Icon Delivers Piping Hot Airmada Graphics For Fall

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Icon’s latest crop of Airmada graphics is here, and they’re weird, wild, and beautiful. We dare not wonder what creative minds such imagery came from, we just know we love the moto incarnation of Ganesh, remover of obstacles, the dueling nature of the Elemental, and the trippy urban madness of the Miscreant. All the following [...]

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Labor Day Sale! Now Through Sept. 1st

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Labor Day Sale! Now Through Labor Day Eleven days of sale deals keep going until Labor Day, Monday, September 1st! A huge selection of items will be newly clearanced and entire brands will be on sale, so get back to class with some new moto gear or pick up some supplies for your fall commute! [...]

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Marshall Racing Travel Trunk

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Make your daily ride easier with a top box. Grab this little trunk for your scooter or bike now for only $49.99! It’s big enough to fit a helmet with substantial room left over, or use it to store all your commute gear like your boots, jacket, and pants. It comes with a locking opening [...]

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2015 Fox and Shift Dirt Gear In Stock Now!

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Shift MX Gear Assault Jersey Technical, moisture-wicking polyester and mesh fabrics throughout Four-panel construction Technical collar design Relaxed fit with drop tail Fade-resistant sublimated graphics Youth: $29.95 Men’s: $32.95 Assault Pants 600D main body material Technical, articulated design Multiple stretch zones Natural, contoured lower leg cuff Youth: $69.95 Men’s: $79.95   Fox MX Gear 180 [...]

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Farewell,Texas Tornado

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After an incredible pro career spanning over two decades, Colin Edwards said his farewells to MotoGP on Sunday at the Indianapolis Grand Prix. News of Edwards’ retirement came earlier this year when he announced at the Circuit of the Americas round in Austin, Texas that 2014 would be his last year on a MotoGP bike. [...]

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COMING SOON! Masbou Signature Series EXO-R2000

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Here’s a first look at the bold and beautiful new Masbou EXO-R2000, released as a limited-run Signature Series edition of Scorpion’s premium track helmet, the EXO-R2000. The Masbou replica features phoenix imagery, the symbol of French Moto3 rider Alexis Masbou, on the top and sides. The EXO-R2000 is Scorpion’s premier, high-performance helmet, worn by riders [...]

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Get Noticed In A Hi-Viz Helmet

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Visibility Counts We love these helmet graphics! They’re bright, they pop, they’re sharp, they’re tasteful. But there’s more to these neon-infused lids than meets the eye. Studies have conclusively shown that wearing brightly colored gear, especially red and neon yellow, helps motorists see us when we’re on the road. And that’s a big advantage, because [...]

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Upcoming Local Events

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This time be the one who hears about the cool events BEFORE they happen. Check back here throughout the summer to get a heads up on some of the biggest events happening in and around Bay Area, and sometimes beyond. See all of our top event picks below but don’t miss out on any of [...]

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Let A Bag or Pack Lighten Your Load

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YOUR DESTINATION FOR TOP-BRAND BACKPACKS, TANKS BAGS, SISSY BAGS, and MORE The right bag, pack, or hard case can turn a great ride into a perfect one. Whether you’re planning a multi-day trip or sticking to local roads this summer, get your gear in check with the right piece of luggage. Find some inspiration in [...]

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CHP Lane Splitting Guidelines Disappear

Posted on: July 26th, 2014 by Road Rider MCA 2 Comments

Two weeks ago, the California Highway Patrol’s Lane Splitting Guidelines quietly disappeared from the CHP website and literature. Published in early 2013, the Guidelines were hailed by many supporters of lane splitting, as well as by some lane splitting opponents, for providing motorcyclists AND motorists some measure of guidance on safe and respectful lane splitting. [...]

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