Video Of The Week: Iran’s Women Of Motocross

BY Road Rider MCA - May 26th, 2016

Welcome to Road Rider’s Video of the Week!

This week’s video is a news story from France about four hard-ripping women dreaming big and breaking down boundaries in Iran. We meet Baran and three other female riders training in the mountains above Tehran, aiming to become Iran’s first all-female motocross team.

In Iran, women are legally barred from getting a license to ride a motorcycle on the street, and can’t compete in motocross competitions. In fact, women have not even been allowed entry into professional sports stadiums to watch events since the 1979 Revolution.

In 2014, a young female student’s protest outside Azadi Stadium in Tehran and subsequent three-month long detention in solitary confinement spurred a push to finally change the disputed law. The stadium ban was officially lifted last year, though reports suggest women are still not being admitted to stadiums, and critics say the change was simply a gesture to assuage international pressure.

Despite the status quo back home, female Iranian sports teams have found ways to compete internationally in recent years in sports like volleyball and soccer, and have shown they can win. The biggest challenges facing Iranian female athletes like Baran and her team is a lack of financial backing and sponsorship to train at the highest level and to travel abroad to compete.

Still, the opposition, challenges, and doubting looks of others don’t stop them, and they know it is only a matter of time before their defiant example, and the examples of others, leads to real change within their country for women in sports.

If you like the video and want to see more, check out Behnaz Shafiei’s Instagram account @behnaz_shafiei. Behnaz brought attention to Iranian women in motocross last fall through social media, and has become Iran’s most well-known rider. As women like Behnaz and Baran train to compete professionally in international competitions, they are proving that working hard, forgetting the haters, and following your dreams is a powerful combination indeed.





Best Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves of 2016

BY Road Rider MCA - May 24th, 2016

As it becomes more and more widespread to ride with a Bluetooth headset, more motorcyclists want to be able to operate their smartphone or other touch screen device with their gloves on. Keeping the gloves on makes it that much easier to skip a track, load your GPS directions, snap a pic, or quickly find a nearby burrito joint, among other necessities.

Right now is a great time to go shopping for a new pair of gloves, too, because there are a lot of first-rate choices out there for touch screen-friendly gloves. Below, we’ve laid out our top picks for best touch screen motorcycle gloves of 2016.

As illustrated by this list, Alpinestars and Rev’it are leading the way with touch screen compatibility, adding the touch screen fingertip feature to most of their new and updated models of gloves in 2015 and 2016. After a few years of working out the kinks of this relatively new feature, the touch screen fingertip tech is now fairly flawless and reliable. In most cases, the touch screen-friendly material is located on the tips of the thumb and index fingers, making it really easy to navigate your phone just the way you normally would.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for best touch screen motorcycle gloves:


Rev’it Striker 2 Gloves

Rev'it Striker 2 Gloves Touch Screen RRPP

Inspired by the no-nonsense simplicity and comfort of dirt gloves, but with the leather and hard knuckle protection you want on the street, Rev’it’s Striker 2 gloves are light on your hands and pretty light on your wallet, too.

Women’s Striker 2 also available.

MSRP: $89.99


Rev’it Neutron 2 Gloves

Rev'it Neutron 2 Gloves Touch Screen RRPP

The Neutron 2 is a chip off the Striker 2 block, but with a rubber knuckle panel instead of a hard knuckle, and for a tad less money. That rubber knuckle allows air to flow through it, whereas the Striker 2’s hard knuckle is an impenetrable wall. So if keeping as cool as possible is a top priority, the Neutron 2s are one to watch.

MSRP: $79.99


Rev’it Dirt 2 Gloves

Rev'it Dirt 2 Gloves Touch Screen RRPP

The Dirt 2s were designed for adventure riding and dual sport riders who work hard in hot temps, need protection for tumbles in challenging terrain, and demand a high level of comfort and mobility. All that engineering makes them a rock-solid choice for street riders, too. They sport a combination of leather and extremely ventilating 3D mesh, and accordion stretch panels for added flex.

MSRP: $109.99


Rev’it Fly 2 Gloves

Rev'it Fly 2 Gloves Touch screen RRPP

Rev’it’s revamped Fly gloves have shot to the top of our glove charts in recent months thanks to an awesome fit, classic pre-curved and full-leather design, and great value for summer. Read more…

Women’s Fly 2 gloves also available.

MSRP: $89.99


Alpinestars Celer Gloves

Alpinestars Celer Gloves Touch Screen RRPP

Alpinestar’s Celer gloves deliver a winning package combining a high level of protection and fit with the convenience of touch screen-friendly fingertips. Perforated leather make the Celer gloves a great choice for summer riding, but the hard knuckle, full leather chassis, and patented A-stars finger bridge means you won’t be making the usual sacrifices in protection.

MSRP: $99.99


Alpinestars SMX-1  Air Gloves

Alpinestars SMX-1 Gloves Touch Screen RRPP

The SMX-1 Airs are the least expensive pair of gloves on our list of best touch screen motorcycle gloves, but more than just cheap, they pack a big punch in terms of value.

Alpinestars kept the cost low but the coverage high by giving the SMX-1 Airs a full, ventilating mesh top and a leather palm. Synthetic reinforcement and the hard knuckle hit on key protection points, making the SMX-1 Airs a really impressive glove for around $50. Read more…

Women’s SMX-1 Air gloves also available.

MSRP: $59.99





Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots

BY Road Rider MCA - May 22nd, 2016

The Alpinestars SMX-1 R boots prove the old saying that just because a boot is short in stature, doesn’t mean it’s short on protection. The SMX-1 R is the re-boot of Alpinestars’ popular sportie shorty SM-X 1, and comes with some exciting updates that make a solid bit of kit for sport and sport-touring riders even better.

Alpinestars did more than add an R to this new rendition of their short boot. First off,  the SMX-1 Rs are CE-certified as protective motorcycle footwear (EU Directive 89/686/ECC), so you know you’re getting coverage in all the right places.

A big change here is the switch to a new sole design. The SMX-1 R sole wraps over the toe, an effect that looks better, protects better, and will be more durable over time. It also features a different tread pattern that is grippier and disperses water more efficiently.

Some subtle style tweaks, including a redesigned toe slider, shift pad, and heel counter give the ‘R’ edition boots a cooler, more modern look to them from all angles. Comfort is always one of our favorite characteristics of Alpinestars boots, and the SMX-1 Rs feel like pillows right out of the box. They were molded with a new shape that is said to deliver a more universally comfortable profile in the forefoot.

Women’s Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R Boots also available at Road Rider!

Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R Boots Black Pink RRPP Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 R Boots Black Gold RRPP


Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots Features

  • Microfiber synthetic leather construction for durability and abrasion resistance
  • Heel counter support system for improved fit and structural integrity, improved freedom of movement and comfort
  • New ergonomic boot shaping for wide-ranging foot profile and improved comfort and fit
  • Improved TPR medial and lateral side abrasion resistance and durability
  • Newly designed zip and Velcro closure with enhanced ergonomic angle and Velcro instep strap
  • Compound rubber sole with new grip pattern for improved water dispersion, durability, and grip
  • Lightweight microfiber flex zones at instep and Achilles
  • Double density ankle protector on medial side
  • Newly designed Alpinetsars TPU toe slider for easier removable and replacement
  • High modulus TPU heel counter
  • TPU shift pads
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Removable anatomic footbed with EVA foam
  • Moisture-wicking, cool internal mesh lining
  • CE certified to Cat 2 CE Certified to 89/686/ECC EU Directive
  • MSRP: $159.99





Our Top Ten Motorcycle Helmets

BY Road Rider MCA - May 18th, 2016

Here’s a list of our top ten motorcycle helmets of 2016 so far. For a helmet to make our top ten list, it’s got to be an all-around performer for everyday riders on the street. That’s why you won’t find the most expensive race helmet money can buy on this list, or the cheapest helmet that looks great on the shelf. The competition is tough, but we whittled our list down to these top ten helmets by weighing safety, bang-for-the-buck, quality, and ride comfort.

Ranging from the $130 HJC CL-17 all the way up to the $800+ Arai Corsair X, we’ve got something for (mostly) everyone. We’ve even included our favorite open-face helmet and our top modular, always a very heavily contended category. Check out our Premium Modulars Helmets Face Off to dive into our four best modular helmets.

Click on the links to learn more about our top ten, and visit Road Rider or your local motorcycle gear shop to try on a variety of helmets and select the right one for you. Shopping at your local store will help ensure you are spending your money on a helmet that fits correctly, so it can protect you when it counts.



Shoei GT-Air Matte Black RRPP

Price: $495-$604
Snell rated? N/A (drop-down sun shield)

The GT-Air continues to be one of the most highly-rated, best-selling helmets around. Renowned for delivering low noise levels and an incredibly smooth, stable ride, it’s also the only Shoei full-face with a drop-down internal sun visor. Click here to learn more…



Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet Matte Black RRPP

Price: $249
Snell rated? No

The DLX is a heck of a value for around $200, and includes a Transitions photochromic shield. Both the standard Qualifier ($109) and the DLX ($249) are available in a variety of fantastic graphics. Year after year Bell has been delivering quality helmets for folks on any budget, and the DLX is yet another winner. Click here to learn more…



Arai Vector 2 Black Frost RRPP

Price: $450-$585
Snell rated? Yes

The Vector 2 delivers the incomparable fit, comfort, and safety of Arai at a mid-range price. There are many reasons to choose an Arai, but safety is number one. To understand why Arai helmets are so highly regarded for their safety, read our article Down To The Details: Arai Helmets. Or just click here to learn more about the Arai Vector 2…



Schuberth-C3-Pro-Modular-Open RRPP

Price: $769-$829
Snell rated? N/A (modular)

The C3 Pro is the best, made better–a modular masterpiece. It’s quieter, more stable, and vents 60% more air than its predecessor. Click here to learn more…




Price: $140-$155
Snell rated? Yes

Our top budget helmet is a Snell-rated, high-quality HJC lid, available in a host of nice graphic options, and yours for around $150. Click here to learn more…



Bell Star Matte Black RRPP

Price: $450-$500
Snell rated? Yes

2016 is Year One for the Star reboot, and what a helmet it is, too. With 360° of innovative advancements, including the awesome new Panovision shield, it’s the new gold standard in its class. It cuts through the air and delivers a quiet, stable experience for riders of any style. Click here to learn more…



Shoei Qwest Matte Black

Price: $330-$444
Snell rated? Yes

The Qwest isn’t the newest or fanciest helmet around, but it is still an awesome value for a rock-solid Shoei lid, and the buyer reviews continue to show it. It was designed to deliver optimal performance for riders in an upright position, so it vents well and is quiet and aerodynamic for the way most of us ride. Click here to learn more…



Bell Mag 9 Matte Black RRPP

Price: $180
Snell rated? N/A (open face)

The Mag-9 features a peak, pivoting shield, and an internal sun visor. Pair it with a Bluetooth headset or not–you’ll appreciate its customizable features either way. Click here to learn more…



Arai Corsair X Frost Black RRPP

Price: $756-$873
Snell rated? Yes

The X takes the Corsair lineage into new territory for riders who want the best, and this time was designed with street riders in mind. A totally redesigned shield system is one of a long list of reasons to love the new Corsair. Click here to learn more…



Shoei RF-1200-Metallic Black RRPP

Price: $438-$531
Snell rated? Yes

Are we saving the best for last? Shoei’s RF-1200 is probably the best selling helmet in the world right now, but that’s not why it made the list. It’s lighter, quieter, and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the RF-1100. It’s Snell-certified and made with Shoei’s premium, lightweight AIM+ composite shell material. There are a lot more reasons to look twice at the RF-1200click here to learn more.






Road Rider Blood Drive – June 4

BY Road Rider MCA - May 14th, 2016

Road Rider Blood Drive

Saturday, June 4
9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Blood banks like Blood Centers of the Pacific play a vital role in saving the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors when illness or disaster strikes. Blood banks are always in need, and it’s the community–blood donors like you and I–who enable them to continue their life-saving work.

That’s why we’re hosting Blood Centers of the Pacific on June 4th. Donors will be set up in the BCP donation coach in our front parking lot. Sign up now to make a huge difference in someone’s life!

Visit to schedule an appointment window. When you get to the site, you can find our event easily by entering the location and/or date of our blood drive, or simply use the sponsor code “roadridermca”. From there you will be able to select a time slot that is convenient for you.

We know you don’t any extra incentive to donate, but just to sweeten the deal, all donors will receive a free Giants t-shirt from Blood Centers of the Pacific, and one donor will win a $100 Road Rider gift card.

Blood Donation Questions

If you have questions about eligibility and what to expect when you donate, please visit Blood Centers of the Pacific FAQ page.



Click here to follow and join the Road Rider Blood Drive Facebook event page!


Road Rider 38th Anniversary Sale & Celebration

Friday, June 3 – Sunday, June 5

Road Rider turns the big THREE-EIGHT this year, so we have a fun celebration and a great sale planned to mark this middle-age milestone. Details will be revealed soon!


Road Rider Blood Drive Poster

Beat The Heat In Alpinestars

BY Road Rider MCA - May 13th, 2016

Visit us this spring and ride out with gear from Alpinestars that will keep you cool and protected on the bike this summer.

Alpinestars is one of the top names in the business, and it’s a brand synonymous with delivering high-level protection for motorcyclists, and leading the way when it comes to style.

One of the big reasons we dig A-stars gear is that Alpinestars literally never stops innovating. It seems like nearly every style and model goes through an evolution every few years, integrating new stitching techniques, materials, and designs in an updated version to improve the safety, comfort, and value of the gear we rely on.

The Alpinestars of 2015/2016 has been offering up awesome examples of that trifecta of safety, comfort, and value coming together beautifully, and that’s exciting to see. And it’s good for our wallets and our bodies, because we’ll know that when we choose an Alpinestars jacket or pair of gloves, they are going be protective, high-quality, and a pretty great value for what you get, too.

You can preview some highlights from our A-stars hot-weather gear selection, below, but be sure to stop by the shop to check out way more gear options for the summer from Alpinestars, Dainese, Rev’it, Joe Rocket, and more.




A better fit for more bodies, advanced protection, and perforated leather makes the GP Plus R a fantastic choice for hot weather and riders who like to lean in. Also in: the GP Pro Airflow.

Learn more…

Alpinestars GP Plus R Jacket Perforated Black RRPP


Textile Mesh


The T-GP R Air is a textile jacket that doesn’t leave protection at the side of the road. Ventilated mesh panels meet external shoulder armor and 450-D polyester. For the ultimate protection package, upgrade to CE-rated back and chest protectors.

Learn more…

Alpinestars T-GP R Air Jacket Black Black RRPP



The ladies T-GP Plus R Air doesn’t compromise safety for breathability, either, and marries ventilating mesh with 450- and 600-D abrasion protection. Nucleon chest and back protector upgrades are also available (sold separately).

Learn more…

Alpinestars Stella T-GP Plus R Air Jacket Black White RRPP




Crashes don’t take the summer off, and neither should your protection. When it’s too hot to rock leather, turn to the Oxygen Air over pants.

Learn more…

Alpinestars Oxygen Air Pants RRPP




Available in both men’s and women’s versions, the SMX-1 Airs offer a pretty darn good level of protection for a $60 pair of gloves.

Learn more…

Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Gloves Black RRPP



Another winning value item from A-stars, the SP-2 gloves can get you through spring to fall with light perforation and the protection of a hard knuckle, palm sliders, gauntlet cuff, and double-layered reinforcement.

Learn more…

Alpinestars SP-2 Gloves Black RRPP




Upgrade any of our Alpinestars jackets with a Nucleon CE-Level 2 back protector or Nucleon chest armor. Armor has come a long way, and Alpinestars Nucleon line is soft, lightweight, and flexible, but made to excel in the moment you need it most.

Learn more…

Alpinestars-Nucleon-KR-2i-Back-Protector RRPP Alpinestars Nucleon Chest Protector KR-Ci RRPP




Buy more, save more with new ‘Gear Up’ deals

BY Road Rider MCA - May 12th, 2016

New! Gear Up & Save

Buy 2, 3, 4, or more gear items save on every item!

Our new Gear Up program is live!

Buy two, three, four, or more gear items and save with our Twin, Triple, or Inline Four packages.

You choose the gear you want from our wide selection of helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots, and go home with great savings in a whole new way. The more you buy, the more you save!

We can’t advertise the specifics of these deals, but you can visit us or give us a call at (408) 227-6936 to learn more about Gear Up savings.


Gear Up Specials RRPP




Techni-con Gear & Gadget Exhibition

BY Road Rider MCA - May 12th, 2016


Saturday, June 18
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Join us on Father’s Day weekend for Techni-Con, a special day celebrating all the gadgets, gizmos, and two-wheel tech we love.

At Techni-Con, you’ll get up close with the newest and hottest tech products and the most innovative gear in the motorcycle world.

Techni-Con attractions:

Reps will be on site to show you their latest products and give you expert advice on the goodies you’ve got to have. And, of course, expect great savings, too!

Check back later for more. Additional details coming soon!

Contact us at, (408) 227-6936, or leave your questions and comments down below.


Technicon Poster



Cardo Scala Rider SmartPack Bluetooth System

BY Road Rider MCA - May 12th, 2016

The Scala Rider SmartPack Bluetooth System is the latest Scala on the block, positioned as a slightly scaled-down version of Scala’s top-of-the-line PackTalk. Offering the same cutting-edge DMC technology as the PackTalk, but more suited for motorcyclists who don’t need to communicate with a large group of riders (+4), the SmartPack is the smart buy for a lot of us.

Cardo’s DMC technology put the PackTalk at the top of the charts, and totally changed the game of group ride communication. DMC is a mesh-like communication network rather than a daisy-chained, beamer-style network like the kind used in pretty much every other Bluetooth headset out there, with two exceptions–the PackTalk and the SmartPack.

DMC allows riders in your pack to leave the group without impacting the group’s chain of communication. When they fall back into formation, they automatically re-enter the network, just like that. It’s a self-healing network, and there’s is nothing else like it available.

DMC is still only available in TWO systems–the big dog PackTalk, and now the new SmartPack. You’ll pay about $50 less for the SmartPack, but you get pretty much all the functionality of the PackTalk. What you lose is a bit of range in DMC mode–three miles instead of eight in open terrain–and the Smartpack can connect with four other riders, compared to the PackTalk’s fifteen.

In addition to the SmartPack’s awesome group comm capability, you can do everything you would expect to do with a premium Bluetooth system. You can connect to your cellphone, to a GPS device, to other non-Cardo brand headsets using the standard intercom function, use the built-in FM radio, stream music, and more.

Visit Road Rider for a complete walk-through and demo of the new Scala Rider SmartPack, the PackTalk, or any other Bluetooth systems by Scala Rider or Sena.


Cardo Scala Rider SmartPack Bluetooth Features

Cardo Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC)

Intercom Modes:

  • 4-way intercom conference
  • Toggling between 4 riders
  • Toggling between 8 riders with universal Bluetooth intercom pairing
  • Click-to-Link intercom for spontaneous conversation with other Scala Rider users nearby
  • DMC Intercom mode for auto-adaptive connectivity among a group of 4 riders

Communication Range (line of site):

  • Up to 1 mile/1.6 Km bike-to-bike intercom
  • Up to 3 miles/5 Km with 4 or more riders


  • Roller-wheel and flat-plate control panel
  • Voice Command – Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation
  • Make, receive , or reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button


  • A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo from smartphones, conference mode between outside caller, and rider to passenger
  • Intercom-to-Mobile feature switches calls automatically from intercom to mobile when out of range
  • Music sharing between rider and passenger (via A2DP)
  • Parallel audio enables streaming user’s voice and listening to music at the same time
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS, 6 station presets, and auto scan
  • Receive GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth
  • Connect wirelessly to MP3 players via A2DP for stereo music
  • Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed & ambient noise (Customizable)
  • Voice-control for receiving / rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls (Customizable)


  • Automatic radio muting for incoming calls
  • Cardo Gateway enables non-Cardo headsets to connect via intercom
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones
  • Dual replaceable speakers (3.5 mm)
  • 8 to 10 hours of listening time, up to 13 hours of talk-time, or 1 week on stand-by
  • Fully waterproof and dustproof
  • Cardo Community platform for social features, device customization & software upgrades
  • Cardo SmartSet App for remote control and on-the-go setting customization
  • Hot-dial number for emergency calls (programmable)


  • SmartPack single MSRP: $289.99
  • SmartPack Duo (two complete sets) MSRP: $499.99




Nebo Flashlights – Lume-tastic Lighting Tools

BY Road Rider MCA - May 10th, 2016

We recently brought in a selection of cool LED gadgets from Nebo Tools. These powerful, high-quality flashlights are sleek, super convenient, and compact for easy storage so you always have a light source on hand when you need it.

Check out the Big Larry and little Larry C flashlights, the Redline RC rechargeable flashlight, and the handy Twin Puck magnetic task light and emergency beacon, below.


The Flagship
Nebo Big Larry (#6306)

Big Larry put Nebo flashlights on the map. Who is the real Larry? I’m not sure Larry even knows, but his flashlight is pretty, pretty, pretty good. This pocket-sized wonder delivers 400 lumens, and also offers low light and red emergency light modes. Made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the Larry is light and durable.

Lumens: 400 (max mode)
Modes: Max, low light (160 lumens), and emergency red flash mode
Power: 3 AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions: 7.4″ long x .9-1.2″ wide
Price: $24.99

Nebo Big Larry Flashlight RRPPNebo Big Larry Flashlight 3 RRPPNebo Big Larry Flashlight 2 RRPP


The Stashable Mini
Nebo Larry C (#6327)

The Larry C is the your go-anywhere, snack-size Larry junior. Still packing a powerful 170 lumens to light your way and priced at less than $10, grab yourself a Larry C for your under tail, glove box, backpack, and more. Use the magnetic clip to affix your light to loads of different places for convenient use.

Lumens: 170
Modes: Single max mode
Power: 3 AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions: 6.4″ long x .55″-1.25″ wide
Price: $8.99

Nebo Larry C Flashlight 2 RRPPNebo Larry C Flashlight Colors RRPPNebo Larry C Flashlight RRPP



The Do-It-All
Nebo Redline RC (#6392)

The Nebo Redline RC is powerful and compact like the rest of the Nebo line, but is also rechargeable. The Redline would make a great work flashlight for everyday use that can be easily recharged to full power. The beam on this little guy can be adjusted from an open flood to a targeted spot light, and can project light up to 360 feet away.

Recharge it with the included magnetic dock, or with a standard micro-USB cord, also included.

Lumens: 320
Modes: Max, medium, low, strobe, + 4x adjustable zoom
Power: Internal li-ion, rechargeable (charging dock included)
Run Time:
Max Mode – 1 hour
Medium and Strobe Modes – 2 hours
Low mode – 9 hours
Charging Time – 2 hours
Dimensions: 3.6″-3.9″ long x 1.25″ wide
Price: $39.99

Nebo Redline RC Flashlight MagDock RRPPNebo Redline RC Flashlight RRPPNebo Redline RC MagDock RRPP



The Workhorse
Nebo Twin Pucks (#6391)

Nebo’s Twin Pucks system is a task light and an emergency beacon in one. The two sides are powered independently and can be magnetically attached to your work area or attached to each other for storage and transport. The task light has also has an adjustable stand and a hanging loop so you can easily place it in a handy position wherever you are.

Lumens: 160 (task light mode)
Modes: Task light and emergency beacon mode
Power: 5 AAA batteries (included)
Dimensions: 3.4″ diameter
Price: $19.99

Nebo Twin Puck Light System RRPPNebo Twin Puck Adjustable Base RRPPNebo Twin Puck Emergency Beacon RRPP