Lotus Reveals C-01 Prototype Motorcycle

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Last year the Lotus car company announced they were interested in developing one very special motorcycle, their first, and that they had signed on designer Daniel Simon to help bring it to life. Simon is renowned most notably for the concept work he has done for Bugatti and for designing the Bugatti Veyron Hermes. He […]

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Watch This: Alpinestars 50 Year Video

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This two-minute video is part of Alpinestars’ celebration of their 50-year anniversary. As epic they come, this grand A*stars commercial takes viewers on a journey from the world as it was during Alpinestars’ early years through human and racing history to the present, and beyond. If you’ve got a heart that beats for motorsports, happy […]

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Thunderhill West To Open In May

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Road Rider’s Event Calendar is now updated with all the 2014 track days by Zoom Zoom Track Days, Keigwins@TheTrack, and Pacific Track Time. And while you’re carving out some time to hit the track this year, take into account the brand new Thunderhill extension that is slated to open this May. Select track days scheduled […]

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Get Your Bike Prepped At Sporttech Or Superbike

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Two of the Bay Area’s best motorcycle mechanic shops are within half a mile of Road Rider, and they can take care of your repairs, body work, routine maintenance, performance upgrades, and more before the riding season gets seriously under way. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to remove your own wheels […]

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$30 Is Enough To Foil A Thief

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$30 could save your baby… The following photos are of a Kryptonite Keeper disc lock brought to us by a customer after a thief tried to chisel it off his bike. Even more amazing–the key still works and the lock still turns. Sorry thief, you lose. Kryptonite Disc Locks and U-Locks With a Kryptonite disc […]

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Riding North Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountains

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In this short documentary video, a small band of New Zealanders thump their way across the Baekdudaegan, a coastal mountain range that runs down the length of the Korean Peninsula. Semi-retired couple Joanne and Gareth Morgan have spent the past decade travelling through all seven continents on their motorcycles. A few years ago they decided […]

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Behind the Scenes: Making A Shoei

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This cool video takes us inside Shoei’s factories in Japan to find out how they turn quality and craftsmanship into some of the best motorcycle helmets in the world. Which Shoei is the one for you? Click below to learn more about our Shoei helmets. Shoei RF-1200 Shoei GT-Air Shoei Neotec Modular Shoei Qwest   […]

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Lane Splitting Bill Postponed For Another Year

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The latest edition of CityBike Magazine informs us, via lanesplittingislegal.com, that lane splitting bill SB350 has been tabled for at least another year. As originally presented by Senator Jim Beall in early 2013, SB350 was seemingly¬†proposing a state law version of the CHP’s newly released, and quite reasonable, Lane Splitting Guidelines. If passed into law, […]

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Road Rider Awarded For Being First…

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Our buyer, Dave, just returned from a trip to the homeland of many, many of our favorite motorcycle brands: Italy. In Italy as guest of Givi, Dave, along with other international Givi dealers and distributors from countries that included New Zealand, Israel, and Latvia, helped Givi celebrate their 35th anniversary in the biz. The celebration […]

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Zero Police Motorcycles Join De Anza’s Fleet

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Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re in Downtown San Jose and you might catch a quick glimpse of a live Zero DS Police Motorcycle in action. In fact, everyday there are more areas where you’re likely to encounter a Zero Police Motorcycle – ¬†just don’t expect to hear it coming. Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles […]

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