The Truth About Hearing Damage

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“Have you heard about hearing damage?” “Have I heard about what?” “Have you heard about HEARING DAMAGE?” “Have I heard WHAT?” “HEARING DAMAGE!!!!” Ok, so you’ve probably heard about hearing damage among riders, but maybe those gentle words of warning fell on deaf ears. Maybe you think you’re in the clear because you wear a [...]

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PIRELLI DIABLO SUPERBIKE PROs and SUPERCORSAs NOW IN STOCK! Now you can get your track tires BEFORE your track day and enjoy the morning with your friends at the track instead of dealing with a tire change. We are thrilled to announce we are now regularly stocking Pirelli Diablo Superbike Pros and Diablo Supercorsas in [...]

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Pre-Season Crash Course: MotoGP 2014

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It’s going to be a wild, weird ride this season in MotoGP. Oh my, where to begin. Open Class Unveiled First off, the CRT (Claim Rule Team) class has been trashed, revamped, and renamed. Under the CRT rules, independent teams were allowed to continue development throughout the season, have larger fuel tanks, and use 12 [...]

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New to the US, new to Road Rider: Kabuto Helmets of Japan

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Kabuto FF-5V Kabuto’s top-of-the-line race helmet looks sharp, but its aggressive looks aren’t just for show. First-rate ventilation and high-speed stability make it the chosen helmet of many of Japan’s top professional riders. The FF-5V is Snell-certified, made in Japan, and comes with a Pinlock® shield and visor. Click here for a complete description of [...]

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Essential Spring Bike Prep Projects

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Spring Bike Prep Projects Use this rainy weekend to get your bike ready for thousands of miles of safe and uninterrupted riding this spring and summer!   OIL Start your bike’s year off right with a fresh change of oil and a new oil filter. Road Rider has over 50 different sizes of K&N and [...]

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Lotus Reveals C-01 Prototype Motorcycle

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Last year the Lotus car company announced they were interested in developing one very special motorcycle, their first, and that they had signed on designer Daniel Simon to help bring it to life. Simon is renowned most notably for the concept work he has done for Bugatti and for designing the Bugatti Veyron Hermes. He [...]

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Watch This: Alpinestars 50 Year Video

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This two-minute video is part of Alpinestars’ celebration of their 50-year anniversary. As epic they come, this grand A*stars commercial takes viewers on a journey from the world as it was during Alpinestars’ early years through human and racing history to the present, and beyond. If you’ve got a heart that beats for motorsports, happy [...]

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Thunderhill West To Open In May

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Road Rider’s Event Calendar is now updated with all the 2014 track days by Zoom Zoom Track Days, Keigwins@TheTrack, and Pacific Track Time. And while you’re carving out some time to hit the track this year, take into account the brand new Thunderhill extension that is slated to open this May. Select track days scheduled [...]

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2014 Track Days!

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Starting planning, because the Zoom Zoom Track Days, Keigwins@TheTrack, and Pacific Track Time track dates through November are posted on our events calendar. More specific information about each track day will be added as it is made available. Never done a track day? It isn’t as hard as you may think to get started, and [...]

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Get Your Bike Prepped At Sporttech Or Superbike

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Two of the Bay Area’s best motorcycle mechanic shops are within half a mile of Road Rider, and they can take care of your repairs, body work, routine maintenance, performance upgrades, and more before the riding season gets seriously under way. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to remove your own wheels [...]

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