Top Five Harley-Davidson Accessories

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Whether it’s a Sportster, V-Rod, or a Road King, your Harley-Davidson is an undeniable representation of your style. Customizing that bike and making it uniquely your own is a big part of the Harley-Davidson life. No two bikes are alike, because no two riders are.

It isn’t about making your bike look good to your buddies or the folks on the group rides–it’s about putting your own imprint on your machine, about tweaking things so 100 miles in the saddle feels like just a few. Maybe for you it’s even about releasing a bit of extra horsepower from the constraints of stock parts.

The possibilities of personal customization are virtually endless, but here are our top five Harley-Davidson accessories. Add any or all these to your ride to dial it in to your style and make your ride a little bit better.

1. Grips

For such a small, inexpensive accessory, a pair of aftermarket grips can make a big impact. Changing out grips is the very first thing many of us do to our new bike, and it’s a really easy way to freshen up a used or older bike–a new look and spongy comfort can be yours for anywhere from about $30 to $100. Finding the right grips can really improve your comfort on long rides and polish off the look of your bike, so it’s an accessory upgrade well worth the minimal time and money you’ll be investing.

Roland Sands Design Traction Trips

Your Harley-Davidson will have either a cable throttle or a fly-by-wire throttle. Which kind your bike uses will determine what kind of grips you need to buy.

Cable Throttle

Smaller Harleys including Sportsters and Softails use a cable throttle assembly, often called a “push-pull” throttle, identified by the two cables that run out from the back of your right-side controls. This style requires simple and inexpensive rubber grips. Rubber grips are really easy to install, and because a set of new grips will only run you about $20, it’s pretty painless to change them out whenever you want to try a new feel or give your bike a new look.

Electronic Throttle

Grips for Harley’s that use fly-by-wire, or electronic, throttle control are a bit more expensive to buy and bit more of a hassle to replace, but still make for an easy change that can make a big difference.  Fly-by-wire grips are hard tubes that often come with billet or chrome aluminum trim and rubber or foam grips. They come in a huge variety of styles, finishes, and grip designs, so you’ll have no trouble finding a pair you love the look of and give you a great feel when you’re riding the bike.

BikeMaster Foam Grips Roland Sands Black Ops Grips Avon Air Cushioned Grips

2. Luggage

Adding some leather or canvas soft luggage to your Harley can give it a personalized look and some much needed storage space. There are so many options out there to choose from–different sizes, details, and features–that the easiest way to decide is to ride down to Road Rider and check some out in person.

Tank bags, sissy bar bags, and backpacks are great options for short-term storage on the go, but the following are some luggage styles that you can leave on your bike. With these, you’ll always have some space to stash your sweatshirt, rain jacket, tools, and other essentials.

Tool Bags

A tool bag, also called a fork bag, is the perfect size for a tool roll, a wallet and phone, or a rain jacket. Tool bags usually come with two Velcro or leather loops on the back for attaching to your front forks.


Swingarm Bags

A swingarm bag, sometimes called a solo saddlebag, is an awesome option for riders who want a little more storage capacity than a tool bag alone provides. Most tool bags and swingarm bags are made out of leather, but you can find some less expensive ones made out of nylon-type materials.

Swingarm Bag


A set of saddlebags will give you plenty of storage space for two-up riding and for overnighters. We have a variety of saddlebags in stock made by Tour Master, River Road, Saddlemen and more. What’s the best way to shop for luggage? Head to Road Rider, where you can try out any piece of luggage on your bike for fit before you buy it.

Note: Keep in mind that in most cases, even with “throw-over” saddlebags, you’ll still need to have some kind of support bracket or rack to prevent the bags from making contact with the tire and other parts.



Custom-Made Luggage

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for on the shelf, talk to a Road Rider parts specialist about ordering a set of custom-made bags. The Leatherworks is a Bay Area company that is also one of the nation’s most renowned motorcycle leather shops. Crafters at the Leatherworks can hand-make bags (along with chaps, vests, and other leather gear) with your choice of studs, straps, color, pockets, braiding, carving, and other details.

3. Foot Pegs and Floorboards

Foot pegs and floorboards are easy to replace and can help you get a little more comfortable in the saddle so you can use your Harley for what it was intended–racking up miles–in comfort. An added bonus of this investment is that there are tons and tons of options to choose from, so you can pick a foot peg or floorboard that goes with the other accessories you’ve got going on to give your bike a distinctive look. In most cases foot pegs and floorboards are universal fit, but check with a parts specialist at Road Rider to make sure the ones you want will work for your model.

Drag Specialties Clamp Mount Footpegs Burly MX Pegs Sportster DynaKuryakyn Tour-Tech Cruise Clamp ISO Footpegs

Can’t decide between the uber-lux comfort of floorboards or the low-profile simplicity of foot pegs? Check out mini floorboards like these Kuryakyn Premium Mini Floorboards for the best of both worlds:


4. Mirrors

Not a fan of those stock mirrors? Not a problem. Switching to some aftermarket mirrors is a chance to give your bike a pop of chrome or personal flavor, and there are a ton of options to choose from. Choosing lower profile or aerodynamic mirrors can even improve comfort by reducing handlebar vibration.


Consider these mirror options from Kuryakyn, Burly, BikeMaster, and Arlen Ness:

BikeMaster Folding Bar End Mirrors Arlen Ness Rad III Die Cast Mirrors Kuryakyn Magnum Plus Mirrors BikeMaster Old School Bar End Mirrors

Mirror Law

Do I even need mirrors? Yes, you do, but only one mirror is required by California DMV Vehicle Code Section 26709.

How creative can I get with my aftermarket mirror and still be legal? Pretty creative, but Section 26709 also says that your mirror needs to be big enough and positioned appropriately so you can see at least 200 feet behind you.

5. Air Cleaner

Aftermarket air cleaners are one of the most popular bolt-on accessories for Harley-Davidson owners looking for a unique aesthetic and a performance boost. Engines love oxygen, and with the right aftermarket air cleaner, your engine will suck in way more of the good stuff than with that constricting stock one. Air cleaners come in many, many cool finishes, shapes, and designs, making them an absolute customization essential. But an air cleaner also counts as a performance accessory, providing a modest power boost in many cases (more so when paired with other fuel and air system modifications).

Most riders concerned with squeezing out some extra horsepower will opt to replace the full air cleaner assembly. Air cleaner assemblies include the air cleaner housing box you see from the outside, and an aftermarket air filter inside. If you like the look of your stock air cleaner, you can just replace the air cleaner element inside the housing with something like a K&N filter. This will still help your bike breath a bit better but the size of the stock air box will limit just how much performance you can gain. An air cleaner assembly like the Arlen Ness Big Sucker comes in a variety of different designs and finishes so you can find one that compliments your bike’s look, but it could also give your bike a pretty decent horsepower injection.

Arlen-Ness-Big-Sucker Arlen Ness Double Barrel Air Cleaner Kuryakyn-Bahn-Air-Cleaner

Options: There are dozens of air cleaner assemblies to choose from for current H-D models and options for older models, too. Some are focused more on performance, some more on aesthetics, but most will make you look a bit cooler and have the potential to make you go a little bit faster. Talk to our Harley-Davidson specialists about options available for your bike. They’ll help you identify some options that 1) give you the performance boost you’re looking for; 2) match or enhance the look of your bike; and 3) (don’t overlook this one) take into account leg position and space considerations of your ride.

Please take some time to make yourself aware of CARB regulations before altering any emissions-related part on your motorcycle. Click here for some introductory information about CARB emissions regulations for motorcycles and motorcycle aftermarket parts.



2016 Scorpion Helmet Graphics

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Check out the latest Scorpion helmet designs for 2016! Scorpion doesn’t disappoint with its new collection of helmet graphics for this fall, with bold colors and big designs. Featured below are the 2016 additions to the EXO-R410, EXO-R710, and EXO-R2000 lineups, available to ship in early September. The R410, R710, and the R2000 are in stock right now at Road Rider, so try them on and pre-order your 2016 graphic anytime.

Scorpion 2016 EXO-R410, EXO-R710, and EXO-R2000 Graphics


Ride the way of the samurai in the EXO-R410 ‘Bushido’ model. Click here for a complete description of the Scorpion EXO-R410, one of our top Snell-rated value helmets.

(click to enlarge)

Scorpion EXO R410 Bushido RRPP Scorpion EXO R410 Bushido back RRPP Scorpion EXO R410 Bushido right RRPP


The ‘Bautista’ is Scorpion’s third Alvaro Bautista-inspired EXO-R2000. This time around the Bautista was created by Starline Designs, the Italian company that has designed race-day helmets for Jorge Lorenzo, Jack Miller, and others. Most notably, Nicky Hayden’s awesome helmet graphics from the past few years have been Starline creations.

(click to enlarge)

Scorpion EXO R2000 Bautista 2016 Starline RRPP Scorpion EXO R2000 Bautista 2016 Starline right RRPP Scorpion EXO R2000 Bautista 2016 Starline back RRPP

Tagger Ensenada

The boldest EXO-R2000 to date, the 2016 ‘Tagger Ensenada’, was created by industry artist and former pro surfer ‘Tag’ Gasparian. The Ensenada is as bright as you’d expect from a Tagger design but retains some familiar R2000 angles, creating an awesome balance of bright colors and classic lines. All EXO-R2000s come with a dark smoke and a clear shield. Click here for a complete description of the Scorpion EXO-R2000.

(click to enlarge)

2015 Scorpion EXO R2000 Tagger Ensenada RRPP Scorpion EXO R2000 Tagger Ensenada top RRPP Scorpion EXO R2000 Tagger Ensenada right RRPP



The new ‘Flight’ graphic (available in blue and red options) joins the EXO-R710 family for 2016. The R710 is the next step up from the R410, Snell-rated and featuring a fiberglass/aramid composite shell for just $209 for graphic editions.

(click to enlarge)

Scorpion EXO R710 Flight red front RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Flight red RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Flight Blue RRPP



Keep your all-seeing eye on the road and compel drivers to submit to your will in the new Illuminati R710 graphic.

(click to enlarge)

Scorpion EXO R710 Illuminati RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Illuminati right RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Illuminati back RRPP

Still Available: 2015 EXO-R710 ‘Golden State’

(click to enlarge)

Scorpion EXO R710 Golden State RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Golden State rear RRPP Scorpion EXO R710 Golden State top RRPP



CARB Emissions Rules For California Motorcycles and Aftermarket Parts

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This is not meant to be construed as legal advice or an interpretation of California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. We encourage you to visit CARB’s website, specifically the page on Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts, to familiarize yourself with general CARB emissions rules and restrictions on emissions system modifications. 

In the past decade, our great state and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have rolled out new, severely restricting rules controlling motorcycle emissions. These new CARB rules are aimed at improving air quality, but they’ve also made life for California gearheads a little bit drearier.

In most cases, non-CARB compliant parts are no longer for sale in California, so it’s pretty easy to stay within the law. However, please take care to note that CARB VC 27156 restrictions do not only apply to exhausts, they apply to any emission-related parts that are not “functionally identical to an original part on the motorcycle.” Examples given on the CARB website include fuel injection systems, carburetor re-jetting, aftermarket catalytic converters, performance camshafts, and gear sprockets. Please take your own responsibility to be aware of CARB regulations before altering any emissions-related part on your motorcycle. 


In the past, adding an aftermarket exhaust system was an effective and popular way to boost a bike’s performance, looks, and sound. Paired with an air cleaner and a fuel controller (like a Dynojet Power Commander), this mod can give you some significant horsepower gains. These days when it comes to aftermarket exhausts, CARB rules limit most bike owners to replacing only the muffler section of their exhaust pipes (slip-on pipes are usually okay). However, there are still some full systems approved by CARB and available for sale in California. For a list of approved exhausts from the Air Resources Board, click here.

For insight on popular performance mods available for your bike, talk to a Road Rider parts specialist.

To view CARB’s information page on Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts, click here.


Last Chance For Discounted 2015 Fox, Shift Gear

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20% OFF 2015 FOX and SHIFT GEAR!

It’s your last chance to save on 2015 Fox and Shift helmets, jerseys, pants, and gloves! You need some new gear, and we need to make room for the 2016 gear that is arriving as we speak. Come by soon for the best selection of 2015 gear on sale for 20% off!

Time For A Service? Head to Sporttech Or Superbike

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Two of the Bay Area’s best motorcycle mechanic shops are within half a mile of Road Rider, and they can take care of your repairs, body work, routine maintenance, and performance upgrades. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have the time to remove your own wheels for our own tire shop’s mount and balance services, bring your bike down to either shop and together we’ll handle the rest so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Sporttech Cycles and Superbike Performance Center earn 4.5+ ratings on Yelp and are highly recommended by Road Rider.

You can call Superbike at (408) 227-6800 or Sporttech at (408) 225-9800 with questions about services or to schedule work. Click here for information about the Road Rider Tire Shop.


Superbike Performance Center
2845 Monterey Road #19
San Jose, CA 95111
Superbike on YELP
Sporttech Cycles
2744 Aiello Drive, Unit 100
San Jose, CA 95111
Sporttech on YELP


Get Scanned For Your Bell Custom-Fit Star or Moto 9

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Get Scanned For A Bell Custom-Fit Star Carbon or Moto-9

NEXT SCANNING DATE: Soon! Contact us and let us know you want to get scanned (408-227-6936 or

Using 3-D images taken by their one-of-a-kind head scanner, Bell’s custom-fit Star Carbon and Moto-9 helmets are built to conform precisely to a rider’s unique head shape. This technology isn’t just for the pros anymore; it’s for anyone who wants the best possible fit from their helmet–a rider’s most vital piece of safety gear.

The custom-fit head scanner is still only available at special events like this, so even if you’re only thinking about getting a custom helmet now, you can get scanned now and order your helmet later. Getting scanned is free and Bell can keep your scan on file until you’re ready to use it.

What Custom Bell Owners Are Saying Bell Star Custom-Fit Helmet Review:

“It feels like I could wear this for hours at a clip with no problems at all — something I can not say about any other helmet I’ve tried.”

Bay Area Rider’s Forum (BARF) Bell Custom Carbon Star Review by Budman:

“This is the best fitting helmet I have ever worn. I actually think I will need haircuts a little more often because of it..! A+.”

Important Information About Scanning

  • We schedule several scanning dates throughout the year and will be announcing our next custom scanning date soon. We encourage you to call (408-227-6936) or email us ( if you are interested in getting scanned so we can do our best to arrange a scanning day that is convenient for you.
  • Custom Bell Star helmets are available in matte black only.
  • Custom fit Moto-9 helmets are available in all Moto-9 graphics and colors and the matte black Moto-9 Carbon edition.
  • Riders who plan on getting scanned for the Moto-9 should bring their goggles. How you wear your goggles will influence the results of the scan and the final shape and fit of your helmet.


  • Custom-Fit Bell Star Carbon (matte black): $1000
  • Custom-Fit Moto-9 (any graphic): $700
  • Custom-Fit Moto-9 Carbon (matte/carbon black): $850

(prices do not include sales tax)

Bell Star Carbon

The Star Carbon is Bell’s pro-level track helmet, showing off a recognizable aerodynamic profile that slices through the air at high speeds. Made with an ultra-light composite of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass, the new custom-fit option takes the Star to new heights of comfort and safety.

Click here for a complete description of the Bell Star Carbon. 

Bell Star Carbon

Bell Moto-9

The Moto-9 is made from Bell’s premium Kevlar, carbon fiber, and fiberglass TriMatrix composite for strength and an ultra-lightweight ride. The Moto-9 offers pro-level comfort and safety, with MagnaFusion emergency removal cheekpads and Bell’s Velocity Flow Ventilation system. Click here for a complete description of the Bell Moto-9. 

Bell Moto-9

Bell Moto 9 WhiteBell Moto 9 TrackerBell Moto 9 Tracker OrangeBell Moto 9 Infared IntakeBell Moto 9 Tagger Trouble



So Much To See With Mad, Butler Maps

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Maps have lost a bit of ground over the years, but lots of motorcyclists still think paper beats smartphone every time, and many of us rely on using a combination of both technologies. It’s handy to have a few different maps on each trip- a highway map, a regional map that shows local roads, and a backwoods map(s) with fire road trail numbers and small natural landmarks. But even if you never go off the pavement, there are still times when the perspective of a paper map will provide the very best orientation, as well as the very best INSPIRATION for where you’re headed next.

We’ve got a huge selection of maps of California and the western states from Butler and Mad Maps. Both companies scout the best roads, routes, and destinations by and for motorcycle, so all you need by your side is a map and two wheels. Amazing, memorable day trips and weekend getaways await you. Get a map and get inspired.

Butler Maps

Butler Maps bring information you’d normally have to derive from multiple maps together all in one. Butler Maps highlight seductive roads you’ve probably never even heard of, and they are all tried, tested, and certified fun by other motorcyclists. Look for Butler Maps’ Northern California map and their separate Southern California map at Road Rider.

Butler-Maps Bay-Area-Butler Map

Here’s why Butler Maps are so awesome:

  • Butler Maps are made specifically for motorcyclists, and they reflect the efforts of all the different kinds of riders who collaborated to bring them together.
  • They show highways, local roads, noteable dirt connector roads, elevations, even fire road numbers, and all on one map.
  • They provide separate detailed sections of the areas with the highest density of the best roads, so you’ll almost always have a close-up map of the area you’re headed to.
  • They are waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • The best roads for motorcyclists are highlighted, including all the well-known roads like Highway 1 as well as tons and tons of lesser known ones like our local Mines Road.
  • The highlighted ‘Gold Roads’ are the top 77 best roads in Nor Cal for motorcyclists. Have you ever heard of Cecilville Road? It’s one of the many Gold routes that you’ll find waiting for you when you unfold a Butler.

Who will love Butler Maps:

  • Touring, cruiser, sport, adventure, dual sport, and every kind of rider in between
  • Riders who want to dive into the wealth of scenery, roads, and excellent motorcycling that California has to offer, with the confidence of being accompanied by a complete map resource
  • Riders who still think a “map quest” is the part of the journey when you have to fold the map back up correctly

Mad Maps

Avid Bay Area motorcyclist and road traveller Jenny Lefferts turned her passion for combing the coast and mountain ranges for the best roads into a full-time gig when she founded Mad Maps. Today, her company is the #1 map maker for motorcyclists who want to ride the best roads, hit the best spots, and live for the journey. The hundreds of Mad Maps showcase the most scenic routes across the United States, and highlight all the fascinating places along the way.

Northern-California-Mad-Maps Mad-Maps-Routes

All Mad Maps routes are scouted by real riders who experience it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so they can cherry-pick the best for us. Check out our collection of Mad Maps and get your journey under way!

  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Feature color-coded routes with inter-connectable trip options
  • Highlight national and state parks
  • Suggest roadside attractions like rubber band museums and giant balls of string
  • Point out tried and tested roadhouses where you can grab a bite to eat
  • Include other relevant visitor information and turn-by-turn directions

Never made it to Nit Wit Ridge in Cambria? You’re missing out.

Nit Wit Ridge Cambria

Riding the Southwest? Without a Mad Map, you might miss the world’s largest pistachio:

Almagordo Pistachio

If you’re heading to Washington, watch out for bridge trolls:

Bridge Troll Seattle

Some of our Mad Maps:

  • Rides Of A Lifetime series: Pacific Coast
  • Rides Of A Lifetime series: Southwest
  • Southern California and Southern Nevada
  • Northern California
  • Washington and Oregon
  • Sierra and Northern Nevada
  • Get Outta Town series: San Jose
  • Get Outta Town series: San Francisco


Want to take your Mad Mapping to the next level? Mad Maps apps for your smartphone or GPS are available for download at the Mad Maps website HERE. Get Outta Town and Rally Run series apps are free to download.




RS Taichi Limited Time Collection

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Come in now and check out our huge selection of RS Taichi gloves and summer mesh jackets, available at Road Rider only for a limited time. This special collection of Taichi gear is available to us courtesy of Dallas-based Moto Liberty, RS Taichi’s exclusive U.S. distributor.

RS Taichi is one of our newest brands, and earlier this year we introduced you to some of Taichi’s leather sport and track jackets, suits, premium leather gloves, and ultra-lightweight summer mesh jackets from this fantastic and historic Japanese brand. Though we have a wide selection of Taichi gear, space limitations mean we aren’t able to carry nearly as much as we’d like. And let’s be clear: we really like Taichi gear. We really like it a whole lot, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this limited time collection.

For premium quality, high-level protection, and absolutely original style, Taichi has it dialed in. All of these Taichi jackets are prepared for the Taichi chest protectors and back protectors (the Armed High Protection Jacket includes both), and are available in multiple color options.

Here are some highlights from this limited run collection:

Taichi Armed High Protection

Taichi Armed High Protection back Taichi Armed High Protection Armor


  • Our most protective mesh jacket
  • Polyester mesh with packable windproof liner in pouch (white/hi-viz version only)
  • Wicking T-Dry inner mesh liner
  • Includes CPS (Chest Protector System) and Taichi CE-Level 2 back protector
  • Stainless steel protectors at shoulders (white/black/red version only)
  • White/Hi-Viz (not shown): $285.99; White/Black/Red: $299.95


Cool Ride Stretch

Taichi Cool Ride Stretch Pants Cool Ride Sports Shirt Taichi Cool Ride Pants


Cool Ride Sports

  • Technofine fabric rapidly wicks away sweat to create a cooling effect from evaporation
  • Quick-dry, anti-microbial, and UV-protective
  • Mesh fabric at highest sweat areas of chest and back
  • High airflow area for breathability
  • $89.99-$94.99

Cool Ride Stretch

  • Elastic, silky-soft material is great for wearing under your suit
  • Soft-touch fabric and flat seams reduces friction with the outer garment and body
  • Quick-dry, anti-microbial, and UV-protective
  • $79.99-$84.99


Taichi Drymaster Prism

Taichi Drymaster Prism women's


  • Available in mens’ and womens’ sizes
  • Waterproof and breathable Drymaster nylon outer shell with dirt- and water-repellent Teflon coating
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • Sealed, waterproof zippered vents at underarms and forearms
  • Additional colors available
  • $269.99


Taichi Crossover Mesh

Taichi Crossover Mesh airflow Taichi Crossover Mesh back Taichi Crossover stretch   

  • Ultra-lightweight summer mesh
  • Polyester mesh and nylon outer shell
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • Additional colors available
  • $179.99


Taichi Ingram


  • Polyester mesh and nylon outer shell construction
  • Removable windproof liner
  • Wicking T-Dry mesh liner
  • Additional colors available
  • $219.99


Check out these other RS Taichi products at Road Rider (click to enlarge):

Taichi-GP-X-GP-WRX Taichi-GP-X-Gloves

RS-Taichi-Core-1-Leather-Jacket RS-Taichi-GMX-Motion-Vented-Leather-Jacket




Kabuto Ibuki Modular Helmet

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Extremely lightweight and thoughtfully designed, the Kabuto Ibuki is found at ease among the premium modulars of the world. Made by Japan’s #2 brand, second only to Shoei, it’s no surprise that Kabuto’s modular effort is made to compete with the big kids.

The Ibuki is smaller than most modulars, and with a sportier design coming into a slight teardrop shape in the back. This is Kabuto’s famous, patented Wake Stabilizer system, which allows the helmet to slice cleanly through the air, cutting down on turbulence around the sides and rear and significantly reducing buffeting and noise for the rider.

The Ibuki’s eyeport visibility and ventilation, typically outstanding features on Kabuto helmets, are, not surprisingly, excellent. The Ibuki includes a unique side-opening chin bar that doesn’t interfere with the included chin curtain, a drop-down sun visor, and an anti-slip ratcheting neck strap. A Pinlock shield and included Pinlock insert will keep your visor completely fog free.

Overall, the Kabuto Ibuki is a premium modular helmet that could go up against a helmet like the Shoei Neotec and leave you with a hard decision to make. Its lightness, stability, and visibility make it unique; and its features put it toe-to-toe with more expensive options.

Kabuto Ibuki Modular Helmet

  • Advanced composite shell made from glass fibers and high-strength organic fibers
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Patented Wake Stabilizer reduces buffeting and turbulence
  • Detachable chin curtain; fully removable and washable Coolmax interior
  • Eyeglass cutouts in cheek pads
  • Quick release Pinlock-ready visor (Pinlock insert included)
  • Quick release ratchet neck strap
  • Chin and forehead intake vent and rear exhaust vent
  • ECE 22.05 and DOT certified


  • MSRP: $449.95



What’s The Deal With Special Orders?

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We stock all eight Shoei road helmets. Each helmet comes in at least six sizes, and has an average of fourteen different color and graphic options. In fact, there are currently 673 model, color, and size combinations possible in just that single brand! But we don’t carry only Shoei, we carry ten major helmet brands, not to mention gear, accessories, parts, tires, tools, and luggage for sport, cruiser, track, adventure touring, and dirt riding. Our store is packed with stuff, and we have hundreds of items in stock behind the scenes. Even with all that stuff, sometimes we have to special order an item for you because we don’t have it in stock. But never fear, special orders are actually pretty cool.

Here’s why special orders are to be celebrated, not feared:


1) Special Orders are fast!

In many cases, special orders arrive at our store within ONE BUSINESS DAY. So if you special order a helmet at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to pick it up on Wednesday. That’s the case for a wide selection of our gear, parts, and accessories, and even tires.


2) Special Orders are free!

No, we don’t charge you anything extra for a special order.


3) We’ll even ship your Special Order to your house for free.

So you rode down from the Peninsula or the East Bay and you really don’t want to ride back to pick up your special order. Don’t let that deter you from getting what you want. If your order is over $100, we’ll ship it to you for free. Our shipping is fast, so in most cases you’ll get your item as soon, if not sooner, than you would if you ordered it online. And you know you won’t have to return it and then wait even longer for the right one to be delivered, because you checked it out at Road Rider yourself.


4) You still get to try on, touch, and feel what you’re buying, before you buy it.

Nothing can replace trying on gear, fitting luggage onto your bike, spending twenty minutes inside a helmet, or looking closely at the construction and quality of a product before you fork over your hard-earned cash for it. Checking out the goods in person helps ensure you’re able to choose what’s safe, and what’s right for you and your bike–the first time around. Ask our experienced apparel, parts, or tires specialists about bike fit, tech, functionality, or anything else–we’re passionate about riding and the products that go with it, and we love to help.


5) Special Orders are returnable, so you’re not locked in!*

Can you return a special order item? Of course you can! Can you try on a special order when it arrives and then change your mind about it? Oh yeah, you can.

Fine print: There are a few tiny exceptions; read the bottom of this page for complete details.


Give a special order a chance.

Are you convinced? Next time you shop and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us about placing a special order. We’ll give you an approximate time frame for delivery (at the store or at your house) and get your item on its way!




A few (very few) of our vendors get grumpy when we send things back, and have the sorry habit of charging us a substantial restocking fee on returned items. For items we do not regularly stock that come from grumpy vendors, we will inform you of the restocking fee before you place the order. If you go ahead with the special order and later choose to return the item, unfortunately you will be responsible for the restocking fee. We will always make it absolutely clear to you if a restocking fee is applicable. We’d rather see you buy your item elsewhere and be happy than burden you with a fee later on for changing your mind.