Events at the Fairgrounds This Saturday

Posted on: March 24th, 2015 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

Come for one, don’t miss the other! We pay the sales tax this weekend, but the events going on at the Fairgrounds this Saturday can’t be missed either. We’re less than a mile from these two fantastic annual events, so bring your friends and hang around for the day. THIS SATURDAY at the Santa Clara County […]

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Countdown to MotoAmerica Round 1

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

The schedule has been released for this year’s inaugural MotoAmerica American road racing championship. There will be eight race weekends, including a single California stop at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in the fall when WSBK comes to town. With Round 1 at Circuit of the Americas only weeks away, here’s what we know about our new MotoAmerica championship: Rebuilding […]

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Featured Local Events

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Here are a few of our favorite local events coming up, but you can see many other events listed on the Road Rider events calendar. Promote Your Events! We always love to hear about YOUR events, rides, and runs, so please email us or send us a message through Facebook with the details so we can include it on […]

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Farewell, Texas Tornado

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

After an incredible pro career spanning over two decades, Colin Edwards said his farewells to MotoGP on Sunday at the Indianapolis Grand Prix. News of Edwards’ retirement came earlier this year when he announced at the Circuit of the Americas round in Austin, Texas that 2014 would be his last year on a MotoGP bike. […]

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CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines Disappear

Posted on: July 26th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA 2 Comments

Two weeks ago, the California Highway Patrol’s Lane Splitting Guidelines quietly disappeared from the CHP website and literature. Published in early 2013, the Guidelines were hailed by many supporters of lane splitting, as well as by some lane splitting opponents, for providing motorcyclists AND motorists some measure of guidance on safe and respectful lane splitting. […]

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The End of Big Racing At Laguna Seca? Not So Fast

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

With the World Superbike race weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca less than a month away, it’s worth reminding everyone that MotoGP will not be returning to Laguna Seca this year. But the disappointing end of MotoGP racing at Laguna Seca was not the end of the track’s life as a prominent and internationally-beloved motorcycle […]

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Thunderhill West Open For Business

Posted on: June 6th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

The much-anticipated Thunderhill West track extension is now open for business. Select track days this summer will give riders access to the new 1.9-mile section or even the full 4.8 miles that include the original ‘east’ track and the new T-hill West section. Check out the Thunderhill track days on our events calendar or contact […]

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Improve Your Skills for Motorcycle Safety Month

Posted on: May 20th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! That means all month long agencies and organizations nationwide are promoting motorcycle awareness to car drivers and safe riding practices to motorcyclists. We know car drivers have a big part to play in reducing the number of motorcycle accidents, but as motorcyclists, we have to do our part every […]

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Pre-Season Crash Course: MotoGP 2014

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It’s going to be a wild, weird ride this season in MotoGP. Oh my, where to begin. Open Class Unveiled First off, the CRT (Claim Rule Team) class has been trashed, revamped, and renamed. Under the CRT rules, independent teams were allowed to continue development throughout the season, have larger fuel tanks, and use 12 […]

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Essential Spring Bike Prep Projects

Posted on: February 28th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA No Comments

Spring Bike Prep Projects Use this rainy weekend to get your bike ready for thousands of miles of safe and uninterrupted riding this spring and summer!   OIL Start your bike’s year off right with a fresh change of oil and a new oil filter. Road Rider has over 50 different sizes of K&N and […]

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