve come to expect.

For Shift’s Whit3 Label, the focus is on value. Whit3 Label gear features slightly less technical fabrics than the 3lack Label gear, but still with great quality, fit, style, and protection.

You can pick up a Whit3 Label jersey ($30) and pant($70) for just $100 for the pair.




Shift’s 2017 3lack Label is the stuff the pros are wearing. We’re talking multi-panel designs, high-tech motion fabrics throughout, and mega ventilation that has been designed to meet the needs of top riders like Chad Reed.

If you’re looking for a step up with performance-oriented gear, you can stay within the Shift family, just head in the direction of the 3lack collection.

3lack Label jersey are $50, and pants are $160.


Shift’s Recon line features their over-the-boot pant and jerseys that are built extra-hardy for trail riding in the backwoods.


Shift Gloves, Helmets, Goggles, Youth Collection, and Protection

In addition to a colorful selection of new jerseys and pants from Shift, we’ve brought in a variety of helmets, goggles, and gloves. We are offering Shift’s venerable Enforcer knee/shin and elbow guards in all sizes.

Shift helmets are currently available in adult sizes only. If your little ripper needs a new lid, check out our 2016 Fox closeouts for some great deals on youth helmets now, or catch the 2017 Fox coming soon! Fox Comp 5 boots are available at Road Rider in sizes for the whole family.




2107 Shift Black Label

2017 Shift Mainline Jersey Grey2017 Shift Mainline Jersey Grey back 2017 Shift Mainline Pant Grey 2017 Shift 3lack Label Air Gloves Black 2017 Shift 3lack Label Air Gloves Red


2017 Shift White Label

2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Black2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Black back 2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Pants Black 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Air Gloves Black Red Blue 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Blue 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Blue back 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Red 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey Red back 2017 Shift Tarmac Pant Red 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey White 2017 Shift Tarmac Jersey White back 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey Black Green 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey Black Green Back 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Pant Black Green 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Air Gloves Black 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey Black 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey Black back 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Pro Gloves Black 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Pant Black 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey White 2017 Shift Ninety Seven Jersey White back


2107 Shift Recon

2017 Shift Recon Phoenix Jersey White2017 Shift Recon Phoenix Jersey White 22017 Shift Recon Checkers Jersey2017 Shift Recon Checkers Jersey 22017 Shift Recon Ride Pants


2107 Shift Youth

2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Jersey Blue2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Jersey Blue back 2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Pants Blue 2017 Shift Youth Air Gloves Blue 2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Jersey Black 2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Jersey Black back 2017 Shift Youth Tarmac Pants Black 2017 Shift Youth Air Gloves Black


2107 Shift Helmets

2017 Shift Whit3 Label Helmet Matte Black2017 Shift Whit3 Label Helmet Matte Black 3 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Helmet Matte Black 22017 Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet White 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet White 3 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet White 2 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet Red 2017 Shift Whit3 Label Tarmac Helmet Blue


2017 Shift Nano Goggles Camo2017 Shift Nano Goggles Black 2017 Shift Nano Goggles Red


2017 Shift Le Mans T-Shirt2017 Shift MX Supply T-Shirt 1 Black



Jersey: $29.95
Pants: $69.95
Helmet: $139.95
Air Gloves: $19.95
Pro Gloves: $32.95


Jersey: $49.95
Pants: $159.95
Air Gloves: $29.95


Jersey: $34.95
Pants: $99.95


Jersey: $24.95
Pants: $59.95
Gloves: $19.95




25% Off RX-Q and Signet-Q Helmets

BY Road Rider MCA - June 29th, 2016

Save 25% on in stock Arai RX-Q and Signet-Q helmets only. Our initial inventory is listed below and will be updated regularly. Visit us soon for the best selection!



Arai RX-Q Black Frost RRPP

The RX-Q and its sibling the Signet-Q house those uniquely Arai features that keep riders coming back for more. With ventilation and aerodynamics that are optimized for the street, you get a quite, stable ride.

Click here to read more about the Arai RX-Q helmet.



Arai Signet Q Black Frost RRPP

At the heart of the Q series is the lightweight, balanced ScLc shell. Arai’s ScLc process creates a fiberglass that is 40% stronger than standard fiberglass. The Signet has a longer and narrower profile ideal for long-oval head shapes.

Click here to read more about the Arai Signet Q helmet.


Updated 7/11/2016


Groove Red graphic size M $719.95  Closeout $539.96
White size M $589.95  Closeout $442.46
Black Frost size XS  $599.95  Closeout $449.96
Black Frost size S $599.95 Closeout $449.96
Black Frost size M  $599.95  Closeout $449.96
Black Frost size XL  $599.95  Closeout $449.96
Black Frost size 2XL  $599.95  Closeout $449.96


SIGNET Q PRO TOUR (includes Pro Shade)

Black Frost size XL  $669.95  Closeout $502.46



Pearl Black size XS  $619.95  Closeout $464.96
Pearl Black size XL  $619.95  Closeout $464.96
Pearl Black size 2XL  $619.95  Closeout $464.96
White size M  $619.95  Closeout $464.96
Black Frost size M  $629.95  Closeout $472.46
Black Frost size L  $629.95  Closeout $472.46





Simpson Street Bandit Helmet

BY Road Rider MCA - June 28th, 2016

A little bit of Lord Vader, a lot of The Stig, the Simpson Street Bandit Helmet makes a bold statement in all black. The Street Bandit is a direct descendent of the original Simpson motorcycle helmet, the RXM-1, and its distinctive shell has Simpson’s racing heritage molded into every shadowy angle and line.

The Street Bandit hits on the key points of 21st-century motorcycle safety while staying true to that throwback look. It’s Snell-rated for safety, featuring a strong and light fiberglass shell with a drag-inspired, aerodynamic shape. Always-open vents on the chin and closable vents on the forehead provide good ventilation, while it has a chin area/breath box that is longer and roomier than those of the Simpson M30 and Simpson Outlaw Bandit motorcycle helmets. This more elongated shape at the front gives you that fresh-air feeling around the face when riding in hot climates.

The shield is sturdy and thick, and uses a rather simple mechanism and gasket seal. Although basic, the shield does the job and provides three levels of detente including a crack mode to prevent shield fogging.

The Street Bandit isn’t the helmet to choose if you’re all about the bells and whistles, but if you like that retro style and are looking for something unique and pretty darn cool looking, bingo. The Simpson Street Bandit is available to try on and check out in person at Road Rider. We’ll see you soon.


Simpson Street Bandit Helmet Features

  • Aerodynamic, fiberglass shell
  • Snell rated for safety
  • Wider eyeport for improved field of vision
  • Ram air vents on the chin
  • Two closeable forehead vents
  • Includes two sets of cheek pads for customized fit
  • The Simpson Street Bandit is available in gloss black, matte black, and white
  • MSRP: $299.99






Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

BY Road Rider MCA - June 27th, 2016

Simpson is a name synonymous with motorsport racing, trusted by top riders in NASCAR, IndyCar, and NHRA. Founded in Texas in 1958 by 18-year old drag racer Bill Simpson as Simpson Drag Chutes, the company went on to revolutionize personal protection for professional drivers with their fire suits, helmets, and other safety accessories.

When Simpson’s first helmets arrived on the scene in 1979 they gave other popular helmet brands of the time a run for their money. The RX-1, and its motorcycle-specific counterpart RXM-1, offered innovative features and a very cool new look that remains entirely exclusive to Simpson, even today.


Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

The RXM-1 was an instant hit, and since then the distinctive Simpson shape has stuck around in various incarnations as the choice of many racers and riders. The RXM-1 soon morphed into the Model 30, and more recently appearing as the Street Bandit.

Road Rider stocks the Simpson Street Bandit and the M30 helmets. Simpson motorcycle helmets are available in black, matte black, and white. Stop by or give us a call at (408) 227-6936 if you have questions about our Simpson helmets or would like to check current availability.


Simpson Street Bandit

The Simpson Street Bandit is the newest iteration of the classic Model 30 helmet. The Street Bandit is Snell certified for safety, and includes two sets of cheek pads to help refine your fit. Click here to go to our Simpson Street Bandit Helmet profile page.

Simpson Motorcycle Helmets Street Bandit Helmet White RRPP
Price: $299.99


Simpson M30 Bandit

Simpson’s M30 Bandit is a new Simpson design that weighs in at only 3 pounds. The Free Stop shield system allows you to position the shield at any height. This minimalist lid gives you that Simpson look in a small and light package. You should note, however, that the M30 is very flat at the front and fits closely against your mouth, nose, and face, and may pose a fitment problem for some riders.

Simpson Motorcycle Helmets M30 Helmet RRPP
Price: $399.99






Video Of The Week: I Am A Helmet Man

BY Road Rider MCA - June 27th, 2016

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video Of The Week!

“I am a helmet man. And, also, I know that I only live once,” says Michio Arai, president of Arai Helmets, in this week’s video.

‘Mitch’ Arai is the son of Hirotake Arai, who founded Arai Helmets in 1926 as a hatmaker-turned-helmet-maker. Hirotake, a life-long a motorcycle rider, began developing motorcycle helmets in the 1950s. He was initially motivated by a desire to protect himself and his friends–personal experience showed him that there was a critical need for head protection in his sport. So began one of the world’s most revered motorsports helmet companies. Michio Arai, along with his son Akihito, carries on Hirotake’s dedicated work today, tirelessly focused on developing the best possible protection for our heads.

This week we take a bit of a serious turn in Video Of The Week, with allusions to head-crushing forces and lacking the sweeping vistas and twisty roads of our regular fare. But we were so inspired by last week’s Helmet Tech Talk With Arai that we want to keep the message going about the special culture, processes, and principles at work at Arai on every handmade helmet.

We encourage you to pop over to the @AraiHelmetAmerica YouTube page to watch the rest of the Arai web series, along with some other videos featuring top professional riders who wear Arai every day.

You can also read our article Arai Helmets: Committed To Crafting A Better Helmet for more detailed information about the features and materials that set an Arai helmet apart.

Click here to browse our selection of Arai helmets.