Talking Suspension With JPH’s Jason Hauns

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

Suspension is an important part of the bike that many riders tend to overlook, but getting your bike’s suspension systems professionally tuned is one of the most effective performance and safety upgrades you can do for your money. Your suspension is responsible for absorbing the deviations in the terrain or in the road and for […]

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Of Bikes, Tracker Nites, and Fast Times: An Interview with Lorin Guy

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One Wednesday night a year, Shulman Avenue is closed off from car traffic and 2Guys Productions hosts an epic motorcycle show, street party, and barbeque on the small industrial street in Santa Clara. Since it began six years ago, Tracker Nite has become a phenomenon, both in sheer numbers of attendees and in the quality […]

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Mehran Shares His Recipe For Great GroupRides: An Interview With Mehran Teymourtash

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by Road Rider MCA 5 Comments

Last Saturday I joined up with about thirty other motorcyclists for a GroupRides backroads tour of some of the South Bay’s best terrain. Starting in CalMoto in Mountain View, we rode from La Honda to Corralitos, over Mount Madonna and back to Los Gatos via Uvas Road. Though the beaten roads that cut across our […]

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Start Riding or Refresh Your Skills at Moto U: An Interview With Gabe Ets-Hokin

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After perusing the new Motorcycle University website and talking with one of the founders of the school, I found myself taking a stern look at my own riding skills. I would describe them as both incidental and mediocre. Mediocre because I have a few miles and a few bikes under my belt. And incidental because […]

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It’s Not Just About Racing: Kathy Reilly of Zoom Zoom

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Next time you’re at the track, say “hi” to one of our favorite bike-whisperers, Kathy Reilly. She’s got some inspiring stories- and some hilarious ones too. And, if her ‘track record’ is any indication, she’ll be there. She’s been involved with racing for more than fifteen years, and, as an instructor and organizer for Zoom […]

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