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Sidi Fusion Air Boots

For Sidi quality, fit, and protection, the Sidi Fusion Air boots are a bargain at just over two-hundred dollars. You’re feet will be protected and cool in a pair of lightweight Fusion Airs this summer, and they’ll stay dry on the hottest summer rides. The Fusion is made of Lorica, the same micro-fiber material used […]

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Thunderhill West Open For Business

The much-anticipated Thunderhill West track extension is now open for business. Select track days this summer will give riders access to the new 1.9-mile section or even the full 4.8 miles that include the original ‘east’ track and the new T-hill West section. Check out the Thunderhill track days on our events calendar or contact […]

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Drag Specialties High Performance Batteries

We are now carrying Drag Specialties High Performance batteries! These batteries are a less expensive, high-quality replacement for the stock battery in your Harley-Davidson or other bike that needs extra cranking power. They come pre-filled and are manufactured in the U.S.A. Like other Drag batteries, cold cranking amps are listed on the battery box. Call […]

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