Falco Boots: Italian-Made & Priced Right

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In Stock This Weekend!

Falco isn’t a name we know well in the United States, but Falco motorcycle boots have been popular in Europe for many years, and it’s easy to see why. All Falco boots are handmade in Italy by Gianni Falco SRL and they offer pretty unbelievable value for the dollar. Road Rider is excited to take advantage of new U.S. distribution, and we are introducing five styles to Bay Area riders–the Oxegen 2, Mixto 2, Liberty 2, Kodo, and women’s Venus 2. The adventure-oriented Mixto 2 is the only one that just breaks the $200 mark, the rest are under $200.

The Mixto, the Kodo, and the Venus are constructed with beautiful, full-grain leather that is flexible and soft, and will break in easily for comfort tailored to you. The Oxegen 2s are constructed with synthetic leather. Typically used in road racing boots where more stiffness is demanded, synthetic leather breathes like natural leather but doesn’t break in as readily and resists warping and wearing over time. The ankle protectors in the Mixto, Oxegen, and Kodo are made of D3O armor which is flexible and soft so it won’t rub or pinch your ankle bone.

Meet the Falco Oxegen 2, Mixto 2, Liberty 2, Kodo, and Venus 2 for women, below, and be sure to  check them out in person soon so you can feel the quality and craftsmanship yourself.

Oxegen 2

A race-style boot with a high level of protection and comfort for any kind of street riding.

Falco Oxegen 2 Falco Oxegen 2 2 Falco Oxegen Toe Falco Racing Sole

  • Air-Tech® vented lining
  • D3O® intelligent shock absorption malleolus inserts
  • Micro-synthetic upper construction
  • Replaceable black-titan toe slider
  • New dual density racing sole
  • Made in Italy
  • $199.99

Women’s Venus 2

A waterproof touring boot for women with a slight heel for extra height on the bike.

Falco Venus

Falco Venus Womens Touring Sole Falco Venus Ankle Falco Venus Adaptive Comfort

  • Developed on a female-specific last shape
  • Higher-heeled, grippy rubber sole
  • Full grain leather upper construction
  • High-Tex® waterproof membrane
  • Sealed zip closure
  • Malleolus and shin reinforcements
  • Elastic insert for calf comfort
  • Removable gear pad
  • Made in Italy
  • $169.99

Mixto 2 Brown

A dirt and street hybrid boot with polyurethane shin protection and heat shields.

Falco Mixto 2

Falco Mixto Shin Plate Falco Mixto Heat Shield Falco Mixto Buckle, Sole

  • Full grain leather upper construction
  • High-Tex® waterproof membrane
  • Contoured polyurethane moulded shin plate
  • D3O® ankle protectors
  • Micro-adjustable buckle closure
  • Leather heat shield
  • Vibram® heavy-duty textured sole provides excellent grip and traction
  • Made in Italy
  • $229.99


A premium waterproof touring boot.

Falco Kodo

Falco Kodo Touring Sole Falco Kodo Shin Plate Falco Kodo Adaptive Comfort Falco Kodo Closure

  • Full grain leather upper construction
  • High-Tex® waterproof membrane
  • Contoured polyurethane moulded shin plate
  • D3O® ankle protectors
  • Ventilated textile instep accordion zones
  • Elasticated rear calf panel
  • High grip textured touring sole
  • Made in Italy
  • $189.99

Liberty 2

A value-priced waterproof touring boot.

Falco Liberty 2

  • Micro-synthetic upper construction
  • High-Tex® waterproof membrane
  • Reinforced shin plate
  • Velcro® pull tab quick closure
  • High grip textured touring sole
  • CE certified
  • Made in Italy
  • $124.99



Featured Upcoming Local Events

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2015 is underway and the local events calendar is slowly starting to fill up. That means it’s time to emerge from your holiday-induced hibernation, join up with other riders and get out into the phenomenal weather! Here are a few of our favorite events coming up, but you can see many other events listed on the Road Rider events calendar.

As always, we would love to hear about YOUR events, rides, and runs, so please email us or send us a message through Facebook with the details so we can include it on the calendar. We might even put it on this page or plug it on Facebook. Our calendar is for the community, so even if your run or fundraiser takes place at or is sponsored by other stores and dealerships, we still want to know about it! Sponsorship or prize donations may be available for your event upon request, too. Email us at sj@roadridermca.com or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/roadridersj.



Pacific Track Time

Thunderhill Raceway

Pacific Track Time Thunderhill East Shakedown

January 31st

Pacific Track Time is offering the first track day of the new year, the PTT Thunderhill East Shakedown on the 31st. PTT says the Shakedown will be similar to a normal track day, but it’s also a great opportunity to test out your bike before the regular track day and AFM season begins with time to make any necessary adjustments. Visit the PTT website, HERE, to sign up or get more information. Check the Road Rider events calendar for PTT, Keigwins, and Z2 Track Days throughout the year; dates will be posted as soon as all the 2015 schedules become available.


Doc Wong Logo


Doc Wong Clinics: Basic Supension Part 1 and 2

Part 1: Friday, February 27th

Part 2: Friday, March 27th

To many of us, our bike’s suspension is one of those mysterious things that we know is important, but we really don’t want to mess with. Enter Doc Wong. Doc Wong’s Suspension Clinics are non-riding teaching clinics. Suspension Part 1 covers the essential basics and Part 2 breaks down shock and fork construction and discusses how to set up damping. The classes begin at 6:30 PM in his Belmont office and are free to attend.

The Doc requests that you email him or call his office to let them know you will be attending a session, and we recommend checking his website as well for additional information on his other clinics.  You can also find his other classes listed on the Road Rider events calendar. Confirm by emailing docwong@aol.com or calling 650-365-7775.




The One Motorcycle Show

February 13th, 14th, and 15th

Okay, so it’s not exactly local, but this one deserves a shout-out. Our Portlandian neighbors to the north not only grow beards circa 1856 and rock flannel like it’s 1995, but they have a thriving custom and refurbished bike scene. The One Moto Show, now in it’s sixth year, puts the best of it on display for the adoring world to see. Check out some pics on their Instagram page, http://instagram.com/the1moto, and if you like what you see, take a little scoot up to Portland in February.




Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories

RoadRider 2.0 Seminar and Q&A

Saturday, February 28th

Come down to Road Rider and meet the staff and instructors of Zoom Zoom Track Day’s RoadRider 2.0 class. Get your questions answered about the RoadRider 2.0 program, track days, moto prep, safety gear, and anything else you have in mind.

What’s RoadRider 2.0?

RoadRider 2.0-Beyond the Basics is an advanced skills course for riders who already have a license and some experience under their belt. If you want to gain more confidence, refresh your skills, or learn new riding techniques, Z2’s RoadRider 2.0 class is the place to be. You’ll be guided by Zoom Zoom’s fantastic rider coaches and learn to be a better rider through classroom instruction and closed-course exercises at Sonoma Raceway. This event at Road Rider will help you identify if RoadRider 2.0 is for you or if a normal track day is a better fit for your goals. (Oh, and RoadRider 2.0 is not affiliated with Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories.)

For more info on RoadRider 2.0, visit: https://z2trackdays.com


Spaghetti Feed JPH

Road Rider Motorcycle Accessories

JPH Suspension Drop-In Suspension Tuning

Saturday, February 28th

On the same day as the Z2 RoadRider 2.0 Seminar, the Bay Area’s favorite suspension tuner will be at the store performing drop-in suspension set-ups. This is a great opportunity to improve your bike’s handling and safety for a little bit of your time and money. Visit with the Z2 instructors while you wait!

Everyone from newbies to advanced riders can benefit from a suspension checkup and set-up. Properly tuned suspension will make your riding smoother and safer. Check out our short interview with Jason Hauns of JPH Suspension to learn more.


70 Triumph  Daytona

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Clubman’s All-British Motorcycle Weekend

Saturday, March 28th & Sunday, March 29th

The 28th Annual Clubman’s All-British Motorcycle Show sets up shop at the Santa Clara County Fair, along with the San Jose Indoor Short Track races.  The swap meet and bike show runs from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM and the short track races follow in the evening. Entry to the motorcycle show is only $5 (tickets to the races sold separately). Enter the Clubman’s Raffle for a chance to win a 1970 Triumph Daytona for only $1. Join in the Morning After Ride on Sunday.


San Jose Indoor Jethro

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

San Jose Pro Indoor Short Track Races

Saturday, March 28th

The same weekend as the Clubman’s you can watch grassroots racing at its best at the San Jose Pro Indoor Short Track Races. Prepare for intense action–indoor short track happens on a caged, polished floor. The action is loud and up close, and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Hit the British bike show in the day and stay for the races in the evening.

Follow developments on Facebook HERE as the San Jose Indoor gets closer. Be sure to catch the Clubman’s All-British Motorcycle Weekend, also happening at the Fairgrounds on Saturday.


Click here to visit the events calendar.



New! AMSOIL Dirt Bike & Bel-Ray Thumper Oils

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AMSOIL Dirt Bike and Bel-Ray Thumper engine oils are now in stock to keep you pushing the edge of your performance on the track or trail.

AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Engine Oil

  • Delivers confidence in clutch feel
  • Superior protection against gear, bearing, and piston wear
  • Maximizes horsepower
  • Helps extend clutch life
  • Weight: 10W-40; 10W-60; 10W-60
  • Type: Full Synthetic

AMSOIL is the Official Oil of Monster Energy Supercross, AMSOIL Arenacross, AMSOIL GNCC and the AMA Amateur Nationals, and AMSOIL’s dirt bike oils have been formulated with the help of pro rider feedback to provide excellent clutch durability and consistency ride after ride, from start to finish, thanks to a high level of friction durability.

From AMSOIL.com: “In an extreme simulated-start test, AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil continued to deliver consistent clutch feel following 32 simulated race starts, while a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-branded oil demonstrated inconsistent clutch-lever action and poor clutch feel after 16 starts. The clutch plates lubricated with AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil remained clean and in good overall condition, while the plates using the OEM oil revealed discoloration and wear.”

For technical data visit: http://www.amsoil.com

Bel-Ray Thumper Racing 4T Friction Modified Engine Oil

  • Superior anti-wear properties for reduced cylinder and ring wear and longer bearing life
  • Superior deposit control prevents varnish formation and keeps ring lands and grooves free of carbon build-up
  • High viscosity provides shear stability for superior lubrication and film
  • Reduced friction equals more horsepower
  • Weight: 10W-40; 10W-50
  • Type: Mineral

Bel-Ray’s Thumper Racing Oil is exclusively for use in engines on 4-stroke motorcycles with a separate engine and gearbox (most Honda offroad bikes). Bel-Ray’s friction modifying additives provide excellent lubrication for this specific application.

For technical data visit: http://www.belray.com



Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

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The Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera is the only action camera currently available with built-in Bluetooth audio input capability, it was webBikeWorld‘s Action Camera of the year for 2014, and it is our top choice camera for motorcyclists who already ride with a Sena headset like a 20S, SMH10, or SMH5, or plan to purchase one in the future. Here’s why, in a nutshell:

Bluetooth Audio Input

When you pair the Prism to your Sena helmet headset, you can record live audio while your riding that is transmitted wirelessly to the camera. You can provide on-the-fly commentary and the audio quality in your video will be as good as the sound quality you’ve come to expect from your headset, with low wind noise and excellent clarity.

Let’s compare the audio recording on the Prism with that of a GoPro. Sound recording of GoPro cameras is made by a tiny microphone on the camera, so it’s muffled by the housing and subject to ambient noise when recorded live. Bluetooth recording is possible only on the newest Hero4 cameras and only with the addition of the Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack accessory.

On-The-Go On/Off Control

With the Prism, you can turn the camera on and off using the Jog-Dial on your Sena headset, so you don’t need to run the camera continuously while you ride. According to Sena, a firmware update will enable 20S users to use voice commands to turn recording on and off.


webBikeWorld.com called the Prism’s ball and socket mount design the best they’ve seen, and say its stability helps to reduce turbulence in recordings. The Prism also comes with an equally unmatched abundance of mounts, including high-quality helmet mounts, a suction cup mount, and handlebar mount.

Check out the Prism’s complete list of features, below.




Video Mode
  • Resolution: 1080p/30 fps; 720p/30 fps; 720p/60 fps; 480p/120 fps
Photo Mode
  • Resolution: 3.5MP (3:2); 3.2MP (4:3); 3.0MP (16:9); 5.0MP (16:9)
  • Burst Shot: 10, 5, and 3 picture bursts
  • Time-lapse mode: one picture per  1, 3, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds
  • Field of view: 140 degrees
  • Sensor: 3.5  megapixel CMOS
  • Aperture: f/2.0
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • Internal microphone with wind noise reduction
In the Box
  • Camera
    • Dimensions: 63.0 mm x 44.0 mm x 23.0mm (2.5in x 1.7 in x 0.8 in)
    • Weight: 100 grams (3.53 ounces)
  • Waterproof housing: waterproof to 1 meter/3.28 feet
  • Helmet clamp mount
  • Helmet surface mount
  • Top surface mount
  • Handlebar mount
  • Suction cup mount
  • Rechargeable 1100 mAh lithium ion battery
    • Recording time: 2 hours
    • Charging time: 3.5 hours
    • Battery weight: 25 grams (0.88 ounces)
  • Micro USB/USB power and data cable
  • Lens cap
  • Not included: accepts Micro SD card (class 10 or higher) up to 32GB for external storage


The Sena Prism Action Camera is $399.00.



Mount and Balance Mondays

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Half-Price Mount & Balancing

Every Monday, All Day

This Monday, January 12th through Monday, March 2nd Only


The half-price Monday special applies to tires purchased at Road Rider and elsewhere. Call our Tire Shop at (408) 227-6936 for more information about our services, tires for your bike, or to check current stock and availability.


Tire Shop Ride-On Baxley-Sport-Chock Pit-bull-ss-stand-360x360

Road Rider
Tire Shop

Road Rider’s experienced tire shop technicians provide mount and balance services seven days a week. Remove your wheels at home or ride your bike in and borrow our stands and tools to get the job done. Don’t have the time? Let the pros at Superbike Performance Center or Sporttech Cycles handle it for you. They’ll work with us to get you back on the road with no hassle.

Tire Sealant & Balancer

Ride-On tire sealant works in tubes and tubeless tires, providing a self-sealing layer that contains fibers that are six times stronger than steel. It evenly coats the inside wall of the tire, plugs porosity leaks that cause gradual deflation, and fills punctures while you ride. It’s also constantly balancing your tires using centrifugal force. Ask your RR tire technician to add Ride-On to your mount and balance for an additional $10 per tire. Sorry, the half-price special on Mondays does not apply to the cost of Ride-On application.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull Motorcycle Stands are made in the USA and lifetime guaranteed. Zinc plated and made of a thick-gauge, high-grade steel with heavy-duty welds, the Pit Bull name is synonymous with reliable durability in paddocks and garages everywhere.

Sport Chocks

There’s no wheel chock as strong and as sturdy as a Baxley. Proudly made by Baxley in Alabama, these powder-coated steel sportbike chocks are perfect for the garage or the back of the truck. They’re rock solid but surprisingly lightweight.



Bell Custom 500 Helmet

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Throughout the 1930s, Roy Richter was racing and building cars in the small Los Angeles suburb of Bell, California. Over the years he would win a few races, his cars would win many, and in 1945 he purchased Bell Auto Parts. The following year, Swede Lindskog became the second of Roy’s close friends to be killed in an auto accident. It changed everything for Bell, and everything for the business of personal safety equipment.

Bell Helmets was officially born in 1956, two years after Bell Auto Parts started selling their first helmet, the “500”. Throughout the years Bell has been a driving force for innovation, pushing the business of keeping people safe forward and onward.

Today, the 500 is made with twenty-first century technologies, but it still retains all the heritage of the original. The Custom 500- “Not retro. Original.”

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

  • Custom-quilted liner
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Five-year warranty
  • A variety of shields are available and can be snapped onto the integrated visor snaps
  • Padded chin straps with D-ring closure

Bell Custom 500 Special Edition

  • Leather D-ring pull tab

Bell Custom 500 Carbon

  • Composite Carbon shell
  • Leather D-ring pull tab
  • Leather goggle strap


  • Available in XS-2XL

May the New Year Bring You Riding Jeans

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Riding jeans really took off in 2014, and with many new brands on the market and established brands getting in on the action with additional cuts and styles, there are more options to choose from than ever before. They are better than ever before, as well; in many cases riding jeans are prepped for knee and hip impact protectors, provide a larger area of coverage from road rash, and use new aramid blends for a higher level of abrasion resistance. Today, the many riding jean styles are caught up to everyday street style, so you can wear the pair that matches your look twenty-four-seven and blend right in. With all the improvements in function, fit, and fashion coming together to change the way we dress for the ride, 2015 is shaping up to be the Year of the Riding Jean.

At Road Rider, we added new styles and brands throughout the year so every rider can find a style and fit they feel comfortable in. We now have over a dozen styles of riding jeans, so read up on some of our offerings, below, and visit us to try ‘em on.


Motto Wear


  • Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at seat, knees, and sides of thighs
  • Armor Pockets: Built-in mesh pockets with Velcro closure at knees; Velcro tabs at hips
  • Impact Protection: Purchase includes a set of CE-certified SAS-TEC knee protectors; optional hip protectors sold separately
  • Price: $129-$169

Motto Wear jeans are designed for riders, by riders. Pick up any pair and you will feel the softness, toughness, and quality that set these jeans apart. Motto Wear jeans are made with a unique Swiss-developed denim that is soft but heavy, and has a high tensile strength for additional security. We carry four men’s styles–Gallante, City X, Raiser X, and Debonair–and one for women–the Kira X. All Motto Wear jeans are cut for comfort and feature modern washes and detailing.

Motto Wear Debonair 2 Motto Wear Debonair Motto Wear Kira X 2 Motto Wear Kira X

Motto Wear Gallante 2 Motto Wear Gallante Motto Wear Raiser X 2 Motto Wear Raiser X

Motto Wear City X 2 Motto Wear City X




  • Abrasion Resistance: Dyneema/DuPont Kevlar blend at seat, knees, and sides of thighs
  • Armor Pockets: None. Protectors can be affixed to the Kevlar/Dyneema lining using double-sided Velcro*
  • Impact Protection: SAS-TEC CE-certified protectors sold separately
  • Price: $149-$179

Drayko jeans use a unique woven blend of DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema, a light, extremely strong material used in military personal armor. This blend creates a riding jean with an unmatched weight-to-strength ratio, and Drayko jeans meet and exceed the CE requirement for burst, tear, and road abrasion resistance. Based on the CE system of measuring road abrasion resistance per second, Drayko jeans are the only jeans that tested at 4.4 seconds, which is double that of the best of other brands of riding jeans and triple that of many others.

Renegade Indigo 3 Renegade Indigo 6 Renegade Black 1

Womens Drift 3 Womens Drift 2 Womens Drift 4





  • Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at seat and knees
  • Armor Pockets: Outside-access protector pockets at knees and exterior polyurethane knee sliders
  • Impact Protection: Purchase includes a set of CE-certified D3o knee protectors
  • Price: $160

The Icon Overlord jeans feature D3o knee protectors in interior pockets that can be easily accessed from the outside and are height adjustable. Icon doubled down on the knee protection, and added polyurethane sliders to the knees’ exteriors. Elasticized panels above the knees give the Overlord jeans a bunch-free, flexible fit.

Icon Overlord Jeans Icon Overlord Jeans back




  • Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at the seat and knees
  • Armor Pockets: Built-in mesh pockets knees
  • Impact Protection: Alpinestars CE-certified Smart Guard Knee Armor sold separately
  • Price: $169

Alpinestars Outcast Tech jeans are a modern fit, straight leg, dark wash style that will work as well on on casual Fridays as on your weekend rides. The knees contain mesh pockets for CE-certified protectors, like Alpinestars’ soft and thin Smart Guard Knee Armor.

Alpinestars Outcast Tech Jeans Alpinestars Outcast Back




  • Abrasion Resistance: Fully lined with DuPont Kevlar to below the knees
  • Armor Pockets: Built-in mesh pockets at knees and hips
  • Impact Protection: CE-certified SAS-TEC protectors sold separately
  • Price: $119

Scorpion’s new Covert riding jeans are modern all the way, with a look and fit that will give your #1 pair of everyday jeans a serious challenge for the starting spot. They are lined from the knees to the ankles with a light mesh to promote airflow and reduce irritation on the bike. They also feature mesh knee and hip armor pockets, so you can easily add and remove CE armor and ride knowing it’s going to stay in place when you need it.

Scorpion Covert Scorpion Covert Back


Fast Company Draggin’ Jeans


  • Abrasion Resistance: DuPont Kevlar at seat and knees
  • Armor Pockets: None. Protectors can be affixed to the Kevlar lining using double-sided Velcro*
  • Impact Protection: SAS-TEC CE-certified knee and hip protectors sold separately
  • Price: $119-$129

Fast Company Draggin Jeans are the original Kevlar® riding jeans, and still made in the USA. They feature heavy-duty denim and stitching, and have the most traditional fit and color of any of the jeans listed here. If like your Levi’s old school, try some Draggin’ Jeans.

Draggin Classic Blue Draggin Classic Black Draggin Women's Modern Fit Draggin Relaxed Blue

*Ask a Road Rider gear specialist to show you how this works.



What’s Your Style? Icon Bags

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Squad 3 Backpack

We like our backpacks to stay put when we’re tucked in on the freeway, and we like the Icon Squad 3 because it stays right where it needs to be. The padded chest panel of the Squad not only keeps the sleek backpack close and distributes the weight around your torso, but it contains an inner zippered pocket with a headphone port where you can conveniently store your phone or iPod and some cash. The main back panel has a pouch for a CE-rated back protector and has padded channels to keep the weight of the pack off your spine. There’s even more to this awesome do-it-all pack, but you’ll have to see for yourself. Check it out and try it on at Road Rider.

Icon Squad 3.0 Backpack Icon Squad 3.0 front

Primer Tank Bag

Icon’s Primer Tank bag is an ideal little magnetic pack for sportbikes. The dome-shaped Primer fits more than you’d think, but works fine for those times when you’re just carrying around your cell phone and wallet. Use the exterior compression strap to cinch down a spare layer like a jacket liner.

Icon-Primer-Tank-Bag-2-540x349 Icon Primer Tank Bag Icon Primer Tank Bag 3

Urban Tank Bag

Icon’s muy grande Urban Tank Bag is a home run for riders who need substantial storage but don’t want to wear a backpack. This magnetic tank bag is roomy and durable, and can even be used as a backpack and helmet carry when you hit the streets on foot. A grippy neoprene pad on the underside will keep your tank protected, and when the bag is converted into backpack mode, the pad unclips and becomes a helmet cradle so you can tote your lid around.

Icon Urban Tank BagIcon Urban Tank Bag 2Icon Urban Tank Bag 3

Old Skool Backpack

The Old Skool is a cooler version of that trusty old Jansport you once used to lug around all your textbooks. It has straps and a main compartment that holds things. But Icon is for bikers, so they’ve added a sternum strap, a nice Icon logo, and external pockets, just for you.

Icon Old Skool Backpack Icon Old Skool front


Helite Airnest Personal Airbag Vest

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Road Rider is now carrying the Helite Airnest Vest. Pretty neat stuff. As one reviewer said, “These will revolutionize motorcycle safety.” For a pretty inconspicuous black vest, it packs some MAJOR crash protection. It even contains a CE-rated Knox back protector. Check it out!

Helite Airnest 2

Helite Airnest 4



HJC CS-R2 Helmet

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We want everybody who comes to Road Rider looking for a helmet to leave with a safe, high-quality helmet that they love. At around a hundred bucks, the HJC CS-R2 helps make that possible, and presents quality and safety at a price that everyone can handle.

The CS-R2 offers good ventilation and a lot of airflow for a helmet at this price. It’s comfortable, and has a fully removable and washable liner system. The CS-R2 comes with a clear visor, but it can be upgraded to any HJ-09 tinted shield, available in an array of colors and tints. HJC even made a CS-R2 graphic for everyone; you can pick from over two dozen color options.

HJC CS-R2 Helmet

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Aerodynamic shell with large eyeport opening for greater visibility
  • Adjustable forehead and chin vents
  • Two rear exhaust vents
  • Chin bar vent helps to diminish shield fogging
  • Plush, removable and washable Nylex® interior lining
  • Rapid Fire™ Shield Replacement System for quick, secure, tool-less shield removal and installation
  • Aerodynamic, flush-mounted shield fit for reduced turbulence
  • HJ-09 anti-fog, scratch-resistant face shield blocks 95% of UV radiation
    Optically correct 3D shield design


  • Available in sizes XS-2XL
  • Available in various solid and graphic color options

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