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Sidi Fusion Air Boots

Sidi’s Fusion Air boots will keep you protected and cool this summer. Constructed with a perforated Lorica outer and lined with a mesh-like, anti-microbial Teflon material that wicks moisture away, the Fusions are light, highly ventilated, and breathable. Lorica is naturally soft and breathable like leather, but lighter weight, more durable, and also resistant to water, making it ideal […]

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Thunderhill West Open For Business

The much-anticipated Thunderhill West track extension is now open for business. Select track days this summer will give riders access to the new 1.9-mile section or even the full 4.8 miles that include the original ‘east’ track and the new T-hill West section. Check out the Thunderhill track days on our events calendar or contact […]

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Drag Specialties High Performance Batteries

We are now carrying Drag Specialties High Performance batteries! These batteries are a less expensive, high-quality replacement for the stock battery in your Harley-Davidson or other bike that needs extra cranking power. They come pre-filled and are manufactured in the U.S.A. Like other Drag batteries, cold cranking amps are listed on the battery box. Call […]

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